The best laid plans…

Actually my plans are coming along just fine, it is A who had a spanner in the works yesterday.  She and SIL S went off to Augusta in the morning to visit their aunt and then the sister they seldom see.

I stayed home and worked on knitting and puttering and clearing out some stash to ship away.

I finished the shawl Monday night, actually with loads more yarn leftover than I expected, so I blocked that yesterday while they were gone.

I finished the green sweater, button band FINALLY lying flat and not pulling or rippling.  Now to select buttons.

I dug deep into stash, packed up almost all my straight and DPN needles, only kept one of each size of my grandmother’s, in her needle roll.  And I emptied two bins of yarn I will never use, all to ship off to a woman who will be going to Africa this summer and will continue teaching people to knit.  I also filled a bin of “swap” yarn for my trip to Wisconsin in September.  I hope I remember to bring it.  I might find more such yarn as I go through things this summer, who knows?

I swatched for my next sweater, teal and black stripes.  I love how the colors look but I am not sure about all those ends…

And then around 2 I got a text from my SIL.  They were headed home, but did not get to see Aunt M because she had passed away that morning, a couple of hours before they arrived.

While they were not close to her, I know it was a blow.  So few of that generation left in her family.  She was well over 90, and not well, but I think it still was a shock.  I wish we had stopped on Sunday instead of whizzing by.  A dreads family visits, and hospital visits, but I think she would have stopped if she had realized how close to the end M was.  But she didn’t want to go without her sister, so we kept going.

They did have lunch with their sister, and met her puppy, which was a good antidote to the morning. They had lunch at A’s favorite pizza place, and her sister gave her some snazzy snowshoes for her birthday, so the day ended better than it started.

I felt a little guilty about having such a good day here at home with the knitting and craft room (and laundry, in case you thought I was ONLY playing) but it is what it is.

Today we are home, it is raining, so no photos for you of all my finishes.  I’ll do some knitting and spinning and see what I can cast on.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Oh man. At least the sisters were together when they got the news I guess? That would absolutely be a blow.

    And I am glad you had a good day anyhow, and it sounds really productive too! It’s your vacation, that’s how it should be.

    1. I am glad they were there together, and they each seem to be taking it in stride better than I would be doing.

      Yes, I felt like I got a lot done. And today it is pouring, so lots more knitting happening. I should make good progress on the indoor parts of the list.

    1. I think it is sad. A was so lucky, she had a dozen aunts and uncles, but now she is down to four. I started life with four, have three now. They are all precious.

  2. This is a very full post. You covered much ground here.
    I ‘m sad for the passing of the Aunt M. My thoughts are with her family.
    It sounds like you relaxed and got a lot accomplished.
    That’s great that your donating your extra stuff to help others in another country. You must have a really good heart.
    I have to say that “snazzy snowshoes” is one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever heard of. Happy birthday A!
    Have a pleasant rest of the week! 🙂

  3. Ouch–that’s hard, finding that someone has died so abruptly and you didn’t get to make that one last visit. You definitely had the easier, better day!

    1. I really did. And I think they are doing OK with it, we will all get together on Saturday for A’s delayed birthday party – I think they will air some grief then when they are together, but they do know that she has a good life.

  4. So sorry about A’s aunt. Yes, it can be quite a blow even when you are expecting it. I marvel at how organized you are. Because we are going to redo all the windows upstairs I am going to need to get control of my stash of yarn, long forgotten projects, etc. It fills me with dread. Yarn Rascal, however, is looking forward to helping.

    1. It can be an overwhelming task for sure. Some pieces of my craft world is organized, but so much of it is not. I feel your pain. All I can say is to tackle it a little at a time.

  5. You went great guns with your knitting and shouldn’t feel guilty – having a bad morning wouldn’t have changed what happened. Sorry though to hear about A’s aunt and not surprise A and SIL are sad and in shock. Although it’s a rotten thing to happen, I always think there’s a Rhyme and reason to these things.

    1. Thank you! I’ll email you the address. She will give you a tax letter if you tell her the value of what you send. Nice of her, but I didn’t; take her up on that. How do I know what old needles and yarn are worth?

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