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The last day of vacation.  Heayy sigh.

We filled this week full, yet I still feel relaxed.  Not ready to go to work, but relaxed, lol.

We spent loads of time with family, and all of it was good.  Thanksgiving Day was spent with 8 of us who are all on a similar page politically, so there was no strife, only good food and fun.

Saturday was our family carol sing – a long tradition on my Mom’ side of the family.  Mom, her two sisters and as many cousins and second cousins, etc as can make it. This year we had all the cousins in my generation, but missed a whole bunch of the next generation – the kids are getting older and all had girlfriends and homework, etc calling them, so no trip to Maine for singing.  But we did have a few who had been missing in recent years – all graduated now, they are grownups who work and have weekends free.  It was loads of fun, and even though I couldn’t sing (sinuses still causing havoc with voice), I really enjoyed listening to them  sing, and chatting with the small crowd of guys who hang in the living room not singing each year. And I got a few doll mittens knit for little E, which made her very happy as she had requested them.

In and between and among all of that, I spent a day with niece B getting a start on making the Christmas cards (still have many to go, but at least the process has begun  🙂 ); A and I went to the movies – IN THE MOVIE THEATER! – which rarely happens; had supper out once or twice, cleaned most of the house, and generally puttered and got things done that needed doing.  I also did a bit of spinning, and a whole lot of knitting, most of which is for Christmas.   I knit a few things from some handspun, which feels really good!  One of those things is this doll’s hat to match the mittens I made for E’s doll, but the rest can’t be shown yet. 🙂


This is color tag from Three Waters Farm, and it is rambouillet.  It was hard for me to spin, but I really like the resulting yarn, very soft.

I also cast this on – the girls at work have been asking for these hats, so I will knit a few of them and sell them too cheaply, because I know what they earn.  🙂


Spinning-wise, I finished one bobbin of Cadillac Mountain (from Purple Fleece) and have started the next.  It’s a merino cashmere blend and it is so easy to spin, and really soft. Can’t wait to have it to knit with!


While I was knitting and spinning, A was really struggling with her project, to make plexi-glass inserts for the screen porch.  I think she would have had an easier time of it if this supervisor had been more helpful.


But clearly, supervising is difficult work, really takes it out of you.  It takes a couple of days of napping before the fire for Zumba to recover.


Today we are being so lazy – watching many sappy holiday movies.  We record them on the Hallmark channel and watch them at our leisure… which is all day today, I guess!  Because we have taken most of the week off from dieting, and will start again tomorrow, there are brownies in the oven which I fully intend to eat with a nice cup of cocoa.  Well, I won’t eat them all – A will get one or two as well.  If any are left, they will go to work with me tomorrow.

Heavy sigh.

I think I will go check the lottery tickets before I  think too much more about all that has to happen tomorrow.





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19 responses to “Sunday Afternoon

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  1. Yes, it really sucks how Thanksgiving break is over – wah (╥_╥). How neat your ohana gets together to have a carol sing-a-long. What great memories everyone has of that. And I find it so trippy how cats are sleeping, something I’m noticing more b/c of IG.

    • It is a great memory maker – we have been doing it since I was a little girl – over 50 years now. It started when we kids were all small, and we alternated grandparents for Christmas. My cousins, did as well, so we literally NEVER saw them on Christmas. Everyone in my mom’s family is musical, and Mom plays the piano, so we started gathering all of her family for carols a few nights before Christmas. We have just kept on going with it, after a short hiatus when we were too scattered. My cousin motivated us to start again, and it has been going on for decades. 🙂

  2. Oh and I’ve made that twisted headband. It’s a good pattern and what a terrific outcome it has. Made it for the mini Valentine swap that may have been this year.

  3. Sounds like a lovely week. Shame you have to go back to work 😦

  4. Sounds like the perfect holiday and vacation….good food, people you love, activity, rest, and spinning!! Happy Holidays to you!

  5. What a nice week! You included all the things that you enjoy most, I think!

  6. I, too, had a feeling of being rested but also the feeling of needing/wanting another week before I’d actually have a desire to go BACK to work. Nonetheless, here I am. Spent about half an hour getting caught up with one of my favorite coworkers though, so that was quite pleasant.

    Have you noticed lately that every single skein of yarn you spin looks all even and consistent? You like to say “Someday” about my spinning, but from where I am standing, it looks like you have already arrived. Looks great, good colors, looking forward to the final product.

    Really overall, it sounds like an entirely lovely vacation, I am glad you had the time to relax and enjoy family!

    • Oh, my, really????? I only see the lumps and bumps. I am so thrilled that you see consistency. 🙂 I have enjoyed the past few projects with my own yarn – am working on a hat now that is using some commercial and some hand-spun, and I like how it is coming out. It’s another Christmas present, so I will have to wait to share it…

      I feel like I got thrown in the deep end today, so many deadlines and meetings and trainings coming in the next few weeks! But I have another week off in just three weeks, so I can live through this.

      Glad you got to visit with someone you like first thing back. 🙂

  7. Glad the time was relaxing. I love that you all sing each year. What a lovely tradition. Your spinning looks great and the little hat is adorable. I am also loving that turban you’re planning. A’s little helper is adorable. How can we finish any project without supervision? Although we do all the work at the end they are the ones who look exhausted.

    • It was a very nice week off! I dream that is what retirement will be like, but who knows?

      Nothing happens in our house without supervision – and the supervisors were quite upset to find that door closed. But as the screens were out of the windows, we couldn’t let the indoor cats out on the porch. Yes, they do get quite exhausted! And so did A, truth be told, but she managed to stay awake until bed time. 🙂

      The turban came out pretty well, and quite quickly as it is a bulky yarn. I likely will make some more in bulky, then work on adapting the pattern to a worsted weight yarn, for variety. So I don’t get bored before the girls run out of money. 🙂

  8. Glad you had a holiday without any injuries. I’ve always liked those ‘turban’ hats. They remind me of the roaring 20s.
    PS~ Your cats are super cute too!

    • Thanks – I am glad, too! Funny, I really never wear things like these wraps, but they sure are easy to knit,a dn the younger women at work love them, so I might have to try one! Usually I wear no hat at all unless my hair is a mess or it is bitter cold out – both of which things call for a true hat, I think. But maybe not…

  9. Sounds like a good time was had by all during the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Your doll’s hat is so cute. You do wonderful work. The door looks great.
    A full and productive weekend is a wonderful way to start the wintery holiday season.
    That supervisor is one of the most adorable bosses I’ve ever seen. Awww so sweet. 🙂

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