Another weekend come and gone

And it was a lovely one!  The weather was absolutely perfect!  We did some visiting with A’s sister on Saturday , and got the cars serviced, chores done haphazardly between outings.

I did some knitting at the Toyota dealership, but they were so quick on both cars that I didn’t get as much done as normal.  🙂 I did get lots done at Whorls and Purls in the afternoon Saturday – finished all the knitting on my vest, and wove in the ends!  The shoulders are a little wider than I would like, but I can fix that – either with a small pleat or some shirring along the seam.  Have to do that, put on the two little buttons, and then block it.  Once I do that, I will take photos for you.

When that was done, I immediately focused on my Moon and Sky shawl – have about 40 rows left on that, so I expect it will move along now.

Sunday we visited A’s other sister, the one with the new house.  It looks amazingly better than the first time we saw it!  She has been painting and cleaning, and had plumbers and carpenters in. She is living there now, and not quite settled, but certainly settled enough!  I think the house will be perfect for her, it is small but not tiny, and it has loads of storage and a huge yard.

When we got home from that visit, I changed into my new gardening outfit, and went out , determined to finish the front garden, then go for a swim.  Sadly, because I was so much earlier than normal, the front was in the hot sun, and I did almost nothing before I decided that if I was going to be out in the sun,  it should be in the pool.  So I left the gardening for this evening, and hopped into the pool, which was delightful!  I am not supposed to be out in the sun at all, so I was swimming in long sleeves and a hat, but I still loved it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the secret fiber project (in about a month, I can share with you what it is!) and knitting the shawl and plotting what to make for the craft fair.  I will have to really get that organized this week so that I can churn out things for that!  Debbie at the Purple Fleece loaned me a couple of great display pieces – things that lift the inventory up off the flat table – always a challenge for me to do.  If I was doing lots of these shows, I would design something elegant for this purpose, but as I only do about one every year or two, it hardly seems worth it.  But she is nice enough to share, since she no longer does shows. It got my juices flowing to think about how I would display things, and what those things should be.  🙂

The weather continues to be wonderful today, a little warm, but I am ok with a LITTLE warm.  🙂 So I intend to get that garden in the front completely done, and then figure out where I will put all the left over dirt.  As my mother said , the whole yard needs dirt, so I could really put it anywhere, lol.  I have a few plants that would love the help, and a few raised beds I want to move, so I might do that this week, and start hauling that dirt around to the back where I want more things to grow.  We will see how motivated I feel.  After I finish the front and have my swim, of course.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Another weekend come and gone”

    1. I suspect I don’t squeeze more or less than any one else who works all week, I just write about it! lol. We did have a good balance of fun and chores, and so I didn’t; want to go to work today! Plus it was pleasantly cool this morning, and bed felt so cozy. But now we are one day closer to another weekend, right?

  1. Well missy… after reading, I’m totally exhausted! When exactly do you stop and draw breath? lol.
    I think that when this Craft Fair is over and done with … you need to slow down and move a little less fast. Things that don’t get done today will still be there tomorrow.

    But …. I can relate to the situation you’re in and do wish I could be there to help in some way or other.
    I even designed a great three tier shelving thing that I used at craft fairs, which comes apart in three sections and stores flat. All you need is a bit of material draped over it. A beautiful plain white tablecloth with some cotton, crochet lace around the edge – that sort of thing, and, as the saying goes – ‘Bobs your Uncle!’ It works SO well that we had enquiries from other crafty stall owners about it.

    You’ll get there …. just don’t burn the candle at both ends!
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. lol I don’t mind going full speed when it is crafting. 🙂 And the wagon got a flat tire tonight, so though I got a lot done, I did not finish the garden tonight. I did get a short swim in before more thunder. Now I am sitting and breathing. 🙂

  2. As always your schedule is full and you live life to the fullest. It’s good you got into the pool, yard work can always wait a bit. Good luck at the craft show. We don’t have any of those around here anymore and I really kind of miss them. In fact we don’t have any craft stores around anymore. The last one just closed. An A C Moore. Now all my painting and sketching needs to be shopped on line too.

    1. It is amazing to me that in an area as congested as that part of New York is, a craft shop can’t survive! I guess it is because of the internet, but really, sometimes you just need to touch and see things. And pick up a button, for crying out loud. time for you to move north, young woman!

      Sometimes my schedule feels too full, I really miss the days when I worked four ten hour days instead of 5 eight hour days. That extra day off was a very good thing.

    1. Oh, don’t even say winter! Yesterday was the first time in weeks that I finished all my chores, got in the pool, got it clean and was able to just bob about and swim – no thunder! It was heavenly. Before that I could get in and clean it, which is not a chore, I must say – but I never got to really enjoy the water.

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