Quick shot of a finish and a few random things

I finished my blue socks, and don’t think I shared them with you.  Time to remedy that!


They are made with Caper Sock in the Stella Blue colorway from String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns in Blue Hill, ME.  The pattern is Fun-damental Toe-up Socks, which you have seen before if you have been reading for a while.  Love that pattern!


I immediately cast on my next pair:


These are the same pattern on the foot, but the leg pattern is the stitch pattern from Hermione’s every Day Sock. The yarn is my own creation.  The toes are Plymouth Happy feet that I dyed hot pink, and the rest is yarn I spun.  The fiber is merino/nylon, and the colorway is Three Waters Farm’s Garden Center.  I spun it with the intent of making socks, spinning two plies with Z twist and one with S twist, the plying it with S twist.  What does all that mean?  It means that two plies are balanced and soft and the third is crazy energized, full of over-twist.  The end result is supposed to mean a harder wearing sock – we shall see!  But I can tell you that the yarn feels a little bit harder than typical merino sock yarn.  It almost feels like it has some cotton in it.

I notice that the stitch definition is more pronounced than with my usual sock yarns, which is why I decided to put a bit of pattern on the leg.

These socks are so bright and cheerful, it makes me happy to knit on them.  I might speed up my one sock per month schedule if I keep working on them for the fun of it.  🙂

Other knitting and spinning:

I haven’t done much spinning this week, I have been tired.  I had a sleep test Monday night (so didn’t sleep as much as if I just slept!) and that has thrown me off all week, I am really tired after work. Luckily my cardigan is pretty easy straightforward knitting at this point, so I plod along on that.  No photo at this time, but I will get you one soon, I promise. I did have to rip back to the waist on the front section to better space out my bust dart increases, but now I have done that, and am back on track.  Soon it will start going much faster as I decrease for the armholes and v neck. I can’t wait to try it on and see if I got the math right…

This weekend we are going to meet Mom and B for dinner Saturday night – her birthday is Sunday, so we were surprised she was available Saturday night.  Usually she gets all booked up with celebrations, so we lucked out!  They are spending the weekend at some local cabins for a change of scenery, so they are closer to us than normal, which is quite nice.  Sadly, Mom was hoping to be able to get out and walk the trails and beach and get some fresh air, but we are going to have a weekend just like last weekend – temps below 0 over night, never out of the single digits, and howling winds.  That means windchill is projected to be MINUS 50 degrees!  Crazy!  I hope her little cabin is warm enough. I don’t think she will really be leaving it.

Other than that, I think it will be an ordinary weekend – I’ll go to knitting at the Purple Fleece on Saturday while A stays home and “does chores”  (read: plays with cats and watches basketball.)

Sunday we will both be watching basketball – it is March Madness, in full swing now.  We have seen a few of the women’s games this season, but not as many as we would like to.  That will change this month, and I should get LOTS of knitting and spinning done as I watch my UConn Husky women go forth and do what they do so well – WIN!  🙂


28 thoughts on “Quick shot of a finish and a few random things”

      1. Thank you! I fear to start a project as I have little spare time and wouldn’t want it to join the UFO pile 😉 But I’m sure I could do with some help when trying with socks!
        Is there a dead easy basic pattern you would recommend? Many thanks for your help 🙂 that’s very kind of you!

        1. I love the Fun-damental toe up sock pattern by Jen Hagan. The hardest part of this pattern is the cast on. For an easier one, I use the Terrific Toe Up socks book, which shows several different ones. If you can go around and back and forth, you can make socks.

          1. Thank you 🙂
            Go around and back and forth is no problem, but I so far I’ve been always “scared” of socks because they look hard as a construction (and so many different techniques/approaches). I know nowadays everything can be looked up online, but for some reason I never got around to them.
            I’ll check out the resources you recommend, many thanks, so kind of you!!

          2. holler if you need help – and check out the friends of the knitting sarah on ravelry, she is hosting a year long sock KAL and there are lots of experienced sock knitters there who are happy to help.

  1. Go Huskies! Love watching basketball! Oh, and love knitting and spinning too, of course…but surely had to give a shout out to the UConn women’s basketball team!! Have a joyful weekend!

