I am not posting this until I have photos

So who knows how old this news will be by the time I hit “publish”!

I have not been doing anything new or dramatic, but I do feel like small amounts of consistent attention is resulting in progress that shows.

In the yard, I have the back bed all ready to settle in and await some fall and spring planting. I want to put in some sweet peas next spring to offer a bit of shade on the porch, and some oriental poppies for their amazing color.  And I think I still want a dwarf lilac in this bed, but I don’t think I want to move the one I have, which means I should get another one, right?


In front, I have been working on it a bit at a time, and I worked last night until I ran out of mulch.  Tonight I will get another ten bags, which MIGHT be enough for what is left. Not sure I have enough newspaper, but I can always buy a few weekend papers, right?  I have figured out what I want in this bed, but it might not get it this year.  I want some delphiniums, daylilies of different colors, hollyhocks near the porch, and maybe some oriental poppies.  I am not sure how I will do this, as in where to put the things that go dormant so the garden doesn’t look awful when they go by… maybe just have the day lilies interspersed among everything? The hollyhocks I can grow from seed, the rest I will purchase plants, so it might take a few years before I have everything I need.

The pile of dirt still looms, even though I have taken many wagon loads of it to other places.  Need to get it all used up and covered before that darned crabgrass takes it over and makes it impossible to move.


It might mean that I actually work on the far future plan of turning this

into a garden space. My plan was to cut it way back this fall, cover with heavy plastic or really thick paper, and mulch, and let it sit for a LONG time – like maybe a year.  I don’t trust blackberries and sweet ferns to not come right back. So maybe I will put this soil down under the paper and mulch before I cover it up.  It can’t hurt, and it will get the mountain out of the front of the house.  Of course, it will be a lot of work… seems like a fall job.  Which means actually weeding the pile of dirt this summer.  Ye gods.

In the house things are moving along.  I spin at least a little, and often a lot, every day.


I aim to be ready to ply my second set of bobbins for the big spin no later than Saturday, and when I do that, I will be more than 1/3 of the way through this project.  I thought I would be farther along by now, but I am not, and so what? It won’t go bad.  I just have to persevere and it will happen.  Then I can knit myself a sweater with this lovely stuff. That keeps me spinning away.  It helps that each bobbin is so different from the others.  I think if I was doing this much of all one colorway, it would be hard to stay interested.

Knitting – I decided that doing a little on all my projects was not working for the part of me that likes to see things complete, so I am focusing on one thing at a time.


First up is the handspun vest, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post.  Even though some days I might only do a row, I try to more than that, and so I am quite close to done.  I have a couple more inches up to the shoulders, then it is finished!  I am thinking this will be done this weekend, since I will take it to Whorls and Purls on Saturday.

Once the vest is done, I will attack the Moon and Sky shawl, as I want to wear it and I want to cast on my next shawl.  In fact, I want to cast on two of them, but I only let myself do one at a time.  This rule does not keep me from swatching for and planning for the shawl after that, just doesn’t let me cast it on. So I will be swatching and planning soon, lol.

The blue striped socks also come along.  I finished up the first sock (except the heel) on Saturday, and cast on the second sock this week.


Not much lunch time knitting this week, so progress is slow.  But I have until the end of August to finish this pair, and still stay on track for the year.  I don’t see a problem with that.

The pool has been a godsend this week, it is so hot and muggy!


I have a funny little after work routine now – when I get home, I change into my bathing suit, add sneakers and a hat, do as much gardening as I can stand, water the garden, rinse myself off, shed sneakers and hop in the pool.  Luckily, it hasn’t been buggy!  I am glad neighbors can’t see this crazy lady gardening in her swimsuit, lol.

That means I don’t get in the house to think about knitting or spinning or supper until close to seven , which is not normal for me!  I like to be settled in and knitting or spinning by then, not just wondering what is for supper.  🙂  But summer is a short season, and I am motivated to do this yard work, so as long as I am motivated, I will do this routine.  I hope it pays off with a pretty garden next summer!

A has had a busy several weeks now, with no let up in sight.  This week she actually is away overnight for two nights, which makes everything feel sort of off for both of us.  I will be glad when she gets home! Maybe she will remind me to come in the house sooner so I am not up so late at night knitting and spinning.  🙂

Here’s a pretty daylily I didn’t remember I had, I thought the tall ones were all orange!




