Not my birthday

but this happened.


Due to schedules and budgets and things, my new spinning wheel arrived a month early.  I just finished waxing it and putting it together last night. I have to adjust the drive train (I need a third hand to do that) and then it will be ready to test out!

I still have copper and gold on the old wheel, so I will finish that up before I start a real spin on this one, but I have some little batts I have been saving to learn the new wheel. Plus Ashford nicely sent a few balls of fluff to practice with. Then I expect to be flying high!


25 thoughts on “Not my birthday”

    1. it s some kind of birch from NZ. I can’t remember the exact tree right now, but it is beautiful. I was pretty amazed at how well made it was, and how clear the instructions were!

  1. It looks like a beautiful wheel. It should provide you with many happy hours of spinning. Can’t wait to see what you create.

    1. it is much smaller, and this is a castle wheel – everything centered. The other is larger and is a Saxony wheel – like in fairytales, the wheel is off to the right, the working parts to the left. But the new one is also shiny and bright and the old one needs some loving. 🙂

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