How I did with that list

It’s evening and I am done accomplishing things for today.  Thought I would check the list and see how I did.  🙂

Wait for the Cable Guy.

He was on time! It really only took about an hour and half and we are all hooked up with lightening fast internet, sharp and clear TV, and the phone works.

If the weather cooperates (cool, dry, sunshine, and a light breeze would be ideal) I want to get out into the yard and do some trimming and weeding, and maybe plant a plant or something.

The weather did not cooperate.  I trimmed a tiny amount of grass.

Ditto on the weather, I would follow that work with a  dip in the pool, and what I hope is the last good scrubbing it will need.

Ditto.  Though, after the rain stopped, I did get in a scrub the pool It was a little chilly but I am glad to be getting this chore done before it is really hot. It still might need one more scrubbing, but I see loads of progress here.

Clean the screened porch and the front porch and get them ready for summer. 

Well, I didn’t really do this, though I did put the snow shovels away, and I moved one big plant out onto the screened porch.

Make a run to the dump with yard trash and house trash.

I did this!  Took a truck load of old wood scraps and pallets to the dump.  Yeah! This is why I wanted the truck, not sure if A feels the same way.  🙂

Get the groceries.

Check. Store wasn’t as crowded as I expected, must have been the rain!

Go to the PO when it is actually open and I can speak to a person.

I could have done this but I forgot.  Tomorrow.

Take photos of my knitting to show you – I have really made progress on things, I think a photo will prove it. To you and to me.

I did this one!  See below.

Start the weekend’s laundry.

Started and nearly finished.  Just one more load to go.  Not only that, but I ironed some skirts and shirts!  It’s the only trouble with summer – cotton and linen need more ironing than do knits…

Here’s the knitting:

Not great shots, but proof that knitting is happening.  🙂

Here’s my supervisor enjoying the very basic porch and it’s one plant


And some of the yard work I did not do – this bush needs clearing out underneath and a bit of pruning, it has lovely flowered branches leaning against the house.


But I do love those flowers! And so do the bumble bees and hummingbirds!



I feel like I did pretty well.  Not much housework got done, but had to leave SOMETHING for A to do tomorrow while I am at knitting!

And that reminds me, I also baked a little treat to take along to knitting tomorrow.  And now I am going to bed, I am exhausted!

18 thoughts on “How I did with that list”

  1. You did excellent!! The knits look fantastic. You’re making great progress.
    Your porch looks so inviting. Good plan leaving the shovels until June. Had you put them away any sooner it would have snowed for sure. (Said by the person who waited until May to put hers away.)

    1. Lol i know! It was cold enough until recently. Who looks at rhe porch in the rain??? But now it is summer so I expect some better days.

  2. you got a lot done! and your flowering plant/shrub thing is very pretty (you can tell I have an extensive knowledge of botany, can’t you!)

    1. Lol me, too! And no gardening knowledge, or I would have planted that a little farther from the house! It has a dark pink twi I will get shot of today. They are both so over grown with weeds it is shameful. I need a goat or a sheep or something. The bunny can’t keep up.

  3. I’d say you earned the exhaustion you felt–you accomplished a lot! I was shocked to realize it’s almost July and we still haven’t done much of the summer chores (although the snow shovels have been put away for awhile)–I need to clean the porches and spiff them up, too!

    1. I think it was the two months of cold rain… I never planted anything. And we don’t have a lawn but we have loads of weeds and edges that need whacking. I can’t even tell you where the coed for the weed whacker is. It’s crazy!

    1. lol she’s good at her job! On days like that she follows me everywhere. I think she wants me to stop moving about, but she has to wait until I am tired.

  4. You did good. I always smile at how often you go to the dump – don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The plant with the pink flowers is beautiful. can’t really see the knitting, but love the colour of the blue with the black stripes.

    1. We go weekly, especially in summer when it gets smelly. In winter when the garbage freezes we don’t always go that often. Can’t see the knitting? Thanks for letting me know, i will post larger photos next time.

  5. You did well on your list. I love your enclosed porch; what a great space of light and that chair looks so comfy. I love the first two WIP’s. That blue with the black stripes caught my eye immediately.

  6. Is that a weigela? I love how they grow long branches that then sorta droop. I am hoping ours does that at some point, but it’s still pretty small. I am so glad thought to know it’s not only us who manage to plant stuff too close to the house. The knitting looks great, especially the handspun vest! Surprise surprise, I love the handspun look best.

    The porch looks very inviting! I am afraid here a screened in porch would be nothing but hot and sticky until the winter, but in your area it’s gotta be absolutely perfect.

    1. Yes, it is! And it was small when I planted it, I thought I got far enough away. Clearly not.

      I love that handspun vest, too. But it is moving so slowly! I finally get to start the decreases for the v neck, then the arm holes, it should move faster then.

      Our screened porch is on the north side of the house, so it is slightly shady most of the day. A big oak tree to the northwwst keeps out a lot of afternoon sun, too, in hugh summer. It is a lovely place to knit and spin. We got plexiglass for the windows ladt fall and that made a huge difference, wecan use it much later now.

  7. I knew you would accomplish most of your tasks. The knitting is wonderful It’s so nice to be able to move between projects instead of just have one in the works. I love the bush with the pink flowers. Do you remember what it is called? I have a particular place in my garden where I think it would do fantastic.

    1. I don’t normally let myself have this many projects, but I slipped up and cadtbon everything in April, lol.

      It is a Weigela, and I love it! Needs more space than I gabe it, it will grow to be a pink fountain if it gas room!

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