After a nice peaceful weekend where we got lots done and felt like we also got to relax, we got THAT phone call Sunday evening. 

SIL L called to ask if we would meet her at the hospital and give her a ride home. She was waiting for the ambulance, but had no ride home. 
Um, what?

It seems she fell asleep in her chair, awoke in the dark and got up to turn on a light. She then fell over and knew “something bad” happened to her ankle. 

Naturally we said yes. We were dressed and out the door in a flash, on our way to Belfast. We got there ahead of the ambulance which was a bit disconcerting – were we at the right hospital?

We were and she arrived shortly, with the youngest looking EMTs I ever saw. (Turned out they really were toung. A high school senior and a college freshman.  They were cool and competent, apparently thrilled that they got to use a fancy chair to go down the front steps.)

After several hours and x-rays and back and forth between the ortho pa (put a boot on it and go home, return tomorrow for surgery) and the ER doc (if she can’t manage on the crutches she stays, and no way can she) they admitted her for the night, and put her on the surgical list.

The verdict? One badly sprained ankle, one broken and dislocated ankle. Yeah, just send her home. 

So we got home at about midnight, it was 1 before we got to bed. 

Monday morning we were up early. A was on the road, so I headed to SIL’s house to shut off lights, close windows, get a toothbrush, etc.  SIL Sand BIL  M went to the hospital, and I met them there. Where we sat ALL DAY.  A arrived, exhausted after a full day of work and 5 hours of driving. At 5 o’clock they finally took her in for the surgery. M and S headed home (S is recovering from knee replacement) and A and I sat a bit longer, before she sent me home to feed the cats and sleep. She stayed until the surgeon came out, about three hours later. It seemed when they got in there it was worse than expected. Hard to believe this is from standing up!

So A had two very short nights, and yesterday afternoon L came home to our house. It will be a couple of weeks of keeping all weight off the broken ankle and hoping the sprain heals soon. Then, as I recall from when A did this, several weeks of very limited weight bearing. And the broken ankle is the right one, so not sure when she can drive again, which will impact her return to her home. 

So A and I are suddenly back in the caregiving business, camping out in our guest room and living room, and juggling work schedules. 

Just when you get life figured out, it all blows up and then settles down again.

20 thoughts on “KABOOM!!”

    1. Thanks! It takes a village sometimes. I think she will recover as fast as can be expected. She is generally very healthy, and thankfully, strong and flexible.

  1. Oh boy. That’s going to be a long recovery. BOTH ANKLES! How absolutely miserable. Life refuses us dull moments. I suppose that’s good in the end, it tests us and forces us to grow. But dull is sometimes nice too! Wishing her a speedy recovery, I feel certain she’s in the best possible hands.

    1. Thanks, shells! The sprain is coming along, it’s strapped up and of course, she is in bed because of the other ankle, loads of rest. We are doing our best. 😀
      Looking forward to dull!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was lucky! However if we weren’t, there is another sister not much farther away. And a niece, too. 😉 she would have been in good hands. So far, she is doing really well – yeah!

  2. Sorry to hear! Wishing your SIL a speedy recovery. Take care of yourselves as well!
    Your description of her fall reminded me to change my light timer. I often wake up in the chair when the light has gone off and there are always quite a few dog toys on my floor to turn an ankle on.

  3. Just when you think you have it all under control, life has different ideas. It’s great that you and A are there for her. Sending wishes for a fast and uneventful recovery.

  4. Oh, no! What an awful thing to go through, for your SIL! The pain and inconvenience! She’s fortunate to have you to look after her and I bet, in some ways, you’ll all have a great time together. But it will change your regular routine in dramatic ways for awhile. One day at a time . . .

    1. We will have fun once she is a bit mobile and can get herself to the bathroom in the night, lol. Right now we are working through exhaustion. So glad the weekend is here! Things should get easier now.

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