I knit and knit and knit and spin and spin and spin and for so long, seemed to have nothing to show for the effort.  My fingers made the fiber go round and round for days, weeks even, with little progress made.  I stopped taking progress photos because they looked the same, day after day.

Or so it seemed.

Then suddenly one day, I had this!


And this!


And this!


Progress is being made after all. But I am re-learning a lesson I learned long ago and then let go by the wayside.  Try to keep to two, or at the most, three WIPs.  More than that, and even though I knit diligently on all, progress is slow.  I need the gratification of a finished object now and then.

Right now I have a mitten and a half, half a sock, half a shawl, and half a scarf on the needles.

So I won’t be casting on anything new until I get my WIPs under control.  Which should not be too long now – look at the progress I am making!

And of course I WILL start a new spin. I’m looking through my fiber stash in my mind to see what will be next. But I am knitting on that mitten while I ponder it. 😀

20 thoughts on “Finally!”

    1. Thank you! I spun this to make socks with – I hope I have enough yardage, but I have some plain yarn to dye for heels and toes if I don’t think I will make it.

  1. *gasp!*
    That spinning is wonderful, I adore those bright spring colors! One of those weird things to learn about spinning is just how much longer a project takes the thinner you learn to spin. It’s the double edged sword of spinning.

    I hear you on the WIPs. I have a similar amount in progress, nothing currently thrills me, and while I desperately want to start something new, I also realize that’s just going to add to my frustration. So, on I continue with the current WIPs.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to knit with it to see how it behaves. But I. Must. Finish. Something. Especially those mittens – the one that is done is SO warm, I know I will love having two of them, lol. Just keep plugging away…

  2. Good self control with not starting another knitting project! My major problem! I love the thrill of a new project. I’ve had to interrupt my several knitting WIPs to knit pink hats for the Boston Women’s March. Easy knit on chunky yarn.
    I’m working towards spinning thin so I can make it last longer but also to get more yardage.I’m doing better at it but still have a long way to go. Like you said, practice every day.

    1. I resisted knitting pink hats…but I have a few more days, right? NO. 🙂 What I have learned about spinning thin – reduce the take up on your bobbin as much as you can. You need lots of twist and you don’t want to be fighting with the bobbin, t will only break the yarn. then add more tension as you fill the bobbin.

  3. Beautiful spun yarn!! Those bright colors are so pretty. Especially right now when everything here seems to be so gray and gloomy. You definitely have quite the self control. I definitely understand about wanting to have a finish now and then in between the WIP’s. You are doing great. Can’t wait to see what you finish.

  4. I can’t believe the progress you’ve made on spinning, in such a short time! And I can completely relate to the frustration of not getting anything finished–in the same boat myself!

  5. That’s a lot of beautiful spinning! I find I lose interest in projects if I have too many going at once. However, that hasn’t stopped me from having a large bag full of projects in various states of being. Yarn Rascal loves to go through the bag periodically and unearth an archeological find, which then makes me feel guilty that I’ve abandoned it so long.

    1. specially since I got 2 great books for Christmas. 😉h is why i try to limit my WIPs. Lately I have

      I agree! It’s the lesson I need to relearn now and then, though. 😀 As for spinning I love it, especially since I got 2 books for Christmas that are teaching me so much.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. I need more than one but more than 3/4 and things get left, I feel I’m going nowhere and/or I get stressed at the mere thought of how may different projects I have on the go. Beautiful beautiful yarn 🙂

    1. Thanks! I made good progress this weekend – one shawl ready to block, other things are closer to done now. And i finished a quick spin! Still some way to go, but I feel better.

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