Monday at home

The joy of being an hourly employee – when the weeks get too crazy, you get to get a day off to keep from going into OT. For me, that day is today, yea!

So far on this special day I have done two loads of laundry, let the bug guy in to wander about and do his quarterly thing, fixed supper (it’s in the crock pot) and cleaned the bathroom.

So now I am sitting down with computer and fiber.

Ahh, life is good.

Other things I plan (or hope) to get to:

A trip to the PO.  Have a check to send off in relation to a Ravelry Gathering that will happen in September – IN WISCONSIN! – I can’t wait to meet some of the fun members of the Ravelry group “Friends of Knitting Sarah’  AND to start one of my bucket list items – to go to each state’s fiber festival. So far I have only been to Maine’s, but have wanted to go to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool for sometime now.  only 48 to go, lol.  Assuming of course, that all states do something fiber related.  They might not.  But I want to go to all there are.

Anyway, that event is going to be super fun, and I can be sure of that because I am one of the planners, lol.  A was thinking of going along for the ride, but she soon realized she would be bored out of her mind, so opted to stay home and play with the cats.

Other stuff to do today – knit, of course.  Working on sleeves of the sweater now, so that is moving right along.  I also am making progress on the gray shawl, and of course, the pink socks.  Loads of thoughts about what is the next “thing” when these are done – so I might go upstairs to the stash and see what inspires me.  Not that I haven’t got quite a bit of newer stash here around my chair, but… 🙂

Spinning – still working on the combo spin – almost finished with color number two, so could finish that bobbin today and start on the third one.  really want to finish this so I can see the yardage and figure out the project!

That’s about it – just puttering about on a gray and gloomy day.  What are you doing today?



33 thoughts on “Monday at home”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous day! I’ve got beef stew started for dinner. Tonight is knit night so I’ve got that to look forward to:)
    Your plan to visit all the fiber festivals sounds great! I’ve been to four: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. All were lots of fun!

  2. A Wisconsin trip, what fun! Miss Butterfly and I will check out the new Nebraska festival for ya at the end of April. I think it might be a first, so I am not getting my hopes up. However, I HIGHLY recommend the Taos wool festival. I did that a couple years ago and it was amazing. 100% would do again. Taos is so unique. Plus, I spent time in Santa Fe prior to the wool festival so I got a nice taste of NM.

    1. Taos is on my list! And I look forward to hearing about Nebraska – good fro them, starting one. 🙂 If nothing else you will find your indie dyers, lol.

  3. What a fun day, especially for a Monday. I never thought about it, but would every state have a fiber festival? I’m thinking about Alaska, Hawaii—places where sheep may not be easily raised.

        1. I haven’t yet – thank you! Years ago we were there and I loved the qiviet – it is so soft! And so expensive… I know there are knitters in Alaska, there was a just a gathering of them around ganseys, so I figured they would have some kind of festival I could go to sometime. 🙂

  4. I’ll be sure to let you know when the Local to Me in Colorado fiber fair date is set (I just learned about this from a member in my Local group, who raises alpacas and llamas and does all her own fiber processing!!!) – AND, perhaps, you will make it here before I make it There for us to have a cuppa and ooh and ahh over life projects! LOL

      1. I’m building it as fast as I can!!!! LOL – But currently working through various Permaculture works/courses/books and finding out, my lackadaisical ways might have been more a ‘pro’ than the ‘con’ I always felt them to be! LOL But, both happy and a tad, just a tad, mind you, concerned over the poppies showing up so early and another snow/storm front moving in – my 60 degree thermostat wall heater has been kicking on more often this p.m., as it moves in…OH Crap – better go get the laundry off the line – – THERE! Now you’ll know for sure, what you’re in for when you visit – but I do, now, have a guest room set-up – that isn’t full of project supplies, and even has a side table to lay your knitting on – – 🙂

          1. Had to do close up – they are about 2 1/2-3″ tall and just sprung up after wet spring blizzard — fingers crossed! 🙂

  5. Ooh, take me, take me, take me! That sounds so fun. I wish. No trips this year since I need to finish my perio work :O(. I did a much needed Costco fun that Jellybean enjoyed the fruits of minutes ago. I started knitting on my second sock again. I’m feeling more and more comfortable with the Portuguese style of knitting. I’ll be chillaxin until I have to pick up the tween from her BFF’s house later on this afternoon. And then it’s leftover Mountain Mike’s for dinner tonight and organic, chicken cesar salads from Costco.

    1. And no one else is home thinking of chores to be done, either! Of course, it did precipitate, we got some of everything, I think so it is an icy world, but I made one quick trip out, then stayed inside all day. Lovely.

  6. I used to work flexi time and could have a day and a half off every four weeks if I’d worked the hours (which I always had) So lovely to have time off without eating into your holidays, even if you don’t do anything earth shattering.

    1. I agree completely! I used to work 4 ten hour days, so I got a day off eachg Friday, I loved it. New boss doesn’t like that idea, so those are a thing of the past. I could do all my medical appointments, service appointments, etc. and not eat up vacation days. Yesterday reminded me of those days, in a good way. It was really nice to be able to go slow.

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