24 thoughts on “I am not posting this until I have photos”

  1. Your yard is coming along! Your plan for plants sounds great.
    The knitting and spinning are also great.
    I love your after work schedule. When I was a teenager my mother and her friend a few houses away used to have a swim and a cup of coffee in the morning before cleaning the houses in their bathing suits. Then they’d have another swim when they were done. It was great motivation.

    1. It is just so much easier to put it on before I get all sticky and dirty! When I was a kid, I would spend lots of time with my grandmother, and that was her thing (though she put clothes on over her suit) – get dressed in a swim suit in the morning, pop into the water all day long, whenever she was too hot. Of course, she lived on a real beach with Long Island Sound (ocean) at her doorstep. So whenever it was high tide, she went swimming. I remember weeding her huge vegetable garden, and when the sun came over the trees, we would go for a quick dip to get cool before continuing. But I am not sure a bathing suit and a swim promise could get me to clean the house, lol.

  2. Impressed with your garden progress, I wish I could make myself give ours an overhaul. But A all summer has been like a very long April or sometimes November, B I’d have to give up my studio for weeks and weeks and I just don’t want to. Hope some day to have my batteries upgraded so I can do more than one or two different things!

    That vest ought to be a quick knit, with all the colours changing and not knowing what the next one will look like. I always want to do just one more section to see how it turns out.

    1. Pia, I hear you on hating to give up the time pursuing other crafts – I would much rather be spinning or knitting, but I am hopeful that if I get the heavy lifting done this year, future years will be mostly maintenance. So I can sit, spin and look out over the lovely gardens, lol.

      The vest IS a quick knit, actually. If I had not had so many WIPs calling for my attention, I would have finished it months ago. Ditto for the other two big WIPs I have – the green sweater and the beaded lace shawl. I will crank them both out over the next few weeks, I hope.

  3. so much thought and work going into the garden – well done!
    I just love your socks ^^ and nah, I doubt the neighbours think you’re wierd. And if they do, that’s their problem!

    1. I have had years to think about it, but the quantity of work overwhelmed me and kept me from even starting. This year I a so blessed to have had a day of serious helpers! I love it. And I can see progress each day, which makes it easier to go out and do the next day. But I will not be happy to have to weed the dirt pile, that is for sure.

  4. It’s good that you’re seeing the gardens as a long term project–you can’t rush this stage, but the payoff is going to be amazing! And jumping in a pool as a reward for messing around in the soil is a great idea.

    1. If there was no pool, there would be one VERY cranky gardener, and there would be little gardening getting done. I remember how LONG it took me to get all the rocks our of the ground where the pool is. I could have hired someone with a machine and it would have been done in a day or less. Instead I took TWO YEARS. I am all about long term projects, lol. But I find myself looking through plant catalogs and spending loads of imaginary money just the same. 🙂

    1. thanks! it truly is a good thing we are way off in the woods, I have to say! This week is supposed to be colder, I anticipate gardening in more traditional clothing, lol.

  5. I came last night to read this post and look at the wonderful photos … then made a comment. Not too long, not too short, but filled with admiration for the way your garden is filling our and coming alive via your finger tips and hard work.

    This morning, when I went to my reader, I noticed that I hadn’t clicked ‘Like’ … and this was a puzzlement to me because I knew I’d clicked. Sooooo … I came back to the post here, to find my comment and guess what? The comment I made didn’t exist!!! sigh.

    So I’m here again, to tell you that I’m LOVING the way the garden is forming. It looks already like it’s been (being) landscaped by someone you’ve empolyed (at great expense I might add) to change the whole outside ‘look’ of your wonderful home.

    I know you’re not ‘there’ yet, but the place where you currently are is amazing! I can visualise what you still want and plan to do because of your descriptions.
    It’s FANTASTIC. And so inspiring.

    Well done, you clever thing.

    Oh … and as for the knitting, spinning and woollen goodies … well this just seems sooo wrong…. it’s baking hot …. woollen clothing and baking hot weather just don’t make comfortable bed partners. LOL. I know you have to … because summer is here only briefly.

    GREAT post. Love it.
    Sending oodles of love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Well, I am glad you returned to leave a message again! I hate when WordPress does things like that to me – especially after lots of typing, lol.
      The garden work has been in my head for so long that I know exactly how I want it to look and WISH I could afford for someone to come and do it for me, sigh.

