I promised

I told you I would finish something last weekend, and I did!  In fact, this has been a week of finishes, it is pretty amazing!  Gone is my feeling of tediously making no progress. Having a whole extra day off due to the ice storm was great for finishes. I declared it a pajama day and sat knitting and spinning ALL DAY.  It was great!

I finished the shawl for Purple Fleece, and delivered it Saturday at Whorls and Purls. The wind was whipping when we took these photos! Brrrr.


I finished the Derry Cowl to go with the sweater.  It might be too tall.  I made it according to pattern, but with different yarn.  My yarn isn’t as drapey, it seems. It’s been blocked, and still has loads of body – maybe it will soften a bit with wear? In this photo I folded it down, which works. And I am wearing it with the Derry sweater which I don’t think you have seen yet. You can’t see the pretty lace pattern on the sleeve , but it is there, and matches the cowl.


I finished the purple THING – second try at a scarf – for niece B’s Christmas (well, it turns out, birthday, still late) and delivered that today.


I finished these two skeins of yarn – yes, two!  I dyed the fleece a while ago, and spun these both up in a few days.  They are only about an ounce each, and came in between 90-100 yards.  They will go with the two other similar weight skeins I dyed and become some kind of scarf or cowl.  I am thinking linen stitch scarf, though I hate knitting scarves and I get bored with linen stitch.  But they look so pretty when they are done… so who knows.  I did one skein that was supposed to be predominantly yellow, one that is red, one blue, and then one that was supposed to be blue and green but when I spun it, it came out teal, which is actually really pretty.  Still sorting out this whole dyeing/spinning/ what the heck will it look like thing.

Here’s the yellow and red before spinning.


And here’s the yellow after spinning:


And the red (with a  tiny skein of red plied with yellow):


I worked on socks and mittens at Whorls and Purls yesterday – came home and finished the mittens. These are the most luxurious mittens! Love the cashmere blend lining. The ladies at knitting threatened to snitch them if I bring back the completed pair. 😉


I am working away on my socks, as I will all year – trying REALLY hard to only do a pair every couple of months, it is amazing the fortitude that takes, to not whizz through them and start the next pair.  🙂 Especially because the next pair will be made with my handspun yarn.  🙂  This pair is in Caper Sock, colorway Stella Blue and I love the softness of the yarn and color.  I’ll be happy to be wearing them. The leg is much farther along than this, only about an inch left to go.



As for spinning – I have several pretty braids to choose from for my next spin.  I have been contemplating a BIG SPIN, for me anyway, using three braids of finn, dyed in different colorways by Three Water Farm.  Two I got intending to ply them together, but as I was looking over my stash, I realized that the third one held enough of the same colors that they would look great together.  So, I am thinking spin them all and ply them together.  But then what to make with the pile of yarn?  It won’t be enough for a sweater, but I don’t need a kazillion hats.  Then I had an idea, and I went stash diving.  Sure enough – I have an ancient pile of a solid teal yarn that matches it beautifully (if it comes out the color that I think it will, that is.  🙂 ) and I have about 950 yards of that.  If I can spin this to roughly that same weight, I WILL have enough for a sweater.



But I also have a few individual pretty braids that I love – one a silk merino that I JUST LOVE but have no idea what I will do with – might ply it with some pure silk lace weight yarn I have, I am even thinking I could use one of my new books for inspiration and add beads to the yarn, but then what? …



and then this special braid –



This is the latest from the Purple Fleece Roving of the month club – and Debbie used one of my photos as her inspiration for the variegated one, so named it after me! Check it out!  I love it and ordered a braid of the compliment so that I will have 6 ounces of merino blended with YAK of all things – OMG, it is so soft!  I have no idea what I will make with this, but I am itching to spin it. Maybe a nice soft cowl?

It is so hard to decide – I prepped the combo spin and the gold and copper silk merino, let them sit in sight for a few days… this morning I decided, and started the big combo spin. It should keep me busy for a few months. 😀






37 thoughts on “I promised”

  1. Yay on spending the day knitting and spinning. You both have lovely smiles. I like the teal in those colorwork mitts. The shawl is pretty. I’m sure your jumper will soften with more wear.

    1. lol wouldn’t I love that! I used to work 4 ten hour days and get Fridays off, but things changed at work and I now have to work 5 days a week. I miss that extra day. So when I get one unexpectedly, I am thrilled.

  2. yay on those finishes – brilliant!
    and wow to those mittens – I would snitch them too – they look lovely and warm!

  3. Oh you’ve got some gorgeous finishes! I love everything but particularly the spinning. I do have a drop spindle that I haven’t tried to use yet. I’m almost scared to start in case I get another addictive hobby 🙂

  4. Wow! Have you been busy! I just love the completed shawl for the shop. Is it a shop pattern or is it available on Ravelry? The mittens are beautiful. I’m jealous and can understand why they might “disappear”. They must be wonderfully soft and cozy! I’ve got to start knitting with thinner yarn again. I seem to be into the instant gratification mode of knitting these past few years and tend not to knit below a DK weight.
    The spinning/dyeing is amazing. I haven’t attempted dying yet but it is tempting.
    From what I’ve read about yak fiber and blends, its supposed to be wonderful!
    I think I’ll go and spin for a while this morning after I take the dog out for a walk. You’ve inspired me!

