I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote anything interesting

I hope you aren’t feeling that way and getting bored…

Things are moving slowly everywhere – large projects having steady movement but at times it is imperceptible.  Garden wagon is fixed, but I haven’t begun moving dirt – because IT RAINED! And while I am so pleased about that, the pile of dirt is now heavy and wet.  But I will start getting the area it is going prepped tonight, and maybe move a wagon load or two.

The secret fiber project moves on, I am more than half way finished now.  🙂 It kind of is a time suck right now, but I hope it will be winding down soon.  I have no spinning time and not much knitting time!

The shawl moves on as well – I am on the last lace section, about 15 rows to go, but they are LONG rows, and some have beads, which slows me right down.  Worth it in the end, though, right?? I should have something to show you in a few weeks. Maybe sooner.

And I did cast on and knit a plain old beanie this week.  The exciting part of that?  I finally used my very first skeins of handspun!  I used half of my first spin of natural for the ribbed cuff, and then about half (maybe a bit more) of my very first colored spin for the body of the hat.  I want to add a pompom, then that will be done.  It is kind of cute – the yarn looks like it was supposed to be lumpy, lol.

But what is occupying my brain at this point is VACATION!  My big road trip to Wisconsin is less than a month away, I can’t believe it!  Mom and I leave on Labor Day, and travel through Quebec and Ontario to Michigan, then take a ferry across the lake to Wisconsin on Wednesday. We will stay there until Sunday, when we leave and head for Chicago to visit with some school friends of hers, then head for Niagara Falls by Monday night.  We leave there on Wednesday to head home.  Not sure yet if we will attempt that last leg all in one day, or stop part way to sleep.

I am SO looking forward to this trip, the purpose of which is to meet some long time on-line friends and attend the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  You had better believe I will be buying some lovely yarn and fiber on this trip!  Not only are we going to the festival, but we also will be visiting loads of local yarn stores while we are there.  I can’t wait to see what I find.  🙂

And I am looking forward to seeing all of the live people who are the online friends I have been chatting with for years.  I am quite excited about the whole adventure. And very glad I have the little Prius to make the driving part fun and affordable. We will get to whizz through parts of the continent I have never seen before – always a fun prospect. I have been wanting to go to Niagara Falls for a long time, I am glad Mom is willing to spend a day or two there with me. And I haven’t been to Ontario since I was ten.  All I remember is trees.  It will be interesting to see it now, nearly 50 years later.  Probably still some trees, lol.

When we get home, I will have a few days off from work to get unpacked and laundry done.  But we won’t think about that now. Now I need to make my list of things to pack to take with me. Top of the list – passport, followed by knitting.  And money.  Nothing else is important, right? It is going to be a long month.  🙂

But to bring it back to this week!  I want to really work on moving that dirt pile, which means relocating some raised bed boxes and filling them.  And Mom gave me some rhubarb, so I need to locate it’s permanent home and put dirt there. So I will work on that in the evenings, and then go for a swim, weather permitting.

The blackberries are slowly ripening, I have picked and frozen a few handfuls of those, but I hope that by the weekend there will be a lot more ripe, so I can pick some volume of berries. Eventually would like enough to make a batch of blackberry jelly, which I just love. So I keep picking and freezing, until I have enough.

Friday afternoon I have to go to a memorial service  and so won’t get home until late, but A has Friday off, and might go to her sister’s or she might stay home and putter.  Either way, Friday evening we will sort out what chores still need doing and who will do them.  And Saturday is Whorls and Purls, so I will get a solid chunk of knitting time then. Sunday – Sunday I HOPE we are staying home and relaxing.  Which in my case, likely means rotating between moving dirt, swimming, picking berries and working on fiber projects, secret and not secret.

That’s all that is going on around here – I’ll let you know how the projects progress.

Summer weekends – they are so good and there are so few of them.  🙂



25 thoughts on “I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote anything interesting”

    1. lol I will keep on – I can’t help myself! And thank you SO much for reading and commenting and appreciating it. I love to read your blog the same way. 🙂

  1. It’s funny how we enjoy these everyday tasks, every day literally – yet believe that what we should talk about has to be ultra- interesting, unique, profound and above all varied.

    Remember the camera on your upcoming trip!!!

    1. Thank you, Pia! That is true. When I am working on long projects, I just feel like a post that says ‘knit one more inch on my huge thing” isn’t really worth writing about, lol But if people want to know what my life is like (and they seem to!) then that is what it is like. 🙂

      And I WILL bring the camera with me. 🙂

      1. I have the exact same problem, so if we all feel that way, perhaps it isn’t one.

        I also think it’s because we tend to focus on our interests, that makes them seem more mundane. Just yesterday I was looking at Instagram and Pinterest and was struck with panic: “everybody is painting the things and styles I would like to develop in my paintings, my goodness, I’m a sheeple”. No, on second thought, that’s not what’s happening.

        What’s happening is: I pin and click and search and save – the things I like and want to reference. So more of those pop up in my feeds. The things I do not like probably also pop up to a lesser degree, but because of my focus my brain ignores them.

        Because, of course there are millions of people out there painting in a multitude of styles and media and subjects that are not remotely like anything I’d ever touch.

        To someone who doesn’t knit or garden, your life is maybe one of mystery and intensity! 😉

        1. Lol thank you! I think you are right! The people reading my blog either have the same interests or want to, so my mundane life has interest to them. I never thought of it that way, but you pinterest example really illustrates that well. I will stop worrying and keep writing. 😀 and you keep painting and dyeing and weaving and gardening and creating!

    1. Last night I moved some dirt and did some knitting. No swimming, the weather was iffy. 😢

      Oh, you are leading a scout party for me to WI! 👍 I forgot that! Where are you going, what will you see?

  2. All you can do is one of two things: 1) keep to yourself or write it to a personal file or diary or 2) put it on your blog. It’s really the same, except when you choose option 2 you might discover that people feel it. It’s a total risk, but in the end option 2 might be more satisfying when you discover that people identify with what’s on your mind. Option 1 might be better if you’re writing about something you don’t want other people to read and you aren’t prepared for how people will interact with it. I’d say you’re in the option 2 group. You feel like it isn’t interesting, but your opinion about how what you’re writing isn’t interesting is interesting to the people who read what you’re writing.

    1. Lol I am definitely in option 2! I started this blog as a way to let friends and family know what I am doing ( hence the name) but only one friend follows it. However, I have found 435 new friends! And I do want to continue to give them what they found when they came to the blog. That means that now and then I worry that what I am up to is boring. Thanks for reading, commenting, and being supportive!

  3. Your posts are never boring! I am always amazed at how much you do.
    All you need for your trip is your passport, money and a credit card (just in case). It sounds like you’re going to have a fantastic time and you’ll have lots of stories to tell:)

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