Another quick post, mostly because my big projects all look the same – how often I seem to say that!

Last night I got home before A and it was warm and sunny, so I did about an hour’s worth of the gardening project, then hopped in the pool.  It has been so dry  (until last night) that the pool was getting low – too low to run the filter!  I would have noticed if it had been nice enough for a swim, lol.  I ran the hose for a while and got the water high enough to run the filter, but I will have to do that a few more times this week.  Even though it did rain last night, it didn’t add up to much in the pool.  But the garden loved it!

I think I have hit the point of the garden project that an hour’s work shows progress.  It was depressing for a while the space was so big that I could work for an hour and it looked the same to me.  But last night’s work looks like it made a difference, which helps to motivate me to keep on going. Plus I spoke to A and we decided I could go ahead and order a couple of the oriental poppies I love.  Woot woot!  Those will come in the fall, and I will get to plant them in the new bed out back. Of course, they will probably come when I am in Wisconsin, but I will see if I can arrange for that to not happen.

After the gardening and a swim, I worked on a secret fiber project that I can’t share with you all yet – but let me tell you, it is FUN and really coming out like I hoped!  I am taking loads of photos, I will share with you in a couple of months, lol.

By the time I sat down to knit on the vest, it was nearly bed time!  I am almost done with this project – I am working on a skinny little strip that is the back of the neck.  It seems like I should be able to knock that out tonight.  Then the armholes.  I had in my head that they were finished with an I-cord, and I was not really looking forward to that element, but I re-read the directions last night, and they aren’t, they have a very simple (and fast) garter edging. I know I have said this before, but I REALLY think I am almost done with this thing! I have the buttons already, and so I should be able to get it soaked and blocking this weekend.  In fact, I will be really disappointed if that doesn’t happen! And I am purposely not spinning until this is done, to give me some push in the finished direction. I feel the need to finish SOMETHING.

My sock knitting has also slowed a bit, but I am on the foot pattern of the second sock, so I am confident I will get it done before September.

I did just sign up for a craft fair in November.  This frightens me a little bit, I need to knit some hats and small things that will not cost a lot, and I have so many big things I want to knit instead!  But I will get it done, I am sure, and have plenty to offer the customers. now to get them to want to buy my things…

That is about all that is going on around here this week – same old same old, as they say.



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  1. Any progress on any front is good! I hope you get your vest finished. That would be exciting:)
    The craft fair will be fun. People like things for kids: hats, mittens, tiny baby socks. Also if you can theme things they go too: Harry Potter, Wonder Woman,princess stuff. I’m sure you’ll do really well:)

  2. I pressed the like button because I partially identify. I’m not going to a craft fair, but I’m overwhelmed by my projects and too tired or running out of time to work on them.

    1. It is so hard to manage our expectations and time when it come sot these projects, isn’t it? I cast on these three big things knowing I shouldn’t, but working diligently on them pretty evenly. That only meant that all three crept along! So now I am focusing on them one at a time and refusing to cast on the next thing until these are done. Which does not stop me planning and scheming the next thing I want to cast on! Which is decidedly NOT hats and mittens but that is where I will likely wind up. 🙂

  3. The secret fiber project sounds interrsting. Can’t wait to hear about it!
    The crafts fair will be an interesting experience. I’ve only participated in making items for our church bazaar. Big sellers were hats,mittens and baby/small children’s sweaters. This was quite a while ago but I bet cowls might sell as well. It’s just hitting on the pattern that will appeal to many. Ravelry is a big help there.

    1. yes, I expect to do hats and cowls, and scares, but also some ornaments, and some cards – so I get all price ranges. The trick is to find patterns that are cute but don’t take a lot of time or yarn to make, so they can be reasonably priced without me feeling like I am giving away all my time. 🙂

  4. I’m ridiculously excited about the fibre project. Stupidly so. Can’t wait to see what it is. (my money is on a rug …. possibly…. but hey … I’m always wrong when I guess so it will probably be a space ship. lol)

    The Craft Fair . . . I asked my one brain cell to go waaaay back in my memory to when I did craft fairs.
    I learnt from the first one that I should make more of my pocket money (ish) type of things for Mummies and Daddie bring their little ones and normally give them a few pounds to spend for themselves on whatever they would like. (With the warning that “Once you spend it, I cannot afford to give you any more, so please, please spend it only on something you really want”)

    So I’m wondering if you could maybe make a little basket of knitted mice, hamsters, birds (with no feet obviously)- that sort of thing, which would appeal to young folks, and keep them busy looking, while mummy has a chance to shop for herself.