      And yes – baking hot and wool – hard to see the attraction there, right? But summer is fleeting and winter is long. Have to be ready! If you notice, I have not been working on my long sleeved sweater lately. 🙂 Even I can’t bring myself to pile that thing on my lap right now, lol.

      1. Wishing you could afford for someone to come and do the garden for you … I know that feeling. Our old cottage had a HUGE garden and I too sometimes used to wish that someone else would do it.

        But the wonderful thing was …. it meant SO much to look out onto that patch of Lupins or at the Hyacinths and Lily of the Valley which we’d planted around the Weeping Willow Tree and it meant so much to us to be able to say … We did it Ourselves!!!

        We would continually say over and over … “crumbs.. look what we made! We’re not really gardeners but look what we did!” … and you’ll do the same.

        I think you’re incredible. You have a natural talent for being able to see your idea and put it into place. You’re an artist.
        You’re brilliant.

        The long sleeve sweater … I had totally forgotten that!!! (doh!)
        Noooo… don’t put that on your lap. You’ll melt!
        l ❤ ve and squidges ~ Cobs. x

        1. I know that what you say is true, and that is often what keeps me going. The pride I will feel when it is done. 🙂

          The sweater will have to wait its turn now. I do want it before the weather is cold, so I will work on these other projects, then finish it in a mad dash. 🙂

          1. You should be massivly proud of what you’ve achieved so far. I think you’re bloomin’ brilliant. It’s all looks so fabulous. Well Done you amazing knitting, gardening (insert any other crafts you do that my brain won’t bring to the table!) girl. Medal for First Place in the ‘Amazing’ category: 🥇
            Heaps of l💜ve and squidges ~ Cobs. x

            P.S. … a mad dash at the end, to finish your sweater will work out great. You’ll get all warm and snuggly in the mad dash, so the cold weather won’t affect you at all. WIN!

  6. Wow, great plans and work for the garden. I love to see all your photos and progress and read all your ideas on what you want to do and achieve. It is a lot of work, but really, so rewarding. I just love a good / pretty garden. Even if all is just green it is still stunning and peaceful. It is pretty grey around my place at the moment, but when spring comes, it will green up again.
    Great knitting wips too. But I agree, summer is short, and one should make the most of it. Enjoy!! 🙂

    1. I am beginning to even like the look of plain mulch! The bed in back has nothing planted in it, but it looks great to me. A said “why do you call that a garden, there is nothing there?” and I say “exactly! No weeds!” lol She will feel better about it next spring.

      1. I know. Plain mulch looks just as great, and holds a definite promise about things to come. I like it as well. Indeed, it is a garden, and next spring it will be just perfect.

  7. You’ve gotten so much accomplished. The gardening is really coming along. I like the idea of scattering the day lilies among the other plants. It’s true that they don’t stay around long. Hollyhocks are great plants. Somewhere I heard that they bloom every second year. The pool looks so inviting. Love the little rubber ducky.

    1. lol thanks, I love my ducky!
      I am working away at what needs to be done. It doesn’t feel like much progress some days. You know how that is! Like knitting a big thing – at first every row really makes a difference, then they hardly show.

      Hollyhocks are biennial – they bloom in their second year of being a plant. Some are perennial and will then bloom every year. The trick is to save the seeds and start new ones each year. And to start with some nursery plants and some seeds. But I will just start with seeds and wait a year, lol. Much more affordable that way.

  8. I ADORE the huge rock and the landscaping. Very pretty! And really coming along quite nicely. I would highly suggest putting the pile of dirt where you want that next section to be. Mounding is totally a thing with gardens, works very well! And really a fantastic way to get rid of a big pile of fill dirt!

    1. lol thank you! That rock is pretty funny. when we were clearing the land for the house we used to eat our picnics on it. I loved it. So, when the construction guys were talking to us I asked if there was any way they could save that rock for us, if it wouldn’t be in the way. No problem. Well, I had no idea that they were going to bring in about 8 feet of fill! So the wonderful guy doing all the work pulled the rock out (it turns out it is HUGE) set it aside, and when they were all done, he came back, dug a hole and put it back, right where I wanted it. A jokes that my pretty rock probably cost us 1000 dollars but I like to think it was free. 🙂

      Good idea on the mound… I know right where I would put a mound of flowers. YOU are a genius my friend.

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