what weekend?

This weekend flew by.  A said to me a few minutes ago “well, this must have been the shortest weekend on record.”

I guess that is what happens when you work a perfectly crazy week, and then work hard on the weekend as well. That is what she did.

Saturday my step brother J came over, bringing along with him Mom and B, all geared up to work in the yard.  I still have more after photos to take, but the transformation is amazing.  Of course, there is much more work to be done, but what has been done gives me hope and energy to carry on.

Here is a little taste:

Front of house before J spent 6 or 7 hours at hard labor:


and after:


there is still more edging to be done, and weeding, and dirt added, then everything mulched, but I feel like I can do that in spurts this summer.

Mom worked on this:


And I need to get a better after photo, her work was equally impressive, but hard to photograph.

I worked on this:


and was too tired to walk back there to get a photograph, but I will do that for you soon. I thought we were moving a bush back there, but we didn’t, so I will amend the soil and mulch it to keep the weeds down.  Next year I will put flowers in there.

While we did all of that, A and B got our old lawnmower repaired and running so we could give that to a family member  who just got a new house with tons of lawn.  Our goal is to have NO lawn, so we don’t need it.  B also helped set all that edging and showed me how to do it so I can finish the job.

By three, mom and I were beat, so we went for a swim, A and B settled in the living room to cool off and we all waited for J to cry uncle, which he finally did just before 5.  Here he is all cleaned up and ready to go for his lobster roll supper.  He doesn’t even look tired! But he looks proud!  The amazing thing is that he wants to come back next summer and do this for two days!



In other news:

This weekend saw the start of the Tour de Fleece – fiber’s answer to the Tour d France.  I was all ready and waiting weeks ago. Fiber prepped, bobbins empty.  Let’s go!


I started early Saturday morning before everyone arrived, and did some spinning after they left.


Here’s where I was at the end of Day 1:


This is going to be a sweater quantity and then some – just tons of yarn in a wild medley of blues, greens and purples with some pinks thrown in.

Today I spun in the morning again, and after a little road trip we took.  I finished the day looking like this.  (Sorry I had to use a flash in the low light.

Finished filling the first bobbin, then started the second one, which has very little pink but lots of aqua, green and blue with some purple.

I expect progress will slow down now because I do have to go to work tomorrow  Sigh.

Which gets us right back to where we started.  this was a very short weekend, and had a secret road trip in it that I can’t share with you yet. Soon, though, soon.

So tomorrow is work, but then we get a day off for the 4th.  we will head over to Moms, J wants to cook us a nice holiday meal.  That’s right, his other great love is cooking.  He really might be the perfect houseguest.  I know Mom loves having him come stay for a few weeks each summer.  🙂

And in case you are wondering abut the knitting.  Though I tried, nothing got finished before Saturday, except those red socks!  The vest did grow a lot, and I started the next pair of socks, crazy blue ones. Sorry about the bad phone shot, I will get you a better one soon.


I hope you had a nice weekend that seemed longer to you!

22 thoughts on “what weekend?”

    1. thanks! Yes, the yard work is never ending. And since we live on a pile of gravel and never did any landsacaping because we didn’t; know what we wanted, I just poked things in with a bag of garden soil and hoped for the best. Now we are paying the price for that! Weeds rule. But not so much in the front yard!

    1. It was a ton of work, and will continue to be. I am determined to finish the front garden that J could only get half way through. If he got half way through in a full day of hard work, I expect it will take me the rest of the summer. 😦

  1. Holy mother! What an amazing amount to get done! Looks great. So does the house, so pretty! Thanks for posting a photo of our hero of the landscaping day too! Sometimes a big jump start is just what one needs to keep being inspired for the remainder of the year. So if he wants to come back next year, you might get a jump start two years in a row!

    1. yes, when he said “I’ll give you two day next year, your yard is like a 5 year project” I was thrilled! I just wish school got out earlier in St Louis. Then he could be here in the spring when it really is easier to do this work.

      Wait ’til you see what I got done in the same amount of time he did that – it’s pretty pathetic, lol.

  2. You really got a lot done. The first two shots of your house: Wow! What a transformation! Looks great!

  3. Congratulations on your nomination for the ‘Blue Sky Award’ 😍 I’m so glad I found your blog! It’s very entertaining, and I really enjoyed reading your posts. 😁 Your garden looks beautiful…that Bougainvillea is amazing 💕

    1. Thank you! I was pleased to see that nomination. And thanks for visiting and admiring the blog and the flowers. 🙂 I hope you will come back often.

  4. Wow! Can your brother come help me with my back yard? He did an awesome job! I’m sure You and A also did a great job. Looking forward to seeing photos 🙂 I have not done a thing in my back yard this year and it just looks awful. I know I need to go out there, just have no desire 😦 Maybe if we opened our pool I would, but we haven’t opened it the last couple of years, and everything is so overgrown all around it. Ugh, I will have to get out there. Your spinning looks great, as always, and looking forward to seeing what ends up on your needles next 🙂

    1. Our yard is gravel overgrown with knee high weeds, if that makes you feel better. No lawn. I trim the weeds with grass clippers so I can get to the pool. It really needs someone to give it this kind of attention every day for a month or two. I’d rather spin and knit, lol.

  5. You have a beautiful home. It’s so rewarding to see the results of hard days work. Well done.
    Your yarn is gorgeous. You have such wonderful talent.

  6. You all did a ton of outside work. There is something satisfying about taming the unruly. Love the yarn you are spinning up. Your colors are just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! I needed that jump start on the yard, for sure. I started plying the yarn, it is amazing how those three bobbins can make yarn that is completely different from any of them!

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