A calm weekend ahead

At least here in my part of the world.  I don’t want to think about what will happen in this country – every weekend a new and horrible event…

I make my phone calls and emails, then pull my head back inside and work on my knitting and spinning.

This weekend, A has to work Saturday morning, and I have Whorls and Purls in the afternoon, so not sure if I will see her before supper time.

I’ll be demonstrating how I make toe-up socks to the gang at the Purple Fleece on Saturday.  It started out as a cast on lesson, but then it grew, because of course, you have to work the sock backwards from a  traditional one after you cast on, so how to do that?  It will be interesting, to say the least.  🙂 I am not a teacher, and I knit completely backwards, lol.

Sunday is THE BIG GAME, of course.  And the Patriots are playing, so there is a lot of hype about it in this neck of the woods.  Here’s what I know about football:  the ball is a strange shape. The object is for one team to make goals and the other to stop them.  Other than that, it looks like complete chaos to me.  But they have great ads, so we watch, and I knit and spin.  We also have a bet on the game, $25 stash cash.  Last year, A got to pick a team first, so this year I did, and took the Pats.  Hope they do what they have done all year and WIN.  I am saving for a spinning wheel, after all.  But other than that, I could not care less about the game.

Next week is the first week of tax prep, and it promises to be crazy – software kinks still to be worked out, new procedures on dealing with new software and said kinks.  Hope the taxpayers are patient… I will be working on those a bit on Monday, then all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  So it is good I can rest up this week!


I’ll share progress photos of my fiber-y activities later, when I get some!  Should be a few finishes coming along.  🙂


22 thoughts on “A calm weekend ahead”

  1. Good luck with the knitting demo! And get lots of rest. I know full well how important preemptive rest is during busy times!

  2. Toe up socks sound interesting. I haven’t knit too many socks and they were the top down version. I’m too impatient with the thin yarn but I do love the way they come out.
    I’m with you on the football game. It’s so slow! My favorite part is the halftime show and the commercials. Give me baseball! I will turn to PBS to watch Mercy Street and Victoria and will go back and forth to the super bowl.
    Don’t work too hard! You need your strength for knitting and spinning.

    1. They are slower than thick yarn, but i do like how socks with thinner yarn come out. I use a short circular needle, I think it goea faster that way, if that helps you any… 😉

      We are taping Mercy Street for viewing later, and will go to bed after half-time. I am getting loads of onitting done…

  3. Break a leg at the toe up demo! We don’t care about who’s playing in the Super Bowl of course but we’ll be getting together with my ohana to get our grub on and to meet my new nephew.

  4. Enjoy your time storing up energy…what better way to do it, knitting and spinning! I have been knitting socks ( among other things) all winter…heavy wool, work socks you might say. have a great weekend1

  5. For the first time, they’re showing the US Super Bowl commercials in Canada (one year we went to Buffalo to watch them). I don’t really care about football, but I like to eat and drink beer so it’s often a good event for me. I heard that Brady was a Trump supporter so that’s cooled my affection, but then again, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get another Super Bowl… or does it? I’ll bring some knitting along. Have fun with your class. I’m sure it’ll be great!

    1. Glad you don’t have to travel internationally for ads this year! It is a good excuse for snack food and knitting in my word. Yes I heard that about Brady- disappointing. Don’t know who the Falcon’s QB voted for, so I guess it doesn’t matter to the game.

  6. How fun to teach a class in knitting! I am sure you will have fun. Ah yes, this year’s Super Bowl. Not without controversy. I am a New Englander at heart, but hate that Tom Brady endorsed he-who-will-not-be-named. Hope you win the bet.

    1. It was fun, i think they all learned it but only one seemed inclined to want to knit toe up. The rest have made so many socks that they are comfortable with how they do it. 😀 As for the team, yeah, I wasn’t impressed by that either. And I don’t care about football but I like having our little bet to make life interesting. 😀d they all figured out the cast on which is the tricky part. Whether they ever use it is another story

  7. Good luck with the demo, even though you probably don’t need it.

    I’m in Georgia, deep in Falcons territory, and have much the same understanding of football. I’m heading to a friend’s house to eat junk food and knit for the game.

  8. I like football but I really hate the Patriots (sorry!) so all I will do is cheer against them, I’m afraid. I do expect them to win, however, and then you’ll get your stash cash!

    1. Lol I have no allegiance to the team, so no worries about hating them… but if you say that about my UCoNN girls basketball, we will have to have a serious chat. 😀

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