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Spinning is progressing quite nicely! After spending loads of time on it on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday:

I finished filling the three bobbins.  This beauty joined the first two.


Then I plyed them together until one ran out, got over 700 yards of thin yarn, lace or a light fingering.  I’ll know better when it dries.


That yarn is now drying off from it’s bath, and I will commence filling singles bobbins again.  I should be able to fit all the remaining fiber on the bobbins now.

I will be so excited when it all has gone from this:


to this!


There are so many pretty color combinations in here.  Of course, it came out thinner than I intended, so it might not get paired with that lovely yarn that is in the first photo, but I am OK with that.  I should have plenty of yardage to do something with it.  🙂


Friday I did most of what was on my list, and ALSO stopped at our local bookstore on a whim.  I saw the sign that they were having a Cabin Fever Reliever sale, that was all the encouragement I needed to stop in and pick this up:


I read it cover to cover and then did the whole photo/body shape thing she recommends, updated my measurements, swatched the yarn I want to use and dug into rewriting a basic cardigan pattern to include shaping that matches my body – novel concept!


The yarn is some Briggs and Little Heritage in Gray Heather.  I have had it for MANY years, but was pleased to learn they still make it.  I might order some more  if this sweater works out well.  I have loads of this color, and one skein each of a light and a medium gray.  I decided not to do colorwork on this sweater, but I still want to at some point.  So I might order a dark gray for future use. This sweater will be just this one color, which in fact is several colors, there is loads of green and gray in the skein.  I love how the fabric softened up with the first washing, it is becoming quite soft, which you would not guess from the raw swatch.

So, pattern rewrite complete, yarn swatched and (mostly) dry, I cast on the sweater.  It will be a while before there is anything to share, but it will happen, I promise.  🙂

Sock knitting continues to happen, I missed my goal to finish the blue socks in February, because I let spinning have my attention, but I will finish the socks before the weekend, and then cast on the next ones – out of my own handspun!  I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Last thing to share from the weekend –  the finished Soli deo Gloria shawl.  I took it with me to Whorls and Purls, and Debbie nicely took some photos of it and me for me.


I am loving it and will get loads of use out of it.  And isn’t her gradient yarn gorgeous?


Loads of finishes this week, don’t get used to it, these things have been in progress for a long time.  🙂




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  1. That shawl is spectacular, AS IS the gradient. Lovely. I can’t seem to locate the pattern on Ravelry?

    And you have officially entered the “thinner than expected” stage of the spinning journey. HAH! The yarn is amazing too, and I can’t wait to see what it becomes. That’s a great amount of yardage! I love color mash up projects, and I think you picked winning braids for it.

  2. Goodness you’ve been busy!! The shawl is stunning!! Your singles are fabulous. I love all the color!
    That’s a great book. There is a Craftsy class that goes with it that is very good. I read the book, watched the class and never made a sweater with what I learned…

  3. I kept on going ‘wow’ with each new paragraph………… the spinning, the knitting, even the book looks really interesting and if I had the slightest interest in making myself a successful top I’d probably invest in it. My last three tops were all disasters, probably due to the fact that I don’t follow patterns and insist on thinking I’m bigger than I am – no hope for me as a garment knitter 🙂 The piece de resistance though is your beautiful shawl, the colour alone makes me drool 🙂 You will look and feel a million dollars wrapped in that!

  4. The shawl is absolutely beautiful!

  5. The gradient shawl is a masterpiece. I bet you cant wait to wear it. I have yet to make a shawl for me and I havent done a lace one as of yet. Don’t know if I have the patience and perseverence.
    The three ply yarn looks wonderful! I love the yellow and yellow blends. It’ll make a great project. I’m finding the Yarn-i-tec-ture book helpful with planning colors and explaining the differences in how the number of lengths I split the fiber into determines how subtle or bold the colors may be.
    The Herzog book sounds like a great tool to get that perfect fit sweater.
    Have a fiber filled weekend!

    • Thank you! In theory i get that about color, but then things ply together and read differently than I expect. Loving it all so far, just get surprised. 😀

  6. Impressive update the yarn you spun and your shawl are gorgeous.

  7. That shawl is gob-smackingly, astonishingly lovely! Wow! I mean WOW!

  8. I do so love your beautiful hand spun wool! Roughly how much do you get spun each week? It hardly seems five minutes since you learned and you seem to be spinning miles each week now.

  9. They say that happens. The more you spin the finer the yarn produced. It looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I have the same book and I love it. May I make a suggestion? Wash and block a swatch before beginning the actual sweater. As I have learned the hard way: what is four inches knitted is not four inches after washing and blocking. So one has to knit with the washed and blocked gauge number if it is to fit. I love the yarn of the shawl. I love the shawl too. Is the yarn available over the internet?

    • I did swatch and wash and waited impatiently for it to dry. It did grow a bit and got nice and soft. Not as rough as the raw yarn was. I love that shawl, too! Yes you can order the yarn directly from the Purple Fleece in Stockton Springs. I think you have to call for gradient pricing, but you can see the colors. So many pretty ones! This is aquamarine, and the shawl used 1.25 skeins. I also have a simpler shawl in scarlet tanager, and I have a skein of sapphire waiting for me to be inspired. Plus of course she dyes other beautiful yarns. 😉 I feel sure you will find something you can love.

  10. Oooh, gorgeous shawl. Wonderful spinning too!

  11. Holy cow–that shawl is fabulous! You really have been productive so it’s nice to have some things finished and ready to use. The book you talked about is very intriguing–I will watch for updates on that sweater and for your review of whether the tips the author gives are legit!

  12. Ooh that shawl looks fantastic 🙂

    Beads and Barnacles
  13. That is one gorgeous shawl!!! Great job! Was the yarn made specifically for this shawl? The gradient is so perfect

    • Ginny – it was NOT made for this shawl, but Debbie at the Purple Fleece does such a nice job with her gradients. I did use more than one skein on this – but I started the second one at the outside of the ball so the color would match.

  14. Wow. Beautiful work on the shawl. Something that is still on my bucket list, and I love your spinning and yarn. All beautiful.

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