No finishes, no photos (well, maybe one or two photos…)

Just a post to catch you up on my week.

It felt really long, as it always does after vacation.  🙂 This was not helped by a meeting on Thursday afternoon that meant I didn’t get home until 7:30 (12 hour day.) Thankfully it was the last such meeting for a while.  And it meant I only had to work half a day on Friday.

Which in turn meant that I was able to get to the Purple Fleece to pick up my NEW SPINNING WHEEL after work.


It obviously is not ready for spinning, but I have it and now can work on finishing it and putting it together.  The oil/ax I need will be in next week, and then you will see changes.

Meanwhile, I am still working on my copper and gold spin on the old wheel.  I want to finish it up before I start spinning on the new wheel (or I know what will happen!) so in a way, the delay is a good thing.


I have been knitting away on things all week – cast on my red socks on Monday.  They are my May-June socks, and as soon as I finish my 1898 hat, they will be my mobile project. The 1898 hat should have been done ages ago, but it isn’t.  I was almost done with the band when I ran out of yarn.  So, I ripped it out and started again, only thins time I made the band 4 stitches narrower.  I think it will work fine if I adjust the height on the cap portion, which will be in a contrasting yarn.  So I am almost done with the band again.

Shawl, vest, and sweater are all progressing nicely.  No photos, but someday I will have some for you.


Saturday was Niece B’s Husson University graduation.  It was scheduled for 10:30, but it was open admission, so we knew we wanted to get there early.  We left home at around 8:30, were there before 9:30 and were able to easily park and get great seats, and save enough for all the family traveling in from all over New England.  In that regard it was a really nice day – got to see her maternal grandparents from CT, her mom from PA, as well as my sister-in-law and nephew B from a couple of hours away in Maine.  And of course, mom, and proud dad, brother C and his SO, D.  The ceremony was pretty traditional, dull speeches, a big long march of graduates, all piped in by a drum and bag pipes corps, which of course got me teary.  Those pipe bands were made for marches. (literally, I guess!)  Afterwards, we all met up for lunch at a local gas station.  Yup, only in Maine is the best place in town at a gas station.  🙂  Well, really a truck stop restaurant well known for it’s great food, and they did not fail us.  Then the work began – emptying out the dorm room and fitting it all in the van.  C was a HUGE help in the hauling, and Grandpa was aces at loading the van.  It was the easiest it has been in the 5 years of moving her in and out that we have been through.  It was still too many stairs, and this is a tip for you if you are looking at schools with your offspring – ask if the dorms have elevators.  Don’t go to a school that doesn’t say yes.  I don’t care how good a school it is, your feet and back will thank you.  We got through all of that and were on the way home by 5.  It was so sad to think it was the last time. I know we will see her again, but I also know there will be no more weekends of her coming over for a good meal, a lot of laundry, and a few games of cribbage.  Now we will have to wait until she finds a job, gets some vacation, and decides she wants to come spend it here.  I expect it will be years.  I know we will see her next year at this time, in PA, when her sister graduates.  Then I can only hope that they move a little bit closer…

Today is so very low key.  We slept late, did some errands, went out for breakfast, and now are home being slugs, and loving it.  Trying not to think about the beautiful sunny day outside and all the yard work that needs doing… just focused on the knitting and spinning.  🙂



17 thoughts on “No finishes, no photos (well, maybe one or two photos…)”

  1. Oh, I do love a college commencement! This takes me back to my working years, when commencement was the highlight of the year! And, yes, it’s a big transition for student and family alike.

    1. I love the ceremony if not the speeches… and the kids are so jubilant! Was amazed at the 👠 on every girl! Orthopedic MDs have job security. 😉

      1. I know! I would NEVER wear heels like that, knowing I had to walk across a stage in front of 100s of people! Our US Senator, Chuck Schumer, used to give the same speech every year at our commencement, then get in a chopper and fyy to the next SUNY down the road and give the same speech there. It is a VERY good speech and the students and parents loved it but . . . it got a little old for the rest of us!

        1. And they have to up and down the rickety steps to even get on the stage! Of course I probably wore shoes like that to my own graduation. 😀

          Interesting story about Chuck! Very labor saving to only write ONE speech… but some parents of multiple kids might catch on eventually, lol. Joe Biden is giving the soeech at Colby this year… sort of wish she had gone there. 😂

  2. Oh yes how well I recall the stairs to student accomodation. You are going to miss her, new beginnings for you all. Enjoy being a sloth today.

  3. Lucky you, a new wheel – better than a new truck 😉 Sorry to hear your niece will now be unable to visit so often, but life has a funny way of turning out, you never know. Fingers crossed.

  4. Like all good things, huh? I feel for you. There’s something so satisfying about caring for a young adult that way. Being their soft place to fall, the place where laundry is done and good food and company is had. And then you aren’t needed the same way. It’s a transition for sure! I feel this way about Mr. Ink’s step kids regularly. When he and I met, they still needed us often. Now? Not so much. They are getting on with their lives, as they should. But it does leave a hole in ours.

    1. you have hit the nail on the head. And I think the loss is exacerbated by the distance. Even if sh edidn;t need me for laundry and a break from dorm life, I could still see her now and then as I do my other nieces and nephew. But it is so far, and not in a direction we typically travel. I’ll just have to make a plan to get there.

  5. Congratulations on your new spinning wheel, that’s so exciting. I hope you can get it up and running soon.
    Congratulations to your niece on graduating. That a magnificent achievement.

    1. Thank you! We are proud of her. 🙂

      I will pick up the finishing wax tonight and get started on the wheel. But it won’t get done this weekend, I am off on an adventure.

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