A bit of a quiet week ahead

A is traveling this week, 4 days in southern Maine.  But it’s Wednesday that she is in the office, so it means only two nights away from home.  Crazy amount of driving though.

Last night the cats could NOT BELIEVE they were stuck with me, and they moped about.  This morning, Allie was quite vocal in her dismay, woke me up at 4 am and basically followed me about the house all morning crying at me.  Zumba got up for breakfast (she is still Zumba after all) and then went back to bed.  No bird watching, no time on the deck.

But I enjoyed the quiet time (discounting Allie, of course) and slept with the windows and door wide open, spent the evening out on the porch knitting. I managed to finish the June sock, making a pair!


I started the July sock because I have a couple of meetings and appointments this week, and need something small to knit on.  And since I will be focused on spinning in July, I need a head start on the sock.  🙂


The other thing that is happening coming up soon is that my step brother J is coming to help with yard work on Saturday.  I am so appreciative, I can’t believe he would give up a day of his vacation to work in our yard.  But since he is, I ordered three yard of garden soil with compost that was delivered last night,  and I am going to pick out some edging stones this week.  I am hopeful that we can get the front bed with all the lovely-but-growing-too-large shrubs under control and looking good. We will get mulch this week, too, so hopefully the good work will stay good.  🙂


I showed you the pink weigela last week, here is the darker one – which they call red, but it isn’t.  More like hot pink. Just COVERED in blossoms, bees and hummingbirds.


I just love these flowering shrubs, and plan to stick to the part of my garden plan that says shrubs and mulch instead of lawn.  I just need to get some soil (these are actually growing like this in GRAVEL) and mulch in place.  I plan to fill in the gaps with daylilies, they look so pretty against all this pink. I have some, but they would prefer soil as well. It will be a lot of work, and I will miss Whorls and Purls (unless it rains, then we will do all of this on Sunday) but it will be so worth it to have some good strong help.


A will be home tonight, in time to get to bed for an early start tomorrow.  I know this girl will be as glad to see her as I am.


It never ceases to amaze me how a big cat like Zumba (15 pounds, not much fur) can make herself so small when she wants to.


Hope you all have a quiet week, too.

20 thoughts on “A bit of a quiet week ahead”

  1. Love the weigela, they are both very pretty! Mine is a wine and roses, and it bloomed ages ago. Sometimes it gives me a halfhearted second bloom though, that’s always fun and unexpected. I am very supportive of mulch and shrubs no lawn!!! Can’t wait to see the photos from the yard work weekend!

    1. She is a sweetheart. I got that basket recently, put it down near my chair (for YARN!) walked over to open the door, and when I turned around, she was like that. We always say when we want Zumba, just put a box on the floor, she will magically appear. Apparently it works for boxes, too.

  2. Nice socks! They look like they will be warm and cozy. Love your pink bush. I will have to look into one. Such a pretty color and if it calls the hummingbirds, I’d love to have one. Love the kitty in the basket photo. He looks so comfy.

    1. Thanks! I hope they will be warm and cozy. At the least they will be cheerful! The bush is just a winner in every way. I saw one years ago and have made sure that I have one in every house I have lived since. They are petty common here in Maine, so they must love zone 4 and 5 winters!

    1. lol thanks! She made it back safely from the first trip, though she was tired. Leaves again tomorrow morning for the same place. lots of driving!
      thanks, I love sassy socks!

  3. Great socks. Very bold. I’m going to try and find some wiegela. I just love the way yours looks. We have a number of hummingbirds around that will love it. How adorable is that picture of the little kitty! What a pretty little girl she is.

    1. I think you will like the bush if you get one. I expect you can order one online if you can’t find one locally. I got theses late in summer at an end of season clearance, and they obviously survived just fine, so it is not too late this year to plant if you find one.

  4. The photo of that cat cracks me up–my cats do that, too. It’s as they want me to notice that they are too fat! Good luck with your outdoor work, and with the weather cooperating–it’s been very rainy here.

    1. the weather hasn’t been terrific – it is gorgeous and clear all day long, then we get afternoon thunderstorms and showers. Yesterday I was all set to get in the pool, bathing suit on, towel in hand when I heard thunder. GRRRR. The weekend is supposed to be more muggy and hot, but as yet, not really rainy. Here’s hoping!

      Yes, Zumba is a prankster alright. No box or basket is safe.

    1. well, the alarm goes off at 4:15, so she was just a little ahead of herself. I think it is the early dawn that gets her going. She thinks we have overslept.

      And yes, I love the way the cats find such tiny hiding places.

    1. Thanks – I actually try NOT to be a numerous WIPs person, but sometimes I get wicked cases of cast-on-itis. 🙂 Then I make myself finish things before I start anything more. But my next shawl is dancing in my head already, not sure I can hold out much longer.

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