I rarely share posts, but this one is important

Posted by the Yarn Harlot, she talks about a charity and an event that makes a huge difference in the world. (do follow the link to read more, but come back afterwards!)  I’m going to pledge support, I hope that you can, too.

If you do, don’t just email Yarn Harlot to win one of her prizes, email me as well. I will have a little drawing of my own. Can’t give away gifts to all and sundry as she can, but I can draw from those who help and send a prize or two out.  You can email me at salpal1ATearthlinkDOTnet to let me know to include you in the drawing.

We can and will make a difference in this world.

A few weeks ago, it was PWA‘s 30th anniversary. This is charity I hold near and dear to my heart, as you’ve probably gathered. I sit on the steering committee, and I’ve ridden my bike from Toronto to Montreal several years in a row to support them. The Bike Rally (It’s actually The Friends for…

via It’s still a thing — Yarn Harlot


3 thoughts on “I rarely share posts, but this one is important”

  1. I read this post yesterday and agree. Sadly there are plenty of other diseases too that people don’t realise are ‘still a thing’ while ‘high profile’ diseases get the majority of charity money and also in the UK a bigger chunk of the NHS budget.

    1. It is true – there are so many things in this world we can be working on, and only limited dollars (or pounds or euros) to do so. There are other dollars than we use but those seem to be tied up in weaponry, as usual…

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