Well, that was a week!

It started with meeting some new friends and seeing some old ones, at a Ravelry meet-up last Sunday. Due to snowfall Saturday night, there were only three of us knitters, but our hostess, Chefadina on Ravelry made us feel very welcome, we met her family and her neighbors (the old friends) stopped by.  Her new place is beautiful, a big old house that most recently was a B and B.  It sits high above the river, and is just filled with lovely light.

Monday started tax training, and as always it was, well, taxing.  The software is new to us all, still has bugs, so things would suddenly work or not work, and the state returns aren’t ready yet.  We were all glad when it was over on Friday.  Now, in two weeks, we meet again, and hope to have some state software available to work on.  The first of February is when we start seeing clients, we would like to have a clue what we are doing before than!

Because I was responsible for leading the group in the hands on exercises in the afternoon, I was not able to do my usual thing – knit hats! But we were in a chilly room so I wore lots of hand knit shawls and sweaters (not all at once) and got lots of compliments.

When I was home, though, I was knitting and spinning.  Here’s a shot of my snow fling mittens in progress. They will get a soft lining, and so are taking a long time, but I now have two mittens that look like this.  I’ll have to close up the tops, then do the linings.


Here’s a dark shot of my spinning. It is a merino/nylon mix from Three Waters Farm, in the colorway Garden Center. I am spinning this to make socks, so divided it in thirds, thinking I would do a traditional three ply.  But then I started reading my two spinning books I got for Christmas, and I decided to spin a three ply yarn with one opposing ply.  So for those of you who understand these things, I will spin two singles with a Z twist, and one with an S twist, then ply them all together with an S twist.  I hope I am spinning thin enough that I will get enough yardage for a pair of socks, but we will see.  I can always make the heels and toes in a contrasting color if need be.  But I would rather not.  PS that black is really a wonderful dark purple.



This week also marked the start of a new year of Socks with Sarah on Ravelry.  If you have followed me for a few years, you know that the last time she had this activity, I knit socks like a wild woman, and finished 26 pairs in the year.  This year, I have decided to purposely restrain myself.  I am aiming for between 4-6 pairs this year. This is the start of my first pair – Stella Blue  on Caper Sock base from String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns.  I am using my basic go-to sock pattern – Fundamental Toe Up socks .  64 stitches on number one needles, these will take a while to knit, because they are NOT my focus.  🙂  I swear it.

I hope my second pair will be the handspun yarn, and I do have a skein of yarn I got at Fiber Frolic for my third pair.  Not sure what I will do for the 4th or later pairs, but I expect something will turn up!


The other knitting I am working on is a cowl to go with my recently completed Derry sweater – no photos yet, but I will try to get some soon.  And I frogged the last bit of secret knitting and cast on an endless scarf with the yarn instead.  I hope to finish that this week. The first thing I was working on was an interesting finished garment, but a ridiculous amount of stockinette in a boring tube.  And it kept snagging on things, because the thin yarn and huge needles left loads of holes.  I figured if it was snagging in my project bag, it would be shredded in no time with normal wear.  Not a nice thought, so I ripped it out. The recipient returns to town next week sometime, I would like to have it ready for her.

So that is how I got through the work week – and was so glad to see this weekend come!  Yesterday I did some chores around the house, then took the trash, the grocery list and my knitting, and headed off to knitting group, stopping at the dump on the way there, and the grocery store on the way back.  Got to drive the truck that way.  And got credit for helping out around the house even while disappearing for several hours. 🙂

Today was a little more low key – cleared the snow off the cars and cleaned the pellet stove – two not fun chores.  A couple of inches of snow on smooth ice is treacherous walking, but I got the cars cleared without mishap. Then we took down the Christmas tree and tossed it out into the woods.  Now, this sounds like a lot of work, but here’s the thing – we never decorated the tree.  We only put on it the ornaments we got for Christmas, no lights, no garland, nothing. We just ran out of energy and time, but I loved our minimalist tree!  It was pretty and smelled divine.  I was able to toss it to the woods from the deck, so the wasn’t too awful..  The birds are already using it to shelter while they hit the feeders.

