More birds


I found this fellow having a snack when I got home from work the other night.  He didn’t seem to bothered by me driving up and getting out of the car, then getting back in the car to fish out the phone and snap a photo.

He only objected slightly when I approached the door and went in, but he came right back. The goldfinch was a slight bit more nervous than the woodpecker, but maybe because he thought the woodpecker would finish off all the suet!


10 thoughts on “More birds”

    1. Yes, the suet feeder is empty now, I need to get more. The sunflower seeds are emptied daily! I figure they are feeding little momma birds this time of year, so I am OK with it.

    1. no sirree! Sadly, we are out of suet. I will have to get some this weekend. I saw his larger pileated cousin hanging about the other night as well, so I had better get a big cake of suet. 🙂

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