Early Release! Due to Snow…

You know what I did this afternoon!

I filled the first bobbin of the big combo spin, Mountain’s Edge and started the next bobbin, Muted Reflection. Both are from Three Waters Farm.


We are supposed to get a lot of snow tonight, 9 – 16 inches at last forecast update. Normally I would think we have a chance of a day off, but it is supposed to stop tonight, so I won’t count on it. Pretty sure it will mess up tax day tomorrow, though. Supposed to be in Milbridge with three volunteers and I am thinking they won’t want to be on the road at 6 am.

More snow Sunday – Monday. They say that storm will be bigger.

Maybe I will be able to fill that other bobbin?

25 thoughts on “Early Release! Due to Snow…”

    1. lol not sure about kind, but it stopped snowing in time that Friday is a work day, and it is ridiculously cold, getting even colder tonight. Brrrr. Well below 0 Fahrenheit.

  1. Gorgeous spinning, and lovely color choices as usual! I hope you get all sorts of snow! If only so I can live vicariously. Our storm was problematic during the drive (though I forgot to blog about it) but since our temps are supposed to hit 60 today, it’ll be gone in no time.

    1. We were a little west of the big snow fall totals, got 6-8 inches, I would guess, hard to tell with howling winds blowing it around. Today is beautiful blue sky and sun – the day that can only follow a snow storm , you know? Tomorrow is a light snow, 1-3 inches, then Sunday we get walloped – a couple of feet predicted. Sunday night into Monday – so that COULD be good for a day at the spinning wheel…and then another storm Thursday that might be a mix. Good grief! Sorry to hear you had a rough drive – hope the new car did well! and really? 60? Those peonies are going to bloom!

      1. A couple feet?! You are certainly getting that winter NOW. It’s just…late.

        New car did great! Only 2 trouble spots in the 2 hours I spent in the car. But really, the issue is less the snow, and more how our current mayor deals with snow. Which is to say, she doesn’t.

        Anyhow, a couple feet will just about shut down even the most accustomed to snow areas, especially if it shows up fast. Good luck, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about it!

      1. Yes! I do remember my crazy production with last year’s Spinzilla. That is usually going a bit overboard, but if you just spend even five minutes a day on spinning you get a lot done!

    1. We had our one sunny day yesterday, it was gorgeous but bitter cold. Now we have snow in the forecast for the entire week. And Sunday a blizzard. I expect to get lots of spinning and knitting done.

  2. It finally snowed here. Maybe all of 6 inches, but still it made things pretty. I love a good snowstorm. Alas, Sunday and Monday is all rain. The spinning is gorgeous.

    1. All rain might be a blessing. Our forecast is now for 2 feet of snow in about 24 hours with sustained winds at 35-40. A true blizzard… yesterdays 1-3 inches was 8 when I got home last night and it kept snowing for a few hours!

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