What I have been doing while I haven’t been posting

First off, a quick health update – feeling ever so much better now! Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind thoughts and comments, it feels good to know there are friends out there who wish me well.

I went to work all 5 days last week, although I only stayed all day toward the end of the week, and was SO glad when the week ended.  Somehow I found the energy to go to knitting on Saturday, and made loads of progress on my sweater as I resisted a delicious looking cheesecake.  Can’t eat while you are knitting (good thing, really.)


I am now past the body/sleeve division, and working my way through the waist decreasing.  I really think I will have this done by the end of November at this rate.  Of course, I can’t keep up this pace – I have an order for a hat from my Etsy shop – yeah! – that I need to make this weekend – just waiting for the yarn to come in.  And a few Christmas gifts that need doing, some by the end of the month for shipping.  But those aren’t huge projects, so then it is back to my sweater.

And spinning – I don’t think I ever showed you the finished skein of this yarn – September’s roving of the month from Purple Fleece – it’s corriedale. I totally missed on bulky weight but it will make a good warm hat anyway.


Or October’s roving of the month, as yet unspun.


Debbie is getting creative, trying to find fibers we haven’t spun yet.  She thinks this one will make great mittens, and I can see that it might!  Only one of us had spun it when we met last week, and she wasn’t a fan, but I will give it a shot, eventually.  Right now I am working on finishing this spin:


which is cheviot in Hestia, from Highland Handmades.  I think it will match nicely with this one:


Cadillac Mountain by Purple Fleece, and I have a plan to make a cowl with them.  I got the pattern from Over the Rainbow when I was there this summer. You will have to trust me that the pinks in them both are loads closer than these photos show.

And the Christmas cards for this year are rolling around in my head – it is time to get started with those – November already!  Some people take November off from work to go hunting.  I think I need to start taking it off to do crafting!

Other news – I finished the first 30 days of Whole 30.  Hurrah!  I lost about 20 pounds, (eventually) found I didn’t miss much except my morning coffee WITH CREAM.  In the process, I am holding tight to first place in the Biggest Loser game at A’s office.  Big money prizes on the line, so I will take two days off from Whole 30 (sort of – turns out we have a whole fridge full of veggies to be eaten) and then return to it until the end of the competition and Thanksgiving. After that, I think it will be that I develop a lifestyle of eating that way and having occasional meals where I don’t worry about it.  I have to say, it really works – I feel so much better, not just the weight loss. Knees feel better,  skin is better, digestion is better. Rats.  Why can’t eating cheese and bread and chocolate ever make me lose weight and feel better?


Tuesday marked the last day of my volunteering for Fair Vote Maine – I have been doing that for several months now, as they work to educate voters on Rank Choice Voting, which is on our referendum ballot this year.   No more Tuesdays before the election, so we wrapped up our Tuesday night gig with a  some sparkling cider, cookies, and lots of data entry and shredding!  It will feel odd not to go there anymore – wonder what I will do with Tuesdays now?  Well, I know what I will be doing next Tuesday – agonizing over the returns and knitting.  After that, who knows?

Other than all of this, nothing much is new – A is away for a few days this week – working up in “the County” (Aroostook, for those of you not from Maine) which is far enough away that she stays there overnight. The cats are quite put out, as she is the favorite mommy.  Last night they acted like I was completely insane to think they should go to bed when she wasn’t home.  Zumba didn’t even want her bedtime treats. She wasn’t even really interested in breakfast!  For Zumba to turn down food is amazing. Allie isn’t sure what to do – I don’t play right, but I do pat her nicely.  So she was torn during play time this morning, finally decided to ignore the toys and get some loving instead.  It usually takes them a couple of days to adjust to one of us being gone, and right around the time they do, A returns, and they forget all about me again. 🙂

What’s new in your neck of the woods?

22 thoughts on “What I have been doing while I haven’t been posting”

  1. Ooh, look at that smooshy sweater yarn! I’m glad you’re feeling better and ho dang on that weight loss from the Whole 30! That is freakin’ amazing.

    1. thanks, Stefanie! I was surprised to lose that much – I expect being sick helped – although I didn’t move a muscle for tw0 weeks so it must even out, right?
      The sweater is going to be so wonderful to wear, especially after I wash it a few times. Can’t wait to finish it!

