Monday morning blues

We had such a nice weekend, it seems a shame it has to end.

Not only did I get to see cousins on Saturday, but it actually rained Saturday night!  The last time I remember it raining was back at the end of June.  It might have rained since, but it sure hasn’t in weeks.  Pool and plants and trees seem very happy. And I haven’t seen the cousins since last winter, so that was very nice!

Sunday was a quiet day – breakfast and some Home Depot shopping in the morning, then puttering about in the afternoon.  It was cool and dry and lovely.

Now it is Monday and I have to go to work.  Seems like we should get longer weekend in the summer.

What I accomplished this weekend:

  • Fixed the wheel of the garden wagon.
  • Finished the last details of the hand knit vest, and soaked and blocked it.
  • Cast on a hat with my very first handspun.  I think it will be a “for sale” hat, but we will see.

And of course, we did all the household chores that needed doing, and none that could wait.  It was that sort of weekend.


There’s the vest.  If you are very good, when it is dry I will put it on and let A take my photo to share with you.  I did have to modify the pattern a bit in the shoulders – they were way to wide, so I took up some pleats, and made a note to adjust that measurement when I knit it again, which I think is likely, though not any time soon.

Did you have a good weekend?  Are you finding it hard to get going this beautiful Monday morning?


13 thoughts on “Monday morning blues”

  1. So, I absolutely love the vest! It’s wonderful! We got a little bit of rain too. Not nearly enough, we need an actual good soaking. But, it did make the grass grow more, so there’s that. Sounds so nicely productive, I admit that when I have a productive weekend I want to go back to work even less. I feel like if I had another day off I could keep up with the productivity!

    1. Exactly how I feel about work on Mondays! And today is another gorgeous day, cool and sunny. Rain coming in tonight. I hate wasting the sunshine like this.

  2. What a great vest. I love the pleats at the shoulders! Are the pleats on the front side only? How did you create them and get the front and back to measure the same amount of stitches. Love the yarn too!

    1. The pleats were added afterwards, i just folded them up and took a couple of stitches, so they are front and back as well. Not ideal but it beat ripping back to the start of the armhole! I needed it to be done. 😉

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