What? New software?

Since coming back to work on Monday, I have been immersed in learning the new software the IRS is using.  Trying very hard to think of change as good, but there is that learning curve thing that just gets harder and harder as I get older.

Have to start helping other learn it soon, so I need to get it. Rather be knitting…

The good news?  Yesterday we went to an all day training, and while it was too crowded for me to knit during the training (rats) I was able to get a good 3 hours in on the drive, as I was a passenger.  That Christmas knitting is moving right along, although the one tedious project still feels pretty immense.

I also ordered some more fiber from Three Waters Farm – I think between TWF and the Purple Fleece, I will never need to look at fiber out in the world – they both have so many lovely colors!

I actually did 2 orders from TWF, the first one arrived and I went on Etsy to do something with my shop, and saw that there was a sale page. I could not resist one of the braids there, so ordered another.



And now I need to stop doing that.  I have lots of spinning to do!  The most recent Purple Fleece Roving of the Month is begging me to cast aside Cadillac Mountain and spin it instead, but it has to wait it’s turn… Check this out – Alpaca – and I have 2 braids because I signed up in October and got a special promotional extra braid, oh my.  🙂


I finished two turbans this week, and am working on a third in a lighter weight yarn. I want to knock these out fairly quickly so I can move on.  The pattern is so nice and simple, it really is fast.

I tried one on and sort of like it, but not sure I would ever wear it, really.  But maybe I need one to see?  Later, later…or, if the girls don’t buy all these, maybe I will keep one.

(Stop planning more knitting, Salpal, you have knitting for Christmas and shops and Christmas cards to make and spinning to do. Oh, and some software to learn to gear up for tax season!)



I started this post late last week but didn’t finish it, lucky for you, you got to see all the fiber I acquired!  And you get to hear about the weekend.

Saturday I got the snow tires on, just in time, as it was snowing as I headed down to Stockton Springs for knitting!  I spent the afternoon working away on hats and things, and made good progress, finishing another secret project and ignoring the last secret project which is boring me to tears.  🙂   Cast on another turban (a good thing as that is the one one of the girls really wants, it turns out.)

Sunday, A and I went on an adventure.  Last week she was in Georgetown (Maine) for three days, and this week, she is in Edgecomb for two, one of them very long, so she was going to stay over night.  Then she got this great idea – stay over two nights, and I go along for a day of adventuring, and stay there one night with her.  The ladies in Georgetown had told her about their tree lighting ceremony, so we decided to check it out.

Bright and early Sunday morning we ventured forth, in two cars ( waaah, no knitting for me!) and met at our hotel, the Cod Cove Inn, which is very nice and comfortable.  Looks like it has beautiful gardens, but they are put to bed for the winter now.

Then we had lunch in Wiscasset at Sarah’s Café, no dieting this day! and ventured off to Bath for shopping.  We managed to mostly buy things for ourselves, but did get a couple of Christmas presents, and found a lovely, huge shop filled with Maine-made things.  I could have spent a fortune there!  I did notice some baby veggie and fruit hats and they were $40!  Maybe I need to adjust my pricing and head back over there with some things… I went into Halcyon to check out their spinning fiber, and came out empty handed but with lots of info for the future.  🙂

From there we headed down the Georgetown peninsula to Reid State Park – I had never been there, and it is beautiful!


It was cold and windy, and there were some kites flying (you can see the edge of one at the top right corner of the photo) but no one was in swimming, lol.

Then it was off to the tree lighting ceremony.    The town pier is absolutely beautiful, of course, what with being on the coast of Maine and all.  🙂


And it was soooo coooooold!  They had hot chocolate, and we thoroughly enjoyed it while waiting for the tree to go from this


to this.


Sorry it is blurry, I guess the phone doesn’t like low light situations.  🙂

We were so cold that once this was done, we skipped our plan for a nice dinner and a trip down to Boothbay to see the lights, and went back to our hotel room, where we dined on left over lunch and watched sappy Christmas movies on the TV, while snuggled under warm pretty quilts.  🙂

And now it is a new week of learning software and teaching people how to use it.  One more week of work after this and then we are on vacation AGAIN.  I love it.  🙂

14 thoughts on “What? New software?”

  1. Nice fibers! Can’t wait to see how they turn out when you spin them. I hope you can learn that software quickly and put it behind you. Better things to concentrate on, huh? Beautiful beach photos. I wish I was on a beach right now. It’s snowing here today 😦

  2. So many pretty fibers! I love seeing them all.

    Your adventure sounds great! A nice little break from normal. I admit, this time of year the part about christmas movies and blankets sounded the best.

    1. lol – the shopping was pretty nice, too. the freezing our fingers and toes off on the pier waiting for it to get dark enough to turn the tree lights on was NOT a high point, though it was pretty. 🙂

    1. and both – ! Ugh. ther eis little guidance, so we have to sort it out for ourselves, and someone invariably asks a question we haven’t sorted out yet. 😦

    1. we did! even freezing was different – first time this season! 🙂 And it was just a beautiful clear evening, so there was that… I’ll show the spinning soon.

  3. What a BRILLIANT post! Aw Salpal, I was with you all the way. The photographs are magnificent. LOVE the different colours of Roving … but my favourite is the delicate pink and pearl coloured fibres. They make me think of Rapunzel. Her hair should have been that colour. I can imagine it being thrown from the window, looking exactly like it does in that photo.

    Thanks for a great read Salpal. ~ Cobs. x

    1. thank YOU! I didn’t; think of Rapunzel, but I really loved that fiber when I saw it, and I don’t even really like gold. 🙂 Well, I like the real stuff, but not the harvest variety. 🙂

  4. You went to Halcyon and didn’t buy anything?! I hyperventilate just thinking about Halcyon! I can see you want to stop thinking about software and do more knitting of softwear (yuk yuk)!

    1. 🙂 Great pun! Yes, I don’t usually get out empty handed, but this time I had a goal, and I accomplished that. It will lead to future spending, I am quite sure.

  5. Love the lobster on top of the Christmas tree! That is truly a Maine coast tree. The fibers look fabulous. I am curious as to how they will spin up. We have snow scheduled to be here for four days next week. Right now the Polar Vortex is freezing things nicely to give the snow something to stick to. I am actually looking forward to it. I may regret these words but that’s how I feel at the moment.

    1. Yes, it was quite a tree! Lobster on top, buoys as decorations. I am curious about the fiber spinning as well. I will keep you posted, of course. Hope you are still happy with snow! We are getting ours today – Monday, it figures. Driving is a treat today.

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