Other than those big chores, this was a low key day, a pajama afternoon.  Cleaning the pellet stove gets the stove clean and me filthy – so after my shower, I just decided that noon was a good time for PJs! I made a shepherd’s pie for supper for the next few days – back on the diet for real tomorrow.  Life will hopefully return to normal now that last week is really over.  🙂

I have spinning and knitting to get done!




21 thoughts on “Well, that was a week!”

  1. I’m glad you survive tax training. I suppose it good to have the glitches before you deal with the clients:)
    Beautiful mittens! They’ll be so warm.
    Your spinning is amazing. I can’t believe how thin it is. The socks will be spectacular!

  2. What a wonderful week you had. I love how you were able to relax and get in some knitting and spinning. The sock thing with Sarah, is that a KAL or just something you and her do for fun?

  3. Love the mittens! Also love the sock yarn you are spinning. I am not at the point yet where I can spin thin enough to make sock yarn. I need a lot more practice. I must devote some time every day. You squeeze a lot into your days!
    Sounds like the Ravelry meetup was a fun time even though the weather wasn’t cooperative.

    1. Thanks, Martha! They are coming out pretty well, I am pleased. As for the spinning – I practice every day. And I confess, I pre-draft very thoroughly when I need to spin thin yarn – can’t do it straight from the top yet, but I am getting better every day. 🙂

  4. That SPINNING! Gorgeous stuff! I’ve never been able to find the motivation to make mittens with liners, but they always look so polished and professional when done.

    I should really do Socks with Sarah this year, as I seem to be knitting them again with my renewed interest due to the 9 inch circs. However, I always feel so BORING. I mean, no one wants to see yet another plain stockinette sock, except perhaps my blog readers.

    Nice job stealing the truck for a bit! I admit this weekend I felt like the new car wasn’t “mine.” Mr. Ink drove it all weekend. On the other hand, while driving it, he programmed in my stations, programmed the garage door to work with what’s already in the car, and programmed himself as the secondary driver on the preset seat selection. So, I shouldn’t really complain!

    1. I am going for pretty and WARM with the mittens. I have been wearing a pair I knit a couple of years ago, using a commercial yarn, and they just don’t keep me warm. Plus, they are pilling and felting and the colors are running – very sad! I know these will be better and warmer. 🙂 As for the socks – yes you should join us! I would not do socks without my little needle – I hate DPNs. And I do love seeing socks that people make, the colors and patterns are all so different and interesting. I do the same pattern over and over – not stockinette, but the same broken ribbing, so I hear you. But the group is so encouraging, I love participating. Glad your car is getting the love it deserves – I am sure you will get it back again. 🙂 I love my little Prius, but now and then, driving the big old truck is fun.

  5. Busy busy busy. Your mittens are going to be so pretty and warm. Your spinning and knitting are truly smile makers. I admire your ability and patience to knit socks. I can’t imagine making 1 pair, much less 26. Wow! Way-to-go!

  6. Glad you made it through the training. Love the mitts. I often think the best thing about a real Christmas tree is the smell. As for spinning – I go and ignore you for a couple of weeks and come back to find you speaking a whole new language 😉 Great to see you’re loving it so much 🙂

    1. lol, sorry about the change in language, I will try to speak English from here on in. 🙂 I hope you had a good few weeks! Yes, the best thing about the tree is the wonderful scent. We had that!

  7. I read your blog to see what’s going on in your area, Down East, Maine. I live in the Orland area in the summer and your description of where your knitting group met sounds like the road I live on, on the Narramissic River, and your hostess might be my new neighbor who was to have moved in after we left for the winter. Small world? My husband is a weaver and I’m a knitter.

    1. I think you are right, she is right across from the river. I hope we get to meet when you come up this summer. Right now, with 10 degrees the high temp, summer feels far away!

    1. lol, it is a whole lot easier than anything else we could do with it, and the birds and squirrels love the shelter. Wish all the house work could be done so easily!

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