I’ve been here, really.

Just been too lazy to power up the computer or to try to write a post on the phone (WHY is that such a tedious chore?  Work on it, WordPress, please?)


Loads of knitting has happened and some spinning, and a day away from shoveling, and a long weekend.

Here’s the spinning:

Filled a bobbin with the second color of my planned three ply.  Now the two filled bobbins await the third, which I started yesterday.  This is going to be some crazy yarn!  Or really awful, time will tell.


I worked on socks – plan to finish this one up before March 1, according to my 6 pairs a year plan.


I finished the Corrugated Hat to match the Corrugated Cowl, these will go on Etsy sometime soon. I still had yarn left, so I am doing a striped hat in the same colors.  Not sure if this will be an Etsy listing or a donated item.  Time will tell.

I finished knitting the Gloria del Sol shawl in Purple Fleece’s Aquamarine Radiant gradient – OMG , I love this thing.  Wait until you see it blocked.  It was a challenging knit, and I didn’t bead it, but if I ever do it again (and I am thinking I will when I forget how challenging it was) I will add beads, if only to help me count the crazy long endless repeats.


I have to dig around in yarn and queue to see what I will cast on next – or maybe dig out an unfinished something to finish it.  I have a couple of things that could use some attention, I know.

Saturday I travelled down to  Mom’s so I could hop in the car with her and B, and drive over to western Maine, Bridgton, to be exact, to have lunch with my two cousins who live there.  Brother N and SIL D joined us as well, and it was a very nice time.  So good to sit down with the cousins we usually only see at funerals.  Afterwards, we went to visit a friend of Mom’s for an hour or so, then drove all the way back.  A 13 hour day for lunch?  Yup.  But it was a nice change of pace, and of course, I knit the whole way there and back, as B drove.  And let me tell you – I thought we had snow – they have literally two or three times as much on the ground as we do.  Truthfully, mom and I both found it really depressing, even though the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful bright blue.  It took us both back to the years we lived there, and how endless the winters felt.  Mom said “This is why I moved to the coast” which I had never known, I knew she loved the ocean, but not how much she hated deep snow that never stops and there is no where to put it. So naturally, she moved to the part of the coast that regularly gets slammed by the coastal storms.  But at least she has a bigger yard and some place to put the snow.

Sunday we finished cleaning up around the driveway and paths and decks, which was great, to let everything melt in the warm spring sunshine – amazing weather! Hard to believe this is one week ago: (That’s my car to A’s left.)



We were both glad to be done with it – A even has shoveling blisters – ugh. So yesterday we enjoyed our holiday by having me work on our taxes and clean the pellet stove while she worked on clearing out files and folders.  Fun, fun!

As you can tell, it has been the same old low key life around here the past few weeks – and I like it that way – no drama, no unexpected surprises, and loads of fun with fiber.

How have you been keeping busy lately?





34 thoughts on “I’ve been here, really.”

  1. My god that’s a lot of snow! And you have to keep shovelling it out so you can get in and out of the house……
    How do you carry on life as normal in those conditions? I remember when I lived in the UK one winter brought a huge snow storm that buried my car and nobody went anywhere – we had an unexpected holiday for a whole week 🙂 I love the yarn you are spinning, especially the colour combination on the right side of the photo. And the shawl of course looks fab ❤

    1. Yes, we have to keep shoveling. It grows old but it is just part of life here. As for normal, well it does make for a more housebound normal, and it sure makes us appreciate summer!

      Glad you like the spinning- that bobbin is a pretty one, indeed. Wait until you see the next one!

  2. Yep, no drama suits me too. Great to hear spring has arrived for you. Yes, there’s a few things wordpress need to work on – while I was away over the weekend, I couldn’t even get wordpress to show me my notifications on my phone. I could only reply to people by visiting the posts 😦

    1. I would say “early spring”… likely to get more snow, but it won’t stick around. 🙂 Yes, I have been having trouble getting to comments and notifications on phone AND on my Windows 10 laptop. Not good!

          1. It used to work finebut now not so much. Might be one of those infamous updates, or I might have a crazy setting somewhere. 😖

  3. I find that writing posts on my phone isn’t too onerous but adding photos is a pain in the backside…
    No drama is good, I’m pretty sure winter is for hibernating and working with wool and fabric…

  4. Love the hat and cowl. Yep, snow, snow, snow, here as well! I am on my third pair of socks for this year, never thought of making a ‘sock goal’, but a good idea! Everyone needs nice hand-knit socks! Spring around the corner for sure!!!

    1. lol I hope you are right about spring! As for sock goals – I am participating in a year long sock knit along on Ravelry – the last time I joined one, I knit 26 pairs of socks. That was crazy, so I am purposely pacing myself this year. One sock a month. 6 pairs is a respectable number of socks, I think. Of course, those are all for me, so if I need to gift some, they will have to get added on…

  5. Don’t hate me, but I’m jealous of your snow. Having moved to Canada, I consider a snowy winter my right; however, the climate (ahem) doesn’t seem to agree. Now we’re in a springlike moment; in the past, I would be expecting winter to slap us upside the head again, but now, I’m not so sure. I have four projects on the needles with a desire to do more, but I’m finally settling down. I’ve gotten some clarity over the past few days, and it’s so good. Glad you and A are faring well.