  2. Great socks–what an amazing thing, to spin and knit them from scratch! The weather is SO brutal–it’s a good thing we have b’ball and crafts to amuse us, since we’ll all be stuck inside!

  3. Wow, love both the socks! And such a contrast to them both. The blue ones being so professional and understated, and then the handspun ones which just scream “waiting for spring!” I suspect if I had those on the needles, I wouldn’t work on anything else. I’ve spun opposing ply yarns, but have yet to knit with them, so it’s quite interesting to hear your thoughts on it.

    1. well, that might happen. I brought socks and cardi to knitting yesterday, and put a good solid chunk of time on the socks. Much easier knitting, and more fun knitting than the sweater, lol.

  4. Loving your hand dyed sock with the pink toe – so pretty. Look forward to seeing the effect of the pattern on the leg. Also love the pretty blue sock. You’ve definite posted some of my favourite colours today 🙂

  5. I love the socks and I love how the yarn you spun is coming out on the other socks. It looks more substantive than regular sock yarn. Probably makes for cozier feet. We are cold here with wind chills but nothing as wonderful as 50 degrees below. I remember one winter in Maine we got to 65 degrees below with the wind chill and when I went to drive the car I had to literally rip the tires from the driveway by bobbing the car back and forth. The tires were frozen to the ground. I’ll never forget the ripping sound the rubber made. I though for sure I’d lost all my treads.

    1. yikes!!! I haven’t had to do that yet – although the mud is frozen in horrible ruts, the cars were OK. Just freaking cold!

      Yes, the handspun does feel a bit more substantial – and so I may need to rip out and redo with fewer stitches, but I will wait until this sock is done to see if it really is too big.

  6. SalPal! GUESS WHAT!!!!! Okay – I’ll just tell you – one of the programs I started at me return to part-time work at local library was a Sustainability Club – that is open to gardeners, grazers, herders, energy engineers, etc. – our tag line is, “Gardening is just the beginning” – Such a wonderful diverse and fun group AND!!!! Two in the group have alpacas/llamas – know how to ….um… crap, forgot the term, but it’s hand spinning using a simple tool AND has a spinning wheel – AND knows how to use it AND harvest/separate their own fibers, and get them ready for projects – and are branching out into project making AND know how to knit! (I’m hopin’ I can trade my sewing, sewing machine knowledge, crochet and how to set up a low-cost online store talents for learning how to take raw fiber and spin it, knit it into something useful!!!) But still, I look at the pics of your projects and think, “Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick with crochet – look at those tiny, tiny stitches – (sob!) I’ll never get that good! LOL

    Just to make you and A laugh – the gals that own the farm I refer to, are starting their 3rd year, and realized they have a compost issue going on – they were asking about ‘build a pit? what?” and I told them how to form rolling/turning piles to compost in 18 days and sell to gardeners in area – I was grateful when they laughed, when I was bold and said, “Yes, I’m here to tell you, you can make supply money off your crap piles….” – -:)

    1. yeah! You can do it – didn’t start out making tiny stitches, it took years of practice. 🙂 And I think you might mean a spindle – for hand spinning – or a drum carder to prep the fiber before spinning. I am still a novice at all of that. 🙂 The group sounds really interesting. And you have things growing – I saw the photos of your garlic. Mine is still under snow, but hopefully getting ready to grow big and strong!

      1. Ahh…snow! And YES! Spindle was correct word for ‘thingee’ – LOL – I’m so excited to have them nearby – 🙂 My life recently has been spent on things pretty close to home – college bills for man-child unit means the ‘great journey east to your locale and across the deep blue of atlantic’ must needs be delayed for a year or 20 – sigh….and thus, while I’m far away and have been MIA here so much recently, wanted to let you know, when such things happen in daily life, here, I do think, “Oh! can’t wait to tell Sal about this!!!’ – 🙂 I’m getting better – our meeting where this occurred just happened yesterday! LOL

        1. lol – you ARE getting better! Glad you are doing well, but sorry about the travel plans waiting. But you have your priorities straight – man child needs a good education, and the sooner he gets it the sooner they can’t take it away from him. 🙂

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