A Friday list this week!

I am so glad that this isn’t the year I decided to go to Rhinebeck!

Came down with a horrible cold this week, and so left work early yesterday, and stayed home today.  My list today has a theme!

Do some research on cold meds I can take – ones with no sugars or alcohol to satisfy the whole 30 eating plan; ones with no caffeine or other stimulants to comply with doctor’s orders regarding the heart; ones with no NSAIDs to comply with gastric by-pass surgery requirements.

I honestly think I can do two out of three with what is in the medicine chest, but I am just not sure.  So on my list today is also a call to the doctor to get her take on it.

Once I know that, I need to make a shopping list – I have no decaffeinated tea!!!! Definitely  want some tea… and the meds, and I think we need more tissues…

If I feel up to it, I will take a hot shower and head out to get those things, if I don’t feel like it, I will call A at work and ask her to stop on her way home tonight.

I expect I will do some knitting and spinning, but mostly, I will be napping.  If only I could lie down without everything hurting and clogging up.  I wonder how horses sleep standing up??? I should learn how to do that.

Not an exciting list.  Sure not as exciting as if I was heading off to Rhinebeck, right?

22 thoughts on “A Friday list this week!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the cold; have A pick things up for you. There’s no need to go outside if you don’t have to. If you have a tub, I recommend a hot bath to sweat it out, even better if you have epsom salts for a little detoxing. Honey, lemon, and tea are a go-to for me (as well as a hot toddy, but I think that’s off your list). Multiple episodes of Midsomer Murders would also be on my list.

    1. lol I will be binge watching something, haven’t looked to see just what yet. You are probably right about the tub, but it feels like a lot of effort right now.

  2. Oh boy, I would absolutely have recommended a hot toddy in a hot bath, but that seriously does NOT comply with the whole 30 bit. I am so sorry you have a cold, it really is irritating to come down with them. But, having a cold and trying to go to rhinebeck and enjoy yourself? That’s hard work. Next year would be better.

    1. I really do wish I either started whole 30 two weeks earlier or got this cold two weeks later…. then there would at least be honey in my lemon water. 🙂

      Yes, Rhinebeck is a bucket list item that I contemplate regularly, and which I usually put off… so far to drive… so many people…so expensive. But someday I will get there.

  3. Aww, ((((salpal))))) <— pretty useless as a real hug but it's the only thing I have available. So imagine I hugged you and settled you down on the sofa while I made you some decaf. tea, and found a really lovely movie for you to watch on the TV.
    Hope you get well soon, dear friend. ~ Cobs. x

  4. Salpal, I hope you are feeling better soon. Some decaf tea is good. Perhaps a Tylenol for the aches and pains or asprin. Up the intake of vitamin C. Get some sambucus at the health food store. It is a natural immune system booster that I take whenever I get a cold and it shortens the duration greatly. Because I can’t take anything that would make my heart race for a stuffy nose steam works great. Also Vick’s vapor inhaler helps clear the airways for a bit. Feel better.

    1. thanks for the tips! the doc did call back and recommend I not take a combo drug like Dayquil, so I have a nasal spray, a cough syrup (it lists sugar as an ingredient, I am ignoring that because it works!) and tylenol. I haven’t the energy to go to the health food store – Bangor or Ellsworth – today. But if we go out and about tomorrow I might…

      I also got some sleepytime tea – yeah! I usually wonder why they have all that grocery store stuff at Rite Aid, but today I was thrilled to find it and save a stop.

  5. Everyone seems to be getting sick! Rest up! I so want to go to Rhinebeck one day. I looked into gastric bylass or the sleeve but it honestly scares me to get surgery! I do see a nutritionalist at the hospital and they prescribed me a weightloss med called Contrave. How do you like the whole 30 eating plan?

    1. I am resting, for sure, can’t do anything else!

      I got the surgery in 2010 and even though I have gained back a lot of the weight, I would not undo it. I learned a lot about myself, I lost weight, so I know I can, and I pay attention to what I eat – good or bad. 🙂

      Whole 30 is not hard to stick to on a regular day – you have to read it, plan for it, shop for it, clean out the house ahead of time, but once you do that, the food is just normal food prepared fresh. It was hard to lose dairy at first, but I am getting used to it. However, now I am sick, and it is SO HARD. I am not eating well, and I realize this is when I would normally eat some cottage cheese for lunch, or a frozen dinner for supper. None of that! I need to get some compliant chicken soup. 🙂

  6. Oh my–thank goodness you’re not at Rhinebeck, with all those people and the chaos! You know what you need to do, just be good to yourself and do it!

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