    1. I don’t hate you! I know that snow lovers aren’t; in love with the past few winters… but two years ago, we were slammed and we still haven’t gotten over the emotions of it. 🙂 And I wont; be surprised if we get another storm or two before it’s over. The good thing about it now is that March snow doesn’t last. I hope. 🙂

  6. I sorta miss the crazy snow. I mean, we used to get it out here, but it’s been a number of years now since we have had that kind of snow. (2010 was the last year that we had so much snow and cold that there was a need to truck it out of the area and dump it.) But, it gets old when you are actually in it regularly. It’s very isolating.

    The handspun yarn is going to be delightful, just you wait! I can already tell.

    1. I like to get one big storm a year, and then I like it to be perfectly timed so as to get off either Monday or Fridady, lol. We got that this year, though it took several tries, so I am happy it is all melting away now. But we still have a good 5 weeks of potential for big storms, I suppose. The good part is that March snow doesn’t stick around.

      I am excited about the spin, but it will be another week at least before I fill this last bobbin. Work is interfering with fiber again. 😖

  7. Oh my gosh! You guys really got dumped on with all that snow. Knock on wood…we have been very lucky this year, where I am in Michigan. Right now it is a wonderful 60 degrees out…in February!!! Crazy weather. I do hope that the sun keeps shining where you are and the temps keep climbing to melt all that white stuff you have. Please keep it there though 😉 Definitely time for you to be inside playing with yarn. Love the cowl and hat. So pretty. The socks look like they will be nice and warm and the color is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the shawl finished and blocked. It looks awesome on the needles. I know you won’t have any problem finding what to work on next. I am looking forward to seeing it 🙂 Stay warm.

    1. Your warm temps made the national news last night! We are warm too, actually have bare patches. Hard to believe that a week ago we had buried cars and now we have mud!

      I think I will find something to work on for sure, and I will get photos of the shawl this weekend, I promise.

  8. Same boat, I haven’t been able to bring myself to post and I even have WP on my mobile (which is how I am commenting right now) so what’s the excuse?! Love that corrugated set. So pretty! And how about that snow! We had about 8 inches which was a lot from our lack of snow these past couple winters. I could really do without it!

    1. I have WP on my mobile, too. It works ok for reading, is annoying for commenting but really awful to write a post with photos! So I am lazy about it.

      Can’t wait to see what you are working on, though so I hope you get to share soon. 😉

      I like that corrugated set, too. I hope it sells so I have an excuse to make more!

  9. “No drama, no unexpected surprises, and loads of fun with fiber”– this says EXACTLY how I feel! I actually resent anything that gets in the way of that life. Our snow is melting, too, and it is weirdly warm. I suspect we will have winter weather again before real spring arrives, though. You’re doing a lot of beautiful work!

    1. I start to resent work some days, when I have a project I am really into. 🙂 and yes, I expect a storm or two more before we call it good for the year. Sigh.

  10. Hello Salpal! 🙂
    I’m playing catch-up here. I’ve been a little poorly, & have missed out on everyone’s blogs. So … if I’ve missed any of your blog posts, it wasn’t because I didn’t love them … it was simply ‘poorly’.

    I’m blown away by that snow photo of the front of your house (and you about to dig out the snow). I cannot imagine living like that for any length of time. Like your mum … I’d have to pick up sticks and move somewhere that they didn’t get so much snow! Brrrrrrr!

    LOVE the colours you spun onto the bobbins. They’re so ‘natural’ and organic. Perfection.

    Wish I had those blue socks right now. My feet get cold in bed and although I’ve got a pair of really soft socks, I’ve only got that one pair. All the other pairs are either trainer socks – which don’t feel comfy in bed, or ‘fitted’ socks – and my toes need loose and free, when they’re snoozing. LOL.

    GREAT post Sal.
    sorry I’ve been mia… I’ll try to keep up from now on.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Sorry you have been feeling poorly, I hope that is behind you now! Glad to have you back. 🙂 This snow is the snow we have where my mother moved to to get away from the worse snow… can you believe it? 🙂 Glad you like the spinning and knitting – hope you find some good bed socks – or a local knitter willing to make you some!

  11. You really accomplished a lot this past week!I love it all but especially the shawl and the spinning. I think the yarn will be great! Your socks made me think of a pair of socks that I currently have on the needles but not touched for a while. I was thinking of trying the “Fish Lips Heel” that I found on Ravelry.
    I think of the snow as nature’s way of letting us accomplish indoor projects without feeling guilty, that is, once we have cleared a path. I had a great deal of snow last week at my place in NH when I arrived- 2ft on the deck then another 8-9 inches the next day. I have the driveway plowed by someone and then I take care of the rest. It sure is beautiful but it can be very daunting. At least it doesn’t last too long.
    I can’t believe it’s in the 60’s today! Spring is just around the corner!

  12. The knitting projects are awesome. The shawl and its yarn looks interesting. I love all the snow you got. All of ours is gone. It doesn’t seem as if winter really ever got a hand hold down here. Perhaps if we had had one or two really good snow falls like the kind measured in feet winter would not have been so depressing.

    1. Thanks, I am pleased with the shawl. We had all that snow in ten days and now it is nearly gone. Very strange winter indeed. Of course, for us it might not be over, but it really feels like spring here -mid and frost heaves!

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