    Salpal … why am I telling you this? … You are absolutely brilliant and have a brain waaay bigger than mine (with way more brain cells in there than my little one) and you’ll sell easily simply because your makes truly are such magical little works of heart.

    Sending fast knitting finger vibes, while praying for ‘time to slow right down’ for you.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. I DO know to have a variety of prices on things, but had not thought of the things for small childen. Good point! My sister does a neat thing – she puts a basket, with a sign that says “Bargains!” and then puts some things in it. No change to prices. The basket gets emptied way before her other things sell. Then she just moves more things into it. Crazy! I am no pro at this, but I will try to make it worthwhile.

      1. Promise me that you’ll enjoy it. I know from experience that it’s back breaking work when you’re trying to get ready for it, but boy is it worth it when you achieve what you wanted to.

        Aw heck… I wished I lived closer so that I could give you a hand.
        love ~ Cobs. x

      1. darn! ….
        3rd guess:- felt? You’re making felt?
        4th Guess:- Knitted Flowers and Leaf made into Pins? (Brooches) (If you’re not, you should! Pocket money purchase!)
        5th Guess:- A shaggy sheep.

        this can be found on the back of it’s neck.

        fizz. pop. jerk. fizz fizz zzzzz

        1. reset button hit.
          Those are all wonderful, but not right. I will give you a clue – go back a step or two in the process.
          Floral brooches? Seem fiddly to make! But I might, you never know. I have a book of knitted flower designs.

          1. Ok… I shall be good and wait … and wait… and ….
            I hope you know how good I’m being, because patience isn’t my strongest quality. My strongest quality is that I can fly, with my tiny, almost fairy like, little wings, which I keep hidden from mortals because otherwise they’d come and take me into hiding somewhere in NASA and do experiments on me.

            But … I shall try for a month (a MONTH? A WHOLE MONTH???) of patience. (I’ll need a sticker for this!)
            Heaps of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs.x

            NB: parts of this comment may not be exactly truthfull.
            (I have to say that so that NASA are thrown off the ‘scent’).

          2. Lol So you won’t be using your fairy wings to fly the pond and come peek in my windows? I wish you would, I would open them and let you in.

            You can do it, there are just a few more weeks to go until I can share. 🙂

          3. Patience is not my strong point (by a loooong chalk) but I’m willing to wait for this one because I have this funny little, wriggly feeling, deep inside me, telling me that I’m going to like it when all is revealed!

            Waiting, . . . waiting, . . . waiting, . . . . . . . . . . . . waiti . . . . z z z zzzzzz

            [don’t wake her, she’s not up to mischief when she’s asleep] . . . [although mind … we don’t know what she’s thinking about! eeek!]
            lol ~ C. xxx 🌷 🌻

  5. Well, the secret fiber project is indeed enticing. I am trying to imagine all the things it could be. Glad the gardening is going well and that you can see your progress. I always hate it when I work in the garden and it still looks like I did nothing.

    1. The secret fiber project is SO FUN. I can’t wait to share it, but there it is a gift, so I have to keep quiet until it is given.

      I agree about gardening! I worked out there for hours the other day, and said to A “did you notice all I did when you drove in?” She actually said (and lived to see another day!) “It’s just more mulch, right?” That is the problem with it. All the work that goes UNDER the mulch doesn’t show.

  6. This made me smile because we are doing a small craft fair today, our first with weaving. I am kind of ridiculously nervous! And I didn’t plan anything for small children . . . .

    1. And I read that you did fine! I am glad. I have been giving a lot of thought to what to make for this, and I am going to focus on Christmas ornaments. I have a shawl nearly done, so that will be there, and some knitted bead jewelry all made, so I think I ill make some more hats, and loads of ornaments and hope for the best.

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