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It was a good plan, wasn’t it? But Friday night brought severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. In between bouts I felt fine, but the bouts happened randomly and suddenly, so I never left the house, except for a short time each day to move some dirt. I moved 4 wagon loads to the back garden. It took two days to do that.

I was so determined that I was going to the Ravelry gathering yesterday that I made a nice chicken salad. If it lasts until I can eat again, there is enough for a week’s worth of lunches, at least.

The rest of the time I sat spinning and then plying, and when I needed a change, knitting.

A did most of the work all weekend, and got to go to her sister’s to spend time with her nephew visiting from Colorado, plus she made a ton (7 batches) of jam. Luckily I had done the grocery shopping on the way home Friday night, and I did the laundry. But other than that I was a slug.

But here is the first skein of that giant combo spin I am doing. Much more plying to come before the bobbins are empty so I can spin again. But I am amazed at how this is coming out! I think it will make a great sweater!

Hope you had a better weekend than I did!



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34 responses to “None of That Happened

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  1. That stinks! You had such good plans . . . I hope you’re better now?

  2. well done to A for all that jam! I know you said you weren’t much of a strawberry jam enthusiast, but maybe you get put a spoonful into a pot of natural yoghurt. Would be excellent for your tummy too ^^

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better:)
    Your yarn is fantastic!

  4. Ugh! I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Oh man! I do hope you’ve recovered. It’s SUCH a bummer when an illness takes out a nice planned weekend. THe spinning however, that’s awesome! Looks amazing.

    • I am some better, but not fully recovered. no food intake yet.

      Glad you like the yarn. I really can’t believe how it looks, given the very different singles that make it up. I have no idea what colors would be dominant, and I could not be more pleased that it is my favorite blues. 🙂

      • Are you staying home? I hope you are staying home today. That kind of illness doesn’t lend itself to working, even if the worst is over. The fatigue from lack of eating messes with the brain!

        • I am at work today, but warned my boss I might not make it all day. Brought my crackers and ginger ale with me. I am being stingy with my time off – saving it for vacations. I used way too much being sick last fall. I want to enjoy some of it. 🙂 And I do feel better today, just not great.

  6. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Nasty bugs!!
    The yarn is great! It’s so neat to see how these very different singles,when plyed, produce your beautiful yarn with subtle color changes.

    • Thanks! Nasty bugs indeed!

      Yes, I am truly amazed at what this yarn looks like. I thought it might be “busy” but it really isn’t. Can’t wait to knit with it. 🙂

  7. You mentioned the SQ you were spinning, so I thought I’d come on over for a look. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. That yarn, though, is going to make one heck of a sweater!

  8. Why do these things always strike at the weekend. Get well soon.

  9. Aw, damn stomach bug. I hope you had some crackers and Gatorade to help. I’m glad you were able to spin and whatnot a bit here and there. Sorry you missed the Ravelry gathering. Do you usually spin lace weight looking yarn? It’s lovely and shiny. And how neat you plied the three together.

    • Lace weight is usually my goal, but once plied, this is probably sport or dk, overall. A bit of thick and thin, of course.

      No gatorade, I didn’t think of it. Crackers and ginger ale, though.

  10. Hard to believe you did all of this while sick. Chapeau! – as the French say. I hope you’re better now!!

  11. A stomach sure does knock you off your feet. I hope you feel better soon.
    Your yarn is lovely and will make a wonderful sweater.

  12. Hope you are feeling more like yourself. I hate those kind of bugs. The yarn is looking down-right luscious. Even though you may not feel like it, keep pushing the liquids as you can dehydrate quickly from that kind of thing. Most importantly, feel better.

    • Thanks. I feel a bit better, and the doc said the same thing, she has me drinking Gatorade (ugh) with added salt (triple ugh) and this afternoon I was able to add dry toast. The jury is still out. I miss good food.

      Thanks re: the yarn! I am absolutely loving how this is coming out, can’t wait to knit something with it!

  13. Hope you are feeling better by now, and things are looking up again. Take good care and look after yourself. 🙂 Hugs.

  14. The first skein is so beautiful. I love blues! Glad you left me a comment, so I could find you !! I will enjoy reading your blog!

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