Completely Unnecessary


We won’t even talk about wind chill forecasts for the weekend.

And can someone please tell me why, if we have to endure such cold temps, we can’t get the storm at the same time so that it is all snow??? What is with warming up enough for wintry mix Saturday night?

That is really too much.

17 thoughts on “Completely Unnecessary”

    1. I know, right? We already have 6 inches of that kind of snow – we don’t need more. I hope they are wrong, too. Either about the temp or the storm, I don’t care which.

      1. The crazy thing is this is the warmed up version. Last week we hit over -40C with wind. -40 is where centigrade and fahrenheit both measure at -40.

          1. We had half of our in floor radiant heat freeze up on us. At least we have an amazing plumber who rushed over and fixed it for us.

          2. We had to turn the heat on full blast, over 40C in the house plus a heater over the affected area, and it took a day and a half to melt, then they bled off the line and refilled it. The guess is a huge air bubble stopped the water from moving and that it froze close to an exterior wall. We had a new boiler installed in the summer, so we think air was just accidentally in the line at that point and perhaps the line had never been working properly, but the freezing temperatures brought the issue to our attention.

          3. Yikes – glad you were able to thaw it out! Hope you are all toasty warm now. We have a woodstove in the cellar, primarily to help keep the cellar warm when the power goes out so that the radiant heat won’t freeze up. We will be firing that baby up tonight, just to help all the systems keep warm, it is SO COLD today!

  1. A double whammy. Mother Nature can be difficult. I agree, if we have these cold temps than let it be all snow. The snow and ice mix is difficult to work with. We don’t have snow yet, but I am looking forward to when it comes.

    1. We have some snow on the ground, and flurries today, the wind is picking up. I think that is going to be more of an issue than the cold temps tonight, but tomorrow, it is a tie. I am a little sick of it already. Going to make for a long winter!

      1. Maybe because I get hot flashes the cold and snow don’t get to me too quickly. We are still looking for our first real snow.

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