    1. Thank you! Dyeing is loads of fun. But I just can’t tell what I will get. :-)The pattern is on Ravelry – I think the designer is Nim Teasdale, the pattern is peacock’s tail. If you can get to my project page on Ravelry, the link is there. I am salpal1 on Ravelry, as elsewhere!

      Keep spinning!

  5. What an amazing post! So much fun stuff to look at all at once. The mittens…I wish I had the fortitude. Maybe that’ll have to be one of my challenges for myself. They are so gorgeous! Also the shawl is just as amazing as I imagined it would be!!!

    As for the spinning, you picked the right next project. It might take awhile, but it’ll be amazing and such fun to see how it all comes together. I certainly look forward to watching that one!

    1. I have always hated doing mittens – thumbs seem so much more tedious than heels. 🙂 But these weren’t so bad, after all. Just took forever, because you essentially knit 4 mittens. My brain is working on different ways to accomplish this goal. Double knitting? I am not sure. But now A wants a pair, in blue, so I picked up a blue braid to spin sometime before next winter for her. As for the spinning – I think it will be a fun project. There is one braid that just is NOT my colors, I knew it when I bought it but it matched the other so well, so went for it. That is the one I am starting with, and I keep looking at it hoping it won’t drag the rest of the spin down. But I am counting on the two brighter ones to carry the day. I started with my least favorite one so I would actually do it, lol. Kind of like a kid with vegetables on her plate.

  6. Love all the pretty pictures of pretty yarn things. You’ve been very productive. Love the shawl and the mittens. May I ask what the patterns are? Also what yarns did you use? I need to get back into being productive, hopefully after today things and situations will be conducive to productivity.

    1. The shawl is Nim Teasdale (I think that is her name) Peacock’s Tail, on Ravelry. I think it is free. The yarn is Purple Fleece’s DK weight gradient – silk merino. The mittens are Tanis Lavallee Snow Fling mitts, and the yarn – well the background is theKnittingSarah’s handspun I got in a destash – polwarth silk 3 ply. The gray is Quince and Co

    2. Grr I’ll finish this time. 🙂 Quince and Co Tern in Oyster, and Coolree Cashmerino in Maldives in May is the lining. I have ravelry projects set up for both of these if you want links to the patterns, etc.

      I do feel like I was suddenly productive, having gone round and round and round for so long – things all finally got done! I hope you get to a place where you also feel productive – what happens to make today the day?

  7. You are the Queen of finishes! Great job on everything completed! The shawl is beautiful!!I love how the colors go from dark pink down to white. The pattern is gorgeous, too! The mittens are so sweet! And all that yarn and wool for new projects! Woo Hoo!

    1. thanks! I felt like the queen of WIPS for a while there, but now I just have a couple of things I am working on, and they are moving right along. Life is good again.

  8. What a roll you’re on! It’s all fabulous (and I love seeing what you look like, after reading your posts all this time!) I always think the fleece looks garish before it’s spun but then it turns out so lovely! And I really love the subtle colors in the “salpal” fleece–looking forward to seeing more!

    1. It was a good week – but NOT a good hair week – the wind was howling while we were taking those pictures, I did not know my hair was doing that until I saw them, and then it was too late to do anything about it. So know that my hair is not usually straight up in the air like a kewpie doll. 🙂 Fiber is a funny thing – it really never does turn out like I think it will. The spinning process can really mix up the colors (and soften them) and change them quite a bit. I am still learning everything about it. I was so thrilled to see salpal – and when she said it was blended with yak, I was astonished. Not sure I am up to that yet, but I will spin it when I finish the big spin, I think. Maybe the gold will be calling me by then, though. So hard to tell.

  9. Well, crafting is a good therapy, and if we’ve needed anything recently, it’s a bit of therapeutic action to counter the craziness of the new administration. I love your hair in the first image! I think you should style it that way all the time. Congrats on all the finished projects!

    1. thanks! Yes, crafting does keep us somewhat sane. As for the hair – I could just stop washing it in the morning, and go around with bed head — it looks about the same! But I think I won’t, that seems a bit extreme for me. 🙂

  10. Love the way your red skein turned out and all your knitted projects. You have been productive! To me that’s the fun of multicolored roving, never know the results before it’s done! I’ve seen some of my multi-color spun by another spinner and it looked nothing like the results I spun from a similar dye batch. And then try plying them with different colors and the results are almost limitless :).

        1. I have an Ashford traditional that my aunt gifted me from her attic. It has loads of issues but it works. I have my eye on an Ashford Traveler for later this year when i save enough. I tried one and like the double teeadle, castle style and smaller footprint. Also the straight wheel and smooth works. 😉. Do you like your louet?

  11. Yes, it is my favorite wheel, an s-10 louet, I’ve had it since the early 1980’s and only had to replace the footman connector once! With its large bobbins I can spin 6-8oz on one. It’s a castle so travels well to the shows, single treadle (but wide enough that I can use both feet at the same time or switch to my left if the right gets tired 🙂 I do spin flax too but usually on my antique wheel that does have its own personality! (but it’s a family wheel that I learned on 🙂

    1. it sounds perfect! the wheel I have now is single treadle, and a hard treadler, so I am excited to get some options on how I do this fun hobby. 🙂 My leg gets tired. 🙂

        1. I am nto sure about spinning guilds, but we do have fiber shows, and actually, where I will likely buy the wheel there are several different ones to try out. One thing I like about this one is that my current bobbins all fit, so that is a big savings.

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