OK, let’s try this again!

My stomach bug decided to linger long enough that I took Tuesday off and went to the doctor without an appointment, which of course meant waiting for over 2 hours in the their waiting room.

Final determination?  Virus. Dehydration.

Advice?  Drink a mixture of salt and Gatorade, lots of it, small sips all the time.  If I wasn’t sick before, that might have made me sick.

Do that for 24 hours, then add dry toast to the menu.

If that works, add crackers and brown rice.  Still good?  Add bananas.

So, I am at the brown rice for lunch phase, and while I don’t feel good, I am not sick.  I think the chemical fake sugars in the Gatorade are making me nauseous now, so I will stop drinking it as soon as I get home, and switch back to flat ginger ale.

As has been the case all along, as long as I don’t swallow anything, I feel fine. It’s kind of ridiculous.

I did get a chuckle out of the nurse at the doctor’s office Tuesday.  She commented “wow, you have lost a lot of weight since Friday!” and I said “Well, the doctor told me to lose 5 pounds a month. I got right on it.”

Of course, it won’t be that much once I get hydrated.

Anyway – here we are, almost to the weekend. I am going to try making plans again and see if it goes better than last week.

There is much yard work still to be done. If we get a nice cool morning, I will work on it then.

The pool needs attention, I haven’t been in it in over a week!

Saturday afternoon is reserved for Whorls and Purls, and I am DETERMINED to go, after missing two nice fiber gatherings last weekend.  I have loads of knitting and spinning still to do. (And always will, right?)

A and I have a semi-plan to go to Bagaduce Lunch for supper on Friday, if there is any point in going out to eat.  I hope there is! We haven’t been there yet this summer, and I do love that place. She has Friday off from work, so we can eat early, before the crowds.  I hope.

A trip to the Post Office is needed, I think I have a package or two on the way. Other than that, there is laundry and housework begging to be done, I will try to fit it in around all that other fun stuff.

We don’t happen to need a lot of groceries, since one of us didn’t eat all week, but I am pretty sure there are a few things that will need picking up, so I will do that while I am out and about.

I hope this weekend is much better than last weekend!  And I hope that you all have a good weekend, too!






29 thoughts on “OK, let’s try this again!”

  1. I hope you’ve turned the corner on this miserable virus! Don’t it stink to feel fine when you don’t eat and horrible when you do.
    Your weekend plans sound great! Just don’t over do and risk a relapse:)

    1. I’ll be careful! I think what really stinks is that I had big plans for meals out and treats from Wednesday through Sunday!! Then back on the diet Monday. Not sure now what will happen, lol.

  2. The only thing that always works for me is a good pot of Rooibos Tea. Hot, cold, weak, strong, whatever, it goes down and works. 🙂 Just glad you are able to eat something at least. Take it easy for another day or so, just till you have some energy at least. Hopefully you are at the banana stage by now. 🙂 enjoy the coming weekend.

    1. Thanks! Some good has cone out f this- last night I tried a boiled egg and I was absolutely stuffed full, could not eat another bite. And I felt OK after eating, hurrah!

  3. Awww I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been this poorly. I want to say poor you … but … THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! Right at the moment you found out what you’d lost in weight, I bet you’re first thought was: “Well maybe this was very worth it!”

    You’ve found the secret to losing weight. Just stop eating! It’s such a simple idea, but one we could all do. AND it saves all that “how much fat is in this?” “is it the good sort or the bad sort of fat?” How many carbs? How many calories? … and hundreds of other weight loss programmes which tell us to do it this way. That way. The other way.

    Just Stop Eating! You need to write a book and bring out a video. It would sell. (Include before and after shots of yourself in just a few weeks of the weight loss ‘programme’) Aww… you’ll sell more than JK Rowling books! Rich beyond your imagination!

    But seriously now . . . I hope you’re on the mend, if not mended already, and back to ‘normal’ service soon.

    I’ve finally found out why I wasn’t getting any notifications in my reader about your posts … the system had removed you from my list of followed sites. pfffft.
    But … you’re back on the list now, so all will be good again.

    Sending healing vibes and squidges ~ Cobs.x

    1. I love the idea – a book about stopping eating – consult your medical care practitioner before beginning this or any other non-eating regimen! Much better but still not right. I have a plan though, to be better by morning. I will let you know if it works. 🙂

      Glad you are following again, I wondered where you had run off to. 🙂

          1. ROFL!!! I actually choked on my tonic water at that. SO funny. Especially since I KNOW that you have a 24″ waist and a chest measurement of 36″ – which by the way, match the measurement of your hips.

            As for your age … well…. a lady shouldn’t ever be older than her bra size, or younger than her shoe size.
            BIG wink.

            Sending oodles of love to you in your pool.
            ~ Cobs. xx (who said jealous???)

          2. OH MY LORD… You are such a fibber. 🤥 I’m going to call you Pinnochinose from now on! lol

            Aww.. you could be the size of an airplane hanger and I’d love you just as much. I love this method of getting to know folks because you ‘get’ what you are talking to. You are your personality, and that comes over. I don’t have any conceptions of how anyone looks and I just don’t care. For the important part of them shows up in their words. It’s so lovely.
            Love you, you little Barbie Doll. 🤗
            lol ~ C. xxx

          3. Lol ok maybe not squared or even doubled, but bigger!!!! I agree about this method of getting to know people, it works well for me.

  4. I can’t believe how long this is hanging on! I guess the weight loss is the tiny silver lining but that’s a tough way to lose it. Here’s hoping the weekend can be nearly normal!

  5. That bug decided to stay for a long visit! Hope you are on the mend but take it easy with all the chores.Knitting is strenuous enough!
    I agree about the Gatorade-if I’m already feeling poorly it will often put me over the edge. Only drink if every ten years for colonoscopies. Makes me gag!Some say Pedialyte is better.

    1. I have heard that Pedialyte is goo, but have never tried it. I went with what she said, since I paid her a lot to tell me. lol.

      Knitting is pretty strenuous, lol.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. Dehydration can kick in quickly. I can’t imagine having to drink Gatorade. That would absolutely push me over the edge. Ginger ale is better. It is so awful not feeling well in the summer. Sending healing thoughts to you.

    1. Thanks! I agree, ginger ale is SO much better than plain old Gatorade, let alone Gatorade with added salt! I feel enough better that I can enjoy life again. You are right about being sick in summer. It just isn’t right. Winter is the time to be sick when you can curl up in bed and no one even notices, lol.

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