  2. The yarn you spun (and are spinning) is gorgeous! I’ll be interested to see the next one. The colors are lovely.
    I bow to you on sticking with the Whole 30 thing. Your weight loss is impressive! I lasted the 30 days when we did it but only lost 15 lbs. On day 31 we went back to previous bad habits. You are right about feeling better and the improvement in knees, skin and digestion. Maybe I’ll revisit the Whole 30 in January.

    1. I hear you on bad habits!!! I ate lots of cookies and chips yesterday. I will go back on it tomorrow, because I know how I will be without the structure.
      Don’t belittle your 15 pounds, that is great! Remember I didn’t eat anything for a chunk of that time. You can do it.

  3. I am so glad to see you are so much better. Yay, good for you. Take it easy and look after yourself.
    I can see you have been very busy. Well done.Love the yarn you spin, beautiful colour combination.
    Take care and enjoy. 🙂

  4. So glad that you’re finally feeling better–that was a long haul! I didn’t know anything about Whole 30–it sounds hard to follow, although maybe the very strict guidelines make it easier–no black and white. Whatever–that’s a great weight loss. Carry on!

    1. It is very strict, and after a bit does get easy. The trick is planning your meals and shopping and cooking ahead of time. Truthfully, getting sick in the middle was easier in some ways – I just wasn’t hungry. And while I missed my traditional comfort food, I got by on V-8 and chicken broth. V-8 technically isn’t allowed, but it was better than nothing, I figured. 🙂

  5. The colours of the yarn you spun are incredible!
    Glad to hear you’re picking up and feeling better. It must have seemed like trying to climb a mountain. Exhausting.

    Congratulations in losing the 20lb. You’re brilliant. An inspiration.

    What’s going on here? … well for me its …. The Weather!!! It’s freezing cold here today. It’s as if someone has flicked a switch off and removed any sunshine that might have kept us warm. So cold that we’ve put the heating on and turned it up. I was dithering!

    Apart from that … crafting. You know. The normal stuff. lol.

    Sending gentle squidges and lots of love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Sorry to hear you are cold! We are having a quite nice autumn, but we know what is around the corner. Heat, however, has been on for a month or more! Crafting… that sounds good. 🙂

  6. lovely yarn spinning!
    and well done on the weight loss. Hope you’re motivated to to continue, even over the festive season.

  7. Pat had quit work and took care of me while I was going through chemo. My last scan shows me clean and I have more strength so she went back to work. I am now doing a lot more of the farm chores and still doing my woodworking. I am trying to get a lot made to be able to fill Christmas orders. Life is busy but, it is good to be ALIVE. We can’t wait to wear our wonderful hats we got from you when the weather gets cold. So glad you are better and back to work.

  8. It’s great that you are feeling better. The sweater is coming along nicely and I love your spinning. Is the Chevoit soft? I haven’t forgotten about sending you the pattern I just haven’t been able to write it up yet and photograph it. I am going to try and get some of that done by the weekend. Kitties can be so sensitive to changes. Most people don’t think of them as such. But I know you are a good mommy and they are good babies.

  9. Poppin’ in a comment to say “Hi from Colorado” – sorry to hear you’ve been ill – your projects look wonderful! Exciting news here – I met at my local library a couple that raise their own poviders of spinnable products – one is an advanced student of spinning and I now have a local resource for beginning to learn the art! YAY! So moved that up to the “To Learn in 2017” list, as how could I not, with a local resource, new biz to support, etc.? I’ve been fairly quiet, myself – lots going on here and seems like every day, I get further behind – but family coming to visit around Thanksgiving and hoping the extra hands can help me get a few projects that require 2 or more sets of hands finished up and free up some time as I try to ‘make do’ with things as they are. 🙂 Take care and hope you continue to heal (I’m reading backwards in your feed – hope your whole foods diet supports your immune system, as you traverse the ’tis the season’ for illness – 🙂

    1. Hello, Colorado! Yes, learn to spin, it is slow and mindful and productive and so fun!

      I am feeling SO MUCH better, even getting used to a clicking, humming ear.

      Glad you are having family and help coming for the holiday, get some things done, get ready for winter, life is good. We are having a small group for Thanksgiving – 7 total, I think. Still, I am cleaning the house as if it were 20, because it is the only time we clean like that. 🙂 Gotta do it once a year or so. lol.

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