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Up until this point we have had a fairly quiet winter. Our storms were of the warmer variety, which I don’t like- more icy nonsense than snow.

All of that changed this week. No more warm days between storms melting everything.

Starting Thursday I had three days of taxes scheduled. Volunteers lined up. Appointments filled.

Thursday the weather prediction was for a big snow, more snow the farther east we were. But not starting until 11 or so.

Sure enough, at 11 the first flakes fell, and the boss gave us an early dismissal, which was great, but meant canceling a slew of appointments and rescheduling them for next month.

We got about 6 inches at our house, but the location of the Friday tax clinic got 18 inches! So, we cancelled all the morning appointments and got there at noon. It was a crazy day, the schedule got all out of whack as people came late or early depending on their drivway situation. Instead of getting out at 4 as planned, it was closer to 5, followed by a long drive home.

Saturday was predicted to be light snow, 1 – 3 inches. I trucked up to Bangor for Super Saturday tax clinic. It’s held in an empty storefront in a small mall, and we worked hard all day, but did notice our numbers were down. Found out why when we left at 4. Way more than 3 inches – it had been snowing steadily all day! I went to the grocery store right there and headed home through some heavy snow on messy roads, so it took forever. Got home to find the driveway unplowed, and that’s when I realized how much snow we had. My mighty Prius plowed up the hill no problem, shooting snow everywhere! A had cleared out my parking space, which made me so happy as I just had sneakers on. 😀 We had 8 -9 inches and it kept snowing a few more hours.

So I got through the busy week, in the end made far less busy but no shorter by the snow.

Today is a combo day – pajamas and snow pants. We have to get out and clear vents and decks and driveways (plow guy came last night, yea!) this morning, then we will totally chill. Because this afternoon, guess what?


We are forecast to get 18-26 inches (depending which channel one watches) in 24 hours, starting late this afternoon. Strong, sustained winds as well.  I fully expect to get the call canceling work tomorrow – that will be my napping spinning knitting day. Of course there will be intermittent shoveling as well to keep ahead of it.

And I hold out the tiniest bit of hope for at least a delay on Tuesday morning. 😝

So I should have finishes to share soon, and pretty snow pictures.

Oh, and our forecast after Tuesday? Storm expected on Thursday which they won’t talk about yet. But significant something.

Guess winter is hitting us full force this month!


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23 responses to “KABOOM!

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  1. Stay safe! It’s crazy how all the snow falls at once. I think I’d prefer it spread out from November-March:)

  2. I admit to some serious jealousy, though I also realize that getting hit that hard that often can lead to exhaustion with it. I do miss the days of being outdoors in the cold and bright white snow, shoveling with Mr. Ink. All we’ve done this year is fire up the snowblower from time to time to make sure it still works. Enjoy it, especially the extra day of knitting/spinning/napping/shoveling! Sounds absolutely delightful!

    • thanks! It is fun once in a while but when we get the back to back storms and don’t get to choose to not go to work, it gets to be a drag. Excited that tomorrow will be a day at home!

  3. My goodness, winter really is after you. Stay warm and safe. Look forward to seeing what you get finished and the snow pics.

  4. You are sooooo lucky. Snow is suppose to change to rain here. At the moment it is doing nothing. Enjoy the coziness of the snow!

    • lol I AM lucky – they already called off work for tomorrow, so now I can stay home and relax and shovel, relax and shovel… and enjoy the fire and my knitting.

  5. I did love a good snowstorm when I lived in the UK – that was usually in February too. The world is beautiful under its white blanket isn’t it!

  6. Winter has really made its presence this year all over our country. It trips me out to see and to read about the tons of inches of snow many of you are getting.

  7. Is it still coming down? And blowing around? It has moved away from here–and I think we got about 14 inches–heading out to shovel soon!

    • It snowed for about 24 hours, and we got well over 2 feet, it was crazy! Luckily, last night’s foot turned out to be 6 inches, so we feel like it is nothing. 🙂 And no snow in the forecast for the time being – hurrah!

  8. Yikes. I just can’t really get my head around that much snow. In the UK we barely get any.

    Beads and Barnacles
  9. Oh dear. You all are being buried alive. I can’t imagine. Be extra careful, keep warm and don’t catch a chill.

    • Thank you! I think the worst of it is over – I tallied it up and we got over 4 feet of snow this week! Thankfully we have had some warm days, so we don’t have that much standing on the ground – it compacts swiftly when the sun shines. But it is well over my knees in the back yard.

  10. Oh no! We seem to have dodged the bullet here. I am hoping we can stay hidden from any major snow for the rest of the season and just slide on into spring. So sorry you had so much snow. Unless you like that white nonsense, LOL.

    • I think it looks lovely, and I don’t mind a storm or two a winter, especially if I have a few days to clean it up. But these back to back storms are just crazy, and I am so tired of shoveling. I think we are done for a while now, though. No new storms in the forecast. And this past one formed a little farther south than expected, so we did not get a foot, and now the sun is shining, and it is warm out – hurrah! A bit of melting.

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