Short post! Busy weekend!


This is how my weekend started. Isn’t A wonderful??? She was exhausted from a grueling week at work, but found energy to make me breakfast AND to vacuum the house. In exchange, appreciation, and gratitude, I committed to doing the rest of the weekend chores.

So you would think I would have no time for anything else, right? Not so!

Went to Whorls and Purls Saturday, and we all brought along our TDF accomplishments. For a non-competitive event, I think we did really well. I was disappointed not to have three full bobbins there, but chores interfered with spinning Saturday morning, sigh. Adina not only spun, but knit what she spun! Wow!


Saw this as I pulled into the driveway on the way home. My car is so quiet she just wasn’t worrying about me. Kept grazing while I got the camera out. We seem to have a few small groups of deer wandering through this year. Last week three young bucks were snacking in the yard. Last night a mom and fawn were exploring the field. Have to be alert when we drive!


A had a relaxing day and wanted to finish it off with a bang, so we trekked to Brooksville to Bagaduce Lunch for our supper. I had a crab roll which was dwarfed by the fish and chips, but which was delicious! We try to get to this gorgeous spot at least once each summer, but Whole 30 Β is making it tricky this year. I start again Monday, so ate lots of bad food this weekend. Thrilled to be able to! All seems right again in the health aspect of life.


Sunday was so cool and nice, and A had to work! Only 4 hours, but then she went to her sister’s, to help her get ready for her move on Wednesday. So I did the laundry, got groceries, did the dump run, and then settled in to finish plying my TDF spin. Last day!!!

Since July 1 I spun and plied 16.375 ounces of yarn! Haven’t counted all the yards, but it is a lot!!


I still have just under 20 ounces to go on this but I am pleased with my jump start on this project.

Sunday night was for knitting. Still working on the vest, so close I can taste it!

What did you do this weekend?


27 thoughts on “Short post! Busy weekend!”

    1. Thanks! That niddy-noddy was about as full as it could get, wasn’t it? That skein came out to almost 600 yards before it’s bath. It is drying now, so in a few days I can rewind it and get the final yardage.

  1. The yarn looks gorgeous. Loved your breakfast and lunch too. How do you know how many yards you get? How do you measure it?

    1. Thanks!

      I get a rough idea by counting how many times I wrap around the niddy-noddy. Each full wrap is 5 feet, but the fuller it gets, the longer each wrap gets. I ignore that, and just count each one as 5 feet, then multiply wraps by 5 to get feet, divide by 3 to get yards, and that gives me a “close enough” idea. I know I have a little more yardage than less, so it works out for me.

    1. We have loads of them around, but thankfully (knock wood) we have only had one incident where we met one with the car. The car was fixable, we were fine, the deer took off, so we think he was OK. But this young lady was pretty sure I would wait patiently while she snacked. And I did.

      1. They do get used to us, don’t they. We had an incident when LH hit a muntjac deer. That ran off too and the car wasn’t too bad, but my friend turned her car over swerving to avoid one! 😦

        1. Oh, gosh! I hope your friend was OK? There are some bad accidents here with them, but worse ones with moose, which are much bigger. And apparently, moose eyes don’t reflect light the way deer eyes do, so you don’t get the little green flash to tip you off that something is in the road.

          1. My my goodness, moose are big! My friend was lucky, she landed in a ditch, so the roof of her car wasn’t squashed although, of course she was shaken up pretty badly.

          2. I bet she was shaken up!!! The night we hit a deer with the car, I was in the passenger seat, asleep. It was alarming to wake up that fast. But as I said, we were fine. Funny story though – we drive very small (by US standards) cars, and the deer sort of bumped along my side as we swerved. It was late at night, and rainy, and we weren’t far from home. So, we get home, and my dear wife A goes stomping into the house, mad as can be, her car apparently wrecked. I tried to follow, but could not open the door on my side, it was banged up too much. Hmm. I tried to climb over into the driver seat, but it was a small car, with a stick shift, and I had a hard time maneuvering. Then I tried to lower my seat all the way back and squirm into the back seat. I did, but the passenger back door wouldn’t open, either. I finally wriggled out the driver side back seat and went in the house. She said “where have you been?” She was surprised when I said “trying to get out of the car.” πŸ™‚

  2. Fabulous post Salpal. LOVED the photo of the Deer. Envious of that – I haven’t seen one in real life. Everyone else seems to have. I’m either not observant enough, noooo… can’t be that… or just not in the right place at the right time. (more likely)

    LOVE the wool so pretty. It makes me think of Fairy Land, at night. There’s something of the magical moments of twilight about it. Perfect.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. If you have NEVER seen one, then it is definitely about not being in the right place at the right time. We have loads of them in our woods, and they often wander through the yard. Come for coffee early some morning, you will surely see at least one. πŸ™‚

      1. Aw Salpal …. if I lived that side of the pond I’d take you up on that offer, just to be in with a chance of seeing one.
        (Obviously I want to see you too. lol)
        Sending huge buckets of love and squidges ~ Cobs. x ❀

  3. Awesome, love pancakes!! You seem to have had a wonderful / busy time. How cute is that deer?
    It is winter here so of course my weekend was all about knitting and crocheting!
    πŸ™‚ Have a great week ahead.

    1. It was a wonderful busy time! I heartily enjoyed my weekend. Glad yours was all about knitting and crocheting! I know then that you had a good weekend!

  4. I love the sweet deer, but I am leery of them after dark . Your spinning is wonderful. I want those waffle fries. My weekend was relaxing for the most part. I volunteered at the Barn for a special needs class Saturday. Sunday involved too much TV for my liking here: golf, Tour de France etc. I was happy to knit on the porch and relax away from theTV on in the other room

    1. Yes, after dark they present a problem!
      Thanks on the spinning – I am having fun with this one.
      You can get those waffle fries – Bagaduce Lunch, Brooksville Maine. Worth the trip from anywhere. Not your typical take outplace, they are a James Beard award winner! NEVER a bit of shell or cartilage in their crab meat. Everything is delicious!

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