Weekend plans

For a short week, this sure has seemed long!  In part because I have been anticipating the weekend SO MUCH.  I am going to one of my favorite events on Saturday – the Maine Fiber Frolic.  I just love this fair.  It is focused on all things fiber, and all the pretty things that go along with that – beads and buttons and spinning wheels and on and on. Plus really good ice cream. It’s somehow related, I am not arguing.

And I am going with some of the ladies from Whorls and Purls, whom I haven’t seen in a MONTH due to all the other things I did in May, and the fact that Purple Fleece is now closed for a vacation until next week.

A and I had a discussion about money for this event, I was worried I would get some pushback on wanting more cash for more yarn, but she apparently would like a little extra cash for golf this week, so we reached an amicable, profitable decision.  🙂

So my feet are just dancing to get through this week!

As if Saturday wasn’t enough, Sunday we are meeting up with A’s sisters and niece and her family to celebrate Sister S’s and my birthdays with a lunch in Bangor. I love birthday parties, especially when they are for me! And

Somewhere in the middle of all the revelry, I will do some chores and a teeny bit of housework.  A has already promised to do the laundry this weekend, yea!  She is going off to play some golf with my stepdad on Saturday, so not sure how this will work, but I bet it means chores will happen Friday night.

I intend to spin my little heart out on the beaded yarn.  I am pretty sure I am more than half way through, perhaps even two thirds.  As I don’t know what will run out first – yarn or beads, it is sort of hard to predict where the end is, but I think I have less than half the yarn left to go.  I really love the way it is coming out, but I am ready for it to be done.  I am not letting myself use the new spinning wheel until this is done, and it is killing me to see it sitting there.  🙂  I know how easy it would be to not finish this because I get involved in a new spin, so I am holding strong.  Because I want this yarn; I have big plans for it.  🙂


I am still knitting, but not in any great chunks of time – started the second red sock last week.  And the sweater is finally looking right and slowly growing.  I think I will really like having it next winter.

The shawl and the vest are poking along, not getting lots of attention because of all the evening spinning, but still very much in the forefront of the knitting work.  I have added another row of beads on the shawl and I definitely like these beads for this project.  I wasn’t sure they would stand out enough, but with more of them on it, I can see now that they are fine. This shawl is going to be a really nice one, and the lace pattern is so nice and easy, the repeats are easy to memorize.

The vest is up to the waist, so now I am certain I won’t run out of yarn, I shortened the length enough – yeah!  I like the little pattern on the front band and the lacey part at the hem doesn’t get as lost as I thought it might in the busy fabric.

So all is good on the crafting front!

The pool and yard – well, not so much.  IT KEEPS RAINING!  And it’s COLD. I have managed to get all the leaves out of the pool, and the chemicals in, but it needs me to get in and really scrub it and stir up the winter grime so the filter can do it’s thing. And it is COLD in that pool! And the gardens need attention, the grass needs trimming.  We don’t actually have any lawn but patches of green among the gravel and I like to keep them a little bit short. Not happening yet.

No seeds planted yet, though the garlic and asparagus are doing very well!  Thank the good lord for perennials and fall plantings.

I don’t expect to make much progress on this front this weekend, but it definitely deserves my attention.

And I found out that when my stepbrother comes to Maine for his annual visit, he wants to come over and work in our yard for a day!!!!  I have about 6 years worth of landscaping work that needs doing, so I have to really think about where that day of hard work can best be used.  And I have a couple of weeks to decide.  🙂

That’s about it – have a good weekend – and check back in a few days to see what I got at the Fiber Frolic!





18 thoughts on “Weekend plans”

  1. How awesome of your brother to plan some landscaping time! That’s great. I can see why you’d want to choose carefully.

    The yarn continues to be just absolutely spectacular, and I can’t wait to see the finished skein.

    I think you should be getting some warmer weather pretty shortly, we do usually send our weather your way, right? After having some exceedingly pleasant weather for awhile, we are now headed toward hot. Through the weekend high 80s/low 90s, then settling into mid 80s for the majority of the week. If you even get a portion of that, it should be pretty good outdoor working weather.

    1. I was really pleased – he does amazing things at Mom’s when he is here. He lives in the city, so when he gets out to the country, he wants to dig and plant. It’s all good for us!

      Yes, you DO usually send us weather, but here’s what we are getting from the great lakes on Monday and Tuesday – a nor’easter. Really? In JUNE? I wish the great lakes could send us something better. 🙂 I guess your nice weather has too far to travel to get to us any time soon.

      1. Our weather is wild and violent sometimes, but apparently still can’t compete with the great lakes! That’s crazy. I am so sorry!

        1. eh, it’s OK. What can we do about t? The biggest part of the storm decided to go south of us, so we are just cold, gray and damp, not facing howling winds and pouring rain.

  2. Have a truly wonderful time at the fair and your joint birthday party. Happy Birthday for next week. I love the yarn you are spining. Hope you do everything you plan. My weekend will include the usual grocery shopping, and chores. Also some knitting and sewing and who know what else?

    1. Thanks! I will have a good time, I even have my rainy weather outfit all picked out. 🙂 Weekends are good fro chores – but I hope you find something fun to do also. Steal a moment!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend featuring all the “food groups” – knitting, celebrating, family. Chores? Pfaff! Although I’ll be doing some work as well. It’s busy here as well and there will be guests. Such is spring. Happy birthday (when is it?).

    1. Yes, it was a great weekend with very few chores! and loads of fibery fun. The birthday is on the 9th, so it was anticipatory celebrating this weekend. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! The fair sounds like interesting and fun. We’ve been so cold and wet here that gardening is a no go. Though I did unfortunately put in two dozen tomato plants because they were totally unruly in their pots. And you know tomato plants: they like cold wet weather as much as cats love water. So I am watching them sulk and pout.

    1. The fair WAS interesting and fun. four of us from Whorls and Purls went, and we met up with two others there, plus we all saw several people we know. Because it was cold with scattered showers, it was NOT crowded Saturday, and we all had fun and bought tons of stuff. I hope, for the vendor’s sakes, that Sunday had better attendance – it certainly was the nicer of the two days.

  5. What a good brother you have. I love how you and A support each other’s interests. I love how your spinning has beads in it. That is so neat.

    1. 🙂 thanks, Stefanie! My brother is a good brother, especially when it comes to cars. 🙂 And A and I work hard to make things work for both of us. We struck deal yesterday for my trip to Wisconsin to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival and her desire for an automatic car starter and a planer (don’t ask me what that is, I don’t know and I am OK with it as it means yarn money!)

  6. You’re quite the spin-a-holic these days! I know how that goes–I go through stages when all I want to do is weave on one specific project and neglect all others. Then a couple of weeks later, I shift gears entirely. I feel your pain about the weather–it’s the same here! Have fun at the fiber fest!

    1. Thanks, I had a great time! And I have been spinning a lot because I want to get this yarn finished! And I did that yesterday. I’ll share in a new post soon. 🙂

  7. I fear I am losing you to all your fiber and frolicking. Hope I can see you within a 6-month span of your birthday! ❤

    1. lol You aren’t. Of course you can! I feel badly that I haven’t seen or spoken to you since you got your eyes done! Did it work? Can you drive? Can you read? Can you make the sun come out and stay out for a few days? I am freezing.

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