I can’t wait until Wednesday

I am so sick of it all.

I am so scared of the result.

I only hope we KNOW the result Wednesday morning and there is no trip to the Supreme Court or Congress to determine the winner.

Here’s something my boss and I have been pondering.  Were there ever two VP candidates who could more realistically think “hmm if we win, then by this time next year I could be President.” ????  I think not.

Nuff said.


8 thoughts on “I can’t wait until Wednesday”

  1. I want to hug you.
    I don’t live there, but I can tell you that I too am sick of it all and hope to Dog that when the result comes out that THAT’S IT!. Done and over and done. From my point of view … I’m asking “how on earth did this happen? How did someone get to this point in the History of such a nation? This cannot be right. What’s going to happen?”

    … these and so many more questions.

    I’m praying for you, and for your country.

  2. I am so with you! I want it to be Friday and peaceful and done. I’ve never been so riled up and scared about an election as this one. I am scared of what happens Wednesday morning, but hope and pray that people come to their senses and be peaceful. Hugs and prayers for all of us.

  3. I had a lovely relaxing weekend away from it all, but my eye is still doing that stress twitching thing, and it’s SO annoying. I KNOW that it’s the election. It can’t even be anything else.

    (On a lighter note though, Miss Butterfly got the opportunity over the weekend to see her hero, Bernie Sanders. IF NOTHING ELSE positive can be said of this election, at least a little girl got interested in politics, and hopefully someday she’ll help change her world. If we can’t change the world for us, maybe we can change it for the future.)

    1. I plan to knit a whole sweater tonight while states on the map turn red and blue. I fear mine might be purple. Sigh. So glad Miss Butterfly is interested, and in what Bernie says. I loved standing for him at our caucus. I knew he would not get everything done that he spoke of, but just talking about a gentler more caring America is a step in the right direction.

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