Can’t write right now, I’m knitting!

I think I realized how soon Christmas is, in terms of knitting projects.  And then I cast on for presents, which I can’t talk too much about here, but which I can say  are coming right along.  One is a really easy (boring) knit which goes with me everywhere as it is miles of stockinette stitch.  That needs to be done by mid-December.  The other involves a million little parts which are not hard to make, and only a bit fiddly.  But I need so many of them!  What was I thinking?

I got the idea the other night to use some of my handspun for some of the parts, and that made it more interesting.  I have all those mini skeins created because my bobbins filled  up before I ran out of fiber.  This is the perfect project for those mini skeins.  Oh, I wish I could share them with you!  I will, right after Christmas. This project needs to be done right after Thanksgiving, also for delivery.

See why I think it is closer to Christmas than the calendar says?

All of this has meant that I put my sweater aside.  I finished the body and am ready to pick up the sleeves as soon as I can. I am trying not to think about the history I have with this yarn.  Many years ago (15? 20?), I knit a sweater with it, got it all done but the sleeves. Put it away, and never went back to it until this September, when I pulled it all out, washed the yarn and started over with a different pattern.  I am determined to finish this one, this time.  But not until I finish these other projects.

This means I also put aside the two remaining shawls from last summer, Biophilia and High Country Crescent.  I am thinking of frogging Biophilia, I am not loving the yarn and needle choice with the pattern.  It Madeline Tosh, so it is not like I won’t find another use for it!  High Country Crescent, which I was unsure about when I got going actually looks so pretty in the very fine yarn I am using.  I look forward to getting back to that one.

And there are more shawls in the queue – I have signed on to knit one for the Purple Fleece, and will do that in January.

Then there are these mittens – I was so pleased to pick up the blue and aqua/teal yarns in the Knitting Sarah’s de-stash earlier this year.  I thought they would be great for these mittens, but I needed a third color.  Last week I was in Over the Rainbow in Rockland, and spotted this soft gray yarn!  It is from Quince and Company, and sure enough, when I got home, it was the perfect third color for the mittens.  So they have joined the line that stretches behind my chair in the living room.  🙂


We are on a “staycation” next week, and between the holiday cleaning and cooking, I hope to make real progress on the deadline knitting.  I’ll take photos, but can’t share them for quite a while – sorry!

Then I will get back to working on things that I can share with you, I promise.

Non-knitting – We continue to dominate in A’s office version of the biggest loser – I have lost weight for 7 consecutive weeks!  Woot woot!  A has as well, but I am ahead of her, likely due to being sick last month.  I’ll take it.  Last weigh in is Monday, then we should be able to collect the prizes.  We are on the same team, and though the other team is also working hard, I feel pretty confident that our team is going to win over all.  You know this means more money for fiber and yarn and goodies, right?  Plus it means my clothes fit better. And my doctors are happier.  And I feel better.  All good things.

I’ll try to write more when we are on vacation – when I take breaks from knitting.  🙂

25 thoughts on “Can’t write right now, I’m knitting!”

  1. Fabulous shades for those mitts, they will be so beautiful!
    Congratulations for staying on top of the weight loss competition, and most importantly, isn’t it nice when clothes fit better? 🙂

  2. First of all, those mittens are going to be absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to see them. The colors thrill me completely.

    Mr. Ink’s workplace does a yearly biggest loser challenge. I was hoping we’d participate last year, but he didn’t want to. This year I am going to actually PUSH for it. However, they start after the holidays. Which seems like appropriate timing.

    1. thank you – I can’t wait to wear those mittens, they will be so soft with the cashmere lining. 🙂

      I would have preferred after the holidays, but they did this short, 8 week session timed to wrap up right before Thanksgiving. I’ll have to stay strong myself after that.

      Yes, push for it – it is so much easier to do with a team!

  3. Those are awesome mittens. Glad to see you are feeling better. Congratulations on the weight loss, not an easy thing to do.

    1. thanks – I have wanted to make these mittens since I first saw them knit up, at least a couple of years ago. Tanis has kits in her shop, but never when I had money, so I started plotting instead. I think I found good substitutes. 🙂

      Weight loss is not easy, nor is keeping it off. It is a constant struggle, but I try!

  4. I started on a pair of wrist warmers (holiday gift) that seemed to be going exceedingly quickly until I realized, on the second one, that I hadn’t cast on enough. So I ripped it out and started again. Then I ran out of yarn (and not in a place where I could fake an accent colour), so I ripped back for the shorter version. Then I realized I had ripped back too far and while the shorter shorter version is okay, I’ll probably rip it back yet again. So much for finishing them in a weekend. Good luck with your holiday knitting!

    1. oh, you have me chuckling! I think we have all been there. 🙂

      I am sure the modified wrist warmers (are they so short as to be bracelets?) are going to be just fine.

    1. thanks!

      Yes, those mittens are so pretty! And if you go to her website (you can get there through the pattern on Ravelry, I think) you will see the really great color combos she does – the linings are a real pop in her kits. But I love my blues, so mine will all be of a color. 🙂

  5. Absolutely fabulous post, filled with GREAT things.
    But … I’m puzzling now about what you’re making with all those mini skiens. That’s going to bug me until after Christmas when you can share the secret. lol
    Sending love your way ~ Cobs. x

  6. You sound like yourself again! Glad to know you’re better and the weight loss challenge is going so well. You won’t have time to eat, with all these projects!

    1. I will tell you that knitting is a great way to not eat snacks. At knitting group each week there are treats and wonderful cakes for birthdays. I just say no thank you and knit as fast as I can. 🙂

  7. Good luck with the Christmas Knitting! I justs had some yarn arrive in the mail yesterday for some hats. I haven’t done nearly enough to get ready for the holiday season. I blame that on school. That and participating in a three month KAL

  8. It’s those last posting dates that get me with the knitting gifts. If only Santa could pick them up as he delivers. Enjoy your staycation. hope you get way more knitting than cleaning done.

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