Not Spring yet!   22 comments

I took this photo this morning, and of course, posted over on Instagram immediately.

Isn’t it interesting?

It’s the pool.


The beloved swimming pool.




I reached in and pulled a leaf off the surface, and found this great outline of it left behind.

Hard to believe that in a couple of months I will be in the pool scooping leaves out of it.


Or that a month or so after that, I will be swimming in it for fun.

Right now it is a 20 foot diameter, 3 foot deep block of ice.



Hard to believe.

But isn’t it pretty?


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22 responses to “Not Spring yet!

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  1. So pretty! It’s surprisingly cold here today, of course I am worried about the almost ready to bloom daffodils. But, they generally take these odd temp changes pretty well. We certainly couldn’t freeze a body of water though.

  2. It’s a shame you can’t skate on it;)
    I can’t wait for spring. We’ve had a few teaser days but today it snowed:(

  3. Stunning. GREAT photo, Salpal. Love it. Well done on capturing the moment. x.

  4. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures!
    I love when water surfaces freeze!
    These photos remind me of when I used to live in Austria and one year the surface of a large lake froze and we could walk all over it – quite spectacular!

    • That must have been fun. Austria is so beautiful. Our lakes freeze every year, people drive over them, which I am not sure I would be comfortable doing…

  5. Incredibly pretty, beauty everwhere.

  6. It’s a skating rink! The bay we live on was frozen yesterday a.m., with ice fishermen, then, by afternoon, it was mostly open again. And now it’s frozen again . . . And we’re supposed to get a nor’easter?!!

    • it is a crazy roller coaster – we are due for the nor’easter Tuesday into Wednesday. That means you get it what, Monday into Tuesday? I hope they are wrong, because I don’t want a foot of snow…

  7. oooh your own private ice rink lol

  8. It is gorgeous. The imprint of the leaf looks like a Christmas tree. Do you ice skate?

    • Thank you! I ice skated as a child and young adult, but haven’t put skates on in years.

    • somehow lost your comment on my other post – not sure how! Anyway – no socks on Etsy – they take too long to make and people are particular about their socks, lol. And how are you allowed to live in Kentucky not be a basketball fan?????

  9. So pretty. Love the leaf impression. Amazing how soon all the ice will be gone.

  10. Still so very cold to keep the pool frozen, wow. But I am sure not for much longer now. Soon Spring will be around and not long after that lazy days in the pool to cool off.
    Have a great week and keep warm there. 🙂

    • It seems like it should be starting to melt, and it was, but now we are back in the deep freeze and it is as solid as ever. Snow coming tomorrow, I know you are jealous, lol.

      Enjoy the last days of summer!

      • Lol. I am soooo jealous!! I have check your weather a few times now, and some of my Instagram friends have posted photos and videos of the snow already, so serene and crisp and white and pretty. Yes, I know, and cold and wet. 🙂 But I still love the see the fluffy white stuff.
        Summer is now slowly making way to Fall, I can tell from the sunrises in the mornings, and the lovely crisp morning air when Miekie goes out. The days are still lovely and sunny. We enjoy every last moment of it still. 🙂 Keep warm and dry. It might be the last one for the winter.

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