Quick post to say that now I know that spring has arrived – the first hummingbird arrived on Saturday – tired and hungry.  I had the feeder up in time this year – hurrah!  And it is good as nothing delicious for him is blooming yet, though the quince is close and will be in flower by the weekend, I think.

And the phoebes with their pretty songs and bobbing tails are back, wondering how to get into that nesting spot we blocked off three years ago. And one did fly into the glass of the storm door, but he flew off again, and we put the screens up so he won’t do that again – at least on that window.

Also, Sunday night we saw a barred owl snacking on the side of the road not too far from home.  We hope it is our friend Barry whom we thought was killed by a car, but we don’t know for sure (not having been formally introduced).  He hasn’t been back to his tree overlooking the feeders in a while.  I wish he would come back, the squirrels are getting too cheeky.

But the really big news?

Our first ever cardinal!  He stopped by to check out the feeder last night close to dusk.  A spotted him, telling me there was some kind of red bird in the tree.  I said, without looking, “Purple finch?  They have been around all week” and she said no, it was brighter red.  That got me moving!  I have seen a pair of them occasionally a few miles away, and our neighbor said she has them occasionally at her feeder, but we had never seen one.  I don’t know if he will be back, but he was here once, so there is hope.

The weather might still be cold and raw, but the birds are believing that it will warm up.  I am with them.




15 thoughts on “Birds”

  1. The birds around here are all out and about. The owl sighting is so great. I’ve never seen one in the wild, though I have heard them when they are around. We have lots of cardinals down here. Some of the birds are nesting close to the house. By close I mean near enough that the window replacement project is on hold until they are no longer in need of the nests. There is a God.

    1. yes, when I lived in CT, Cardinals were quite common. they are much less so here. Maybe a plus of climate change is that we will see more of them? I think they are so pretty in the pines in the snow. But thankfully, we have no snow right now. 🙂
      Glad the birds are giving you more time to sort and pack!

  2. Birds are optimists! Once cardinals finds your feeders they will be back. They are so pretty. I was feeding ours peanuts in the shell. They loved them but then the blue jays caught on and they bullied everyone so I had to stop.

    1. a yes – blue jays. We sure have those! And I am not sure the cardinals can feed from our feeders, they are too big, I think. But I scatter see don the ground, perhaps the squirrels will leave some for them?

  3. How wonderful! I do hope that I can see some hummingbirds this year. I should get the feeder out. My Mama cardinal is still sitting on her nest right outside my front door. Maybe babies soon? Today I saw my first White Crowned Sparrow. Regal looking fella. Was so happy to have caught him while having lunch. It is quite cold here today and even colder tomorrow getting down in the 30’s. Mother Nature is teasing us 😉 Hopefully Spring will arrive soon for both of us 🙂

    1. baby cardinals outside your door? You lucky thing! Yes, it is time for warmer weather – at least, warmer days! We are having a random weather day today then nice tomorrow, then back to stormy on Friday Saturday Sunday the foreseeable future. I hope the hummers have a warm place to settle in to!

    1. yes – just one. And a few weeks early, I think. Certainly a few weeks before I normally hang the feeder, maybe he is always here this early, but is hungry?

  4. This is so exciting. The birds are truly bringing in the Spring in good style at your home. Bird watching is super fun. 🙂

    1. I really is. Last night we had three hawks (I coudn’t see them well enough to know what kind) perched up in the woods. If we had leaves, I never would have known they were there. Not sure why they were there or what they were doing, but they were interesting to watch. the crows and blue jays tried to shoo them off, but they ignored those lesser birds.

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