Thank you, Mother Nature

( meant to post this yesterday, sorry!)


Today is a glorious, dry, sunny day.  And we all appreciate it so much because it is the first such day in a few months.  And we get another just like it tomorrow!  Sad that I have to go to work.

Work basically stinks right now – so many changes!  So much seems ill-thought out though I am sure there are reasons.  And change is always hard, so it just is not fun there right now.

Thank heavens for fiber and knitting and spinning.

I haven’t spun much this week, too hot!  But I am concentrating on knitting, and I will finish up the purple fiber in the next few days, get my wheel ready for my non-competitive Tour de Fleece spinning. That starts on July 1, and goes until the 23rd.  I want to spin a sweater quantity of yarn, doubt I will make it in that time frame, but I will make a good start!

I finished the second lace section of Moon and Sky – it has lovely little (mostly invisible still) beads sprinkled throughout.  I love this pattern, the lace is SO EASY!

The striped sweater is down below the sleeves, and I am working on the first sleeve now. Because I am not sure how the yarn will work out, and thus, if the stripes will have to change width, I am making sure the sleeves keep up with the body.  Not my usual MO for this kind of sweater – I usually do the sleeves first, then the body.  But now I am doing each one a couple of inches, then shifting to the next piece.  So, the body is a few inches past the sleeve division, and one sleeve is almost to the same point.  It should go pretty fast now.  The faster you knit, the less likely you are to run out of yarn.  Truth!

Red socks (not the team, but the actual socks) are coming along – the heel of the second sock is turned, so I am on the home stretch with the May/June socks.  Pretty good timing, I think. I should be ready to start the next pair on July 1.


The vest plugs along – thin yarn and long rows means that even with a couple of rows done, it looks the same.  🙂  I am above the waist now, headed for the division of front and back.  Not sure how I will balance the yarn on this as the directions call for knitting two fronts and back at the same time, which means three balls of yarn. I have one large ball of yarn.  I hate to wind some off and have it not be enough or be too much, so I might ignore this instruction and do the back first.  Then I can knit the two fronts from both ends of the ball of yarn.  If this is the worst problem I face all day, that is a good day.

The house cooled off so nicely last night, the cats and the people were in heaven.  I have a meeting to go to tonight, but I hope that tomorrow evening I can do a bit of yard work.  It looks like a hugely overgrown jungle right now.  But the pool is cleaner than ever, and I think I can get that so that people other than me would swim in it by the weekend.  So life is good when I am not at work.  And it is going to be OK at work, too.

Especially if I win the Powerball lottery tonight, lol.

(PS I haven’t checked the numbers yet this morning. I could be a millionaire!)


16 thoughts on “Thank you, Mother Nature”

  1. I hope you won the Powerball 🙂
    Lovely sock!
    Isn’t the cooler weather a nice break after the heat. I wish summer would arrive a little slower and the temperatures weren’t so volatile.

    1. I haven’t checked my number yet, but I will soon!

      I agree. we should start warming up in march and April, have cool weather like this in May and early June, and get the really hot stuff in July and August, and immediately begin cooling down. But I am not in charge of the weather. 😦

  2. I admire your knitting skills and spinning talents. I can’t imagine knitting so many things so quickly.
    Your cool down sounds like a such a comfort during these hot days.
    The pool sounds like a refreshing way to cool down in the Summer heat.
    I wish you luck with the Powerball.
    Have a pleasant rest of the week.

  3. Wishing you millions because I know you’ll use it well! I’m getting my summer crafting projects together before we head out to Nova Scotia for the bulk of the summer. Trying to be reasonable as well as not carry a ton of stuff. Wish me luck! (Thankfully if I ran out of yarn, there’s a couple of good shops nearby to stock me!)

    1. Oh, lucky you! Nova Scotia for the summer. Can’t wait to see what you make and do this summer. 🙂

      I’ll definitely post about it if I win. Haven’t checked the ticket yet…

  4. I am so sorry to hear about work changes. They are so difficult, especially if you aren’t involved in the decisions. I hope everything evens out in the near future for you. Work stress can really take it’s toll on valuable home time. The color on that red sock is amazing!

    1. I agree. I knew the BIG change was coing, but did not think it would affect my area, except to make us busier. But reorganization is rampant and people will begin to shift around or disappear altogether and those that remain may have completely new roles. Makes one wonder if one wants to be on the disappearing list, or tough it out. Thank God for fiber!

      I am glad you like that red sock color – I love it myself. I dyed it in an old crock pot, and so I am not sure I can recreate it but I might try!

  5. I hope the work environment straightens out for you. There is nothing like a bunch of changes to throw everything off. The red sock is gorgeous. May I ask what needles you are using? The look interesting.

    1. Work will sort itself out but there will be casualties, and that is hard. I have been here 20 years, and just hate to see good people driven out. For no real reason but personalities. Ugh.

      The sock needles are Addi circulars – I think they are 8 inches. They only come in a couple of sizes, like US 1 and 2? I have both sizes and would get more if I could. They are NOT lace needles, they could stand to be pointier, and they are not the sock rockets which I think are a much longer cable for two at a time. A friend in Great Britain told me about them, and I have only been able to find them on Amazon. I am very thankful she did as I struggle with DPNs, and was making do with two circulars. This is much faster. Except for purling, which is slow. That might just be me being clumsy, though.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re under stress and staring at work. Hopefully you’ve won the lottery by now, and work is just a dim and distant memory. You really have some patience with all that spinning! Loving the colour of the sock 🙂

  7. I’m sorry work hasn’t been fun. I like the red of your sock. It sounds like at least fiber is keeping you from going bananas; you sound so productive, much more than I.

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