Now THIS will be a weekend!

After working so hard last Saturday that it was hard to move on Sunday but we did, we are both looking forward to this weekend.  The weather, of course, having been beautiful all week won’t be this weekend, but that is OK.

A plans to do her annual strawberry jam making extravaganza.  I leave her to it. I prefer jelly (all those seeds get in my teeth) and I don’t eat a lot of jelly, so it is far easier if I just get out of the way and let her make jam. That will take her all weekend, and she will do quarts and quarts of berries.  Fresh strawberries and some frozen raspberries. Yum.

While she is doing that, I plan to continue the yard work, but at a slower pace.  I picked up a lot of mulch, and need more.  I also have to haul dirt in the wagon from the front of the house to the back where I was working, and put that down, then mulch that.  On the advice of a good friend, I am going to put some newspaper down between soil and mulch, to help keep the weeds down until I plant there – likely next year. I probably won’t get to it this weekend, but I need to keep weeding where J made such a good start, so I can put soil and mulch on the rest of the front garden.  And yes, it occurred to me to not weed it, but put newspaper there as well.  Right now that is not my plan, but it might become my plan if the work is too slow and back breaking.

But that is for mornings only.  Saturday I intend to go to Whorls and Purls, which I missed last week.  We are all spinning for an unofficial Tour de Fleece.  But I expect I will be close to plying at that point, and if so, I won’t bring my spinning over, I will just bring knitting.  I have enough of that to manage to keep me busy! The wheel I ply on is all set up in the craft room, and I don’t feel like hauling it up and down stairs, it is rather bulky.  If I am still working on that third bobbin (or by miracle have already plyed and so am ready to start again) I will bring my new small wheel and some fiber and work on that.

Sunday mid-day is a Ravelry gathering in my town!  Woot Woot!  I plan to bring knitting to that, as well as something for the potluck lunch.  That will be fun, even if I see half the people on Saturday.  🙂

Monday there is a potluck lunch thing at work, so Sunday evening will be spent fixing something for that.  I am thinking a tossed salad, but not sure.  Might do my mini salad bar so people can have what they want in their salad and not what they don’t.

I have been doing well on the Whole 30 this month, and Tuesday is day 30!!!! I plan to eat all the things on Wednesday.    Wish some of these potlucks were next weekend.  🙂

I promised you some more photos of the yard work we got done – here you go!

Here’s what mom got done, and another shot of it after I mulched tonight. This was blackberry thicket burying the roses, and she trimmed the trees so we can walk around the deck.

Here is a photo of what J did, with mulch added.


And while they were doing that, i dug out this bed. Still have to add soil and mulch, and some sort of edging.


And because you know I can’t stand to leave without a little fiber photo or two, here is my sock, coming along.  The flash of pink is the waste yarn where the heel will go, the socks are just blue.


And here is a spinning update – this is bobbin two, nearly full

IMG_1846Which, if you recall, gets plyed with this:


and an as yet unspun third ply.


It should be interesting.  🙂



18 thoughts on “Now THIS will be a weekend!”

  1. You have got some fabulous plans! I love the idea of a mini salad bar but then again I’m a fussy eater who doesn’t like things I don’t like mingling with the things I’m going to eat.
    The sock and spinning look great!
    Your yard is enviously beautiful!

    1. My yard is definitely NOT. But thank you! I should show you the whole thing sometime. When I get brave.

      I agree about the salad bar idea, it is why I started doing it in the first place. I hate raw onions, once they have been on a salad, it is ruined, even if I pick them off. I figured if I feel that way about onions, others feel that way about other things, so the salad bar idea works. 🙂

      Thanks for the yarn compliments – I do love making it. 🙂

  2. The garden is looking great, good luck with the plans for this weekend. The yarn is such a pretty colour. I agree the salad bar idea is best.

    1. Thank you! So many plans, so little time, lol. I do want to sit and spin the day away, but I really can’t . I will come close, though.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful how putting mulch down makes it look like you made even more progress? Looks amazing!

    1. It sure does! And last evening I felt like I accomplished so much! I carted 7 bags of mulch over to where Mom cleared (it is still hard to get to) and dumped it, shook it about with my hand a bit to spread it and felt like I had done a chore, lol. It took about half an hour. If I spend that much time in the yard each evening, it will slowly come into shape, right? Of course, here comes a rainy spell, I am unlikely to do a lot if it is pouring. Any excuse to get back to fiber!

    1. Indeed I have! And more to come. I am quite excited as I have not had flowers growing in several years, my only gardens were raised beds that I did the veggies in, and flowering shrubs. But I am dreaming of hollyhocks and poppies and sweet peas now!

  4. What an improvement in your yard! And it gets addictive–you’ll be so inspired, you’ll do more and more. But, of course, knitting is addictive, too, and spinning . . .

    1. Lol they all are addictive! I spend about half an hour in the yard now, and that is half an hour more than I was! Sone more trimming on the big quince bush, and I have moved and spread several wagonloads of dirt from the pile in front to the garden in back. Once I mulch that, I will go back ro weeding the front. Grass is already sproutingn in the dirt pile, grrrr

  5. The landscaping is wonderful. You have such a lovely home. I love the spinning. The yarn has a wonderful sheen to it. Is it a wool and silk combination? Can’t wait to see it knitted up.

    1. Thank you! And someday I will have a yard worthy of our house, lol. The yarn has an amazing sheen, and no silk in this one. The blue faced leicester and corriedale wools just seem to shimmer.

  6. What FABULOUS yarn! It looks like a magic spell has been cast over it. It has a shimmer and glimmer which surely HAS to be magical.
    GREAT post Salpal, love how the garden(s) are coming along. You have a beautiful house and the gardens are going to compliment it really well.
    Great read.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Thanks, Cobs! We are proud of our house (but not house proud, lol) and someday the yard will match.

      I am loving this yarn, glad I am making a lot of it! I am planning a sweater, but might have enough for two! 🙄

        1. Well, thank you! I have a lot more spinning before there is a garment, but I plan to work on it this month and then the garment this fall and winter. 🙂

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