Why I am glad I live where I live… and how pretty it is!

Here’s what the dashboard said when I got into my car after work yesterday.  Granted, it is on the west side of the building, no shade, and pavement.  But still!


101 degrees.  Just not right!

I drove 18 miles and stopped at the Post Office on the way home.

Here’s what it said there:


86.  Better!

Then I went home (after getting gas, don’t worry, I won’t be stranded) and walked into the house.  No AC, didn’t even shut the curtains in the morning, just left the sliders cracked open, and the back (northside) windows open.


Now THAT is more like it!  I opened all the windows, and it only went up to 76 a couple of hours later.  (Sorry about the very low light photo, I was in a hurry.  🙂 )  That was very good news, because I needed a cool house after this.



Why, look at that!  The front garden is done at last!  I was just in a mood to power through it last night, I am so sick of the project.

I couldn’t fix the flat tire on the wagon, it won’t hold air.  I didn’t have the truck, and the hardware store is closed anyway.  I’ll get it fixed in the next few weeks.  I took the old wagon with 4 flats and used that instead, only filling it about half full, and just muscling it to where I needed it.  That meant more trips, but it worked.

I ran out of newspaper and so the area around the stepping stones will need more weeding than the rest, but I can live with that – or take the mulch off next week and put down paper.  Yeah, that won’t happen.

There was a mouse trying to build a house under the pile of bags of mulch.  Every time I took a bag, he took off.  The first time we were both terrified.  After that I just waited for him to run away, then continued on. Not sure where he will live now as I used all the mulch.

I gave up on the edging (stepdad did a good job starting it.)  I set one block, poorly, and then said forget it for this year.  Put my loose stones back where the edge will be someday.

So, it isn’t perfect, but boy, it is SO much better!  And next year there will be real flowers in there, I can’t wait!

Now.  I do have to get the cart fixed, because I have half of a dirt pile in the front of the house that I need to move to the back of the house.  I sure hope the weather cools off before that has to happen.

I finished all of this at about 6:30 last night, and there was no distant rumbling, so I got into the pool, cleaned out all the bits of trees and bugs, and then actually got to swim about and enjoy the cool water! By the time A got home from work, I was cool, clean, and relaxed. And don’t feel too badly for her having a twelve hour day – she was out on an island all day training the town office staff. That meant two nice long boat rides and a gorgeous view for her.  And a not very long drive home afterwards.  Plus she stopped for a root beer float along the way, so she actually had a decent day, for a work day.  🙂

Oh, and in case you forget where I started just a month ago on this garden project, here you go – a reminder.  🙂 (That pile of 6 bags of mulch – what was I thinking?  We used probably 30 or 40 bags before we were done.) You can barely see the rock!

After one long hard day or work from 4 people:

Only one of whom is crazy enough to let me put his picture on this blog, but as he is the one who first said he was willing to work hard to get it all going, I am thrilled to share it here again!


They got me started, but left to my own devices, I slowed right down. Working alone when it is hot is just not my thing, apparently.  But a vision of how it would look all done kept me going.  For a month!  It should not have taken so long but I am a wimp about the heat.

However, there were little things motivating me… a flower that bloomed in spite of crazy activity all around… a dream of how pretty the bushes are when they bloom, and how much prettier they will be now that they are pruned, and have dirt and are happy!


And now I can move on to the next project.


After I knit a few rows.



22 thoughts on “Why I am glad I live where I live… and how pretty it is!”

  1. That’s some Mr. Ink level gardening/landscaping right there! It’s amazing! I am so glad you posted the before and after photos, it’s so difficult to remember what it was once it’s done and looking good. The edging will wait! 🙂

    I am glad A had a good day as well, sounds like she hasn’t had a lot of those at work lately, and it’s so valuable to have good ones among the stress.

    1. Well, Mr. Ink is SO welcome to come over and do the backyard, lol. I am going to move some raised beds, use the extra dirt to fill them, and then take your idea of a mound garden and put one in at the edge of the woods. Mom is giving me some pink poppy seeds, so maybe I will just start a wildflower mound. But for this year, I might just cover it with a deep layer of straw mulch. I just need to get it from out in front before it snows. It is sitting where the plow guy likes to put all the snow, lol.

      Yes, A has had some tough weeks. Nothing really awful happening, just too many road trips and not enough time in between to do the necessary wrap up and prep for the next one. That has meant working 50-60 hour weeks and then adding a Sunday morning to the mix. Yesterday she had two hours on the boat to work on reports, which was a good thing. Plus she got ice cream, right? 🙂

  2. Your yard looks fantastic!! You got an amazing amount of work done.

    You’re so lucky to have a cool house. Ours is very hot even on an 80 degree day. I finally caved and bought an air conditioner for the first floor. It takes the edge off.

    1. lol, If I had done it back when we moved in, not let it wait ten years, it would not have been so awful. But I didn’t know what would happen to it if I left it, and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or where. Sigh. Now I do, and so have tons to do to catch up. But thank you!
      We ARE lucky! It is very well insulated, which we much appreciate. Before this, I lived in a 200 year old house with very little insulation, if any, and A lived in a double wide similarly insulated. Both were just always hot in the summer, no matter the temperature, and always cold in the winter, no matter the temperature. We were amazed at what a new house could be like! We do have a portable AC unit stored in the basement. We have only set it up twice since we moved in. You are welcome to come over any time you want. We have loads of room, and we can get some knitting done. 🙂

  3. You are BRILLIANT!!!
    Look at how far you’ve come! Look at what you’ve achieved! It’s amazing. It’s fantastical. It’s …. a garden. A GARDEN! Where there was a ramshackle load of tangled plants and weeds, there is now beauty.

    You clever thing. You amazingly brilliant clever gardener.

    Just … promise me this: That you won’t lose sight of the finish line. Don’t give up on the race. You can actually see the finish line and I feel like you’re going to just sit a while and put your feet up for a time and …. zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Make it to the finish. Please make it to the finish.
    Sending big squidges for all you’ve achieved, for I think you’re amazing.
    love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Lol I will get there. But much of the rest is likely September and October work. Unless it cools off more. I can’t leave the dirt pile where it is, so stopping is not an option!

        1. for some reason, your other comment disappeared and I can’t get it back – but yes, I think our weather is a lot like yours – maybe warmer, but lately not that much warmer. And summer ends usually in September, suddenly. But hten we could get a nice long fall. 🙂

  4. Wow that’s a big difference in temps in such a short time.
    All your heart and hard work has paid off, you have a magnificent enchanting home-place.

    1. The difference in temp is all about location. I work in a building with no shade, in a town that isn’t really coastal though it has a river running through it. And I live in the woods on a peninsula flanked by two rivers, one a major waterway, so we feel the cool air from that.

      Thanks for the compliments on the yard work. We are getting there!

  5. The garden and landscaping really look terrific. That was a lot of back breaking work you put in, but it really came out nice. Enjoy.

  6. That was very hot, but the cool house and stunning garden definitely made up for it. The water makes it looks so cool and perfect. I adore the way the garden turned out. 🙂 Just perfect.

  7. What a wonderful transformation! Our neighbors are doing a similar reclaiming of their land and it makes me happy for them, just to see the changes. I feel happy for you, too, and can hardly wait until next year when you really see the payoff. You’re a very hard worker!

  8. Wow! That’s a lot of work. looks fab. Had to laugh at the start as i had no clue what 101 or 86 Fahrenheit was and had to google to convert 🙂 Well done on the productivity!

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