Waste no time

A will be gone for a few days. So she need never know that this happened on the kitchen counter. You won’t tell will you?

img_1338I promised you finished items this week, and this is the first one- store sample for the Purple Fleece.

More to follow…


18 thoughts on “Waste no time”

  1. Oops! Now i have to knit that! Just beautiful. I used to block things on my bed, and then go sleep on the couch. Haven’t done that since moving in with Mr. Ink. Kitchen counter would frustrate him too I bet. He’s always telling me to move my tools so he can cook.

    1. For small things I use the guest room fllor, but shawls are usually a royal pain, crawling about on the floor upstairs. So I am thrilled to use the noce counter in the nice warm kitchen. And of course, A’s meeting this afternoon was cancelled so she came home to figure out what to do about the rest of her schedule. I got caught. If she cancels the whole trip, I will have to move it. πŸ˜– Ps the pattern is peacock tails by Nim Teasdale.

          1. Ha ha! We have an electric night storage aga that only goes on in the winter and if anyone uses the electric kettle during winter months, they get told off by me. So I can hardly get the electric kettle out to make way for my blocking. Oh hold on …. Gotta get your priorities right, yes I can πŸ˜‰

  2. that’s beautiful – I really ought to be better about blocking (I really ought to be better about knitting things that need blocking)

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