A quiet weekend in Lake Woebegone   17 comments

A long weekend, to be sure!

I did go to Whorls and Purls on Saturday, and so did a bit of knitting. Finished up a little hat for the Community Caring project there, using yarn that Debbie wanted us to test out. It was merely OK, so no more about it. We discussed the fact that we are all yarn snobs and we know it, having grown used to good quality wool and silk. So maybe we aren’t the perfect testers? Yet we are her customer base, and we are happy with the commercial lines she does carry…

The rest of Saturday was for puttering about the house. And knitting a bit.

Sunday, I convinced A that we wanted to go for a ride to see the colors north of us. Naturally it was the first rainy day in a long time. NOT complaining, we need the rain. Just noting.  We took the back roads up to Bangor, then the highway to Staceyville.


Saw this from a highway overlook. That’s Mount Katadhin, the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.

From there we took State Route 11 up to Patten, then back down through Millinocket.

This was in Patten.

Here we made a slight detour to the New England Outdoor Center, for which I had an ulterior motive.  I wanted to see this site of the Highland Handmades knitting retreat. Can’t make it this year but I want to sometime. I wanted to see if it is a place A might like to spend a weekend. 😀  I think it is. So perhaps next year…


From there we followed route 11 to Milo, then went back down the highway and home.  As A said “6 hours of driving and we didn’t go anywhere!” But I said since she likes to sleep in her own bed think of it as a vacation. Lol.

Monday was yare work as the weather was fine. Pool is all ready for the winter, gardens are getting there.  A used her new brush cutter to clear the edges of the driveway, she wants to get that done before snowfly. And who knows when that will be?

Of course there was more knitting and spinning. I finished the knitting of Mirno, I’ll try to block it this week so you can see it next week. That left two shawls on the needles from my big cast on in July. So naturally I cast on 2 more. 😝  One is a Gloria del Sol in Purple Fleece’s Radiant Gradient in aquamarine, the other is hitchhiker in my handspun you red my mind. I’ll post photos when there is enough progress to see.

Now it’s Tuesday and so back to normal routines. Like knitting isn’t?


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17 responses to “A quiet weekend in Lake Woebegone

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  1. Beautiful photos! Even in the rain Maine is gorgeous in the fall. Sounds like a fabulous weekend:)

    • It was a good weekend, for sure. Yes, Maine is beautiful all the time. Except maybe in late March (or whenever) when the snow is gone and all that remains is mud and gloom.

  2. Longing to see Fall in America. Maybe next year. Thanks for the trip.

    • We would love to have you! And you are welcome – sorry it was such a gloomy day, the colors today are spectacular, and the sky is as bright a blue as it can be.

  3. We had a rainy Sunday as well in the Berkshires, where we were celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. But our drive back north on Monday was spectacular; a great day to see the trees in their glory (despite a dry summer). It’s nice to be able to take a moment to appreciate that.

  4. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for the view of Katadhin. None of the trees down here look remotely like that. Because we are so dry they will probably fall off before they turn colors.

    • wow – we were dry this year, but farther north, not so much. In fact, “the” County had above average rainfall, while southern Maine had none. We fell in the middle, once every two months or so, we got a rainy day.

  5. Incredible photographs Salpal.
    The photos suggest that you had a time of peace for your hearts and minds.
    And … reading between your words, you feel kind of ‘rested’, but I can’t quite put my finger on how. Maybe it rested your soul. Aw I don’t know … I just know that you feel … chilled.
    Sending love ~ Cobs.x

    • We just needed to get away for a few hours from the same old routine. That’s always good for a chilling time. 🙂

      Now, I am too chilled though, caught a cold! Moving through a fog and can’t raise my eyes above half staff. But the weekend is coming, this is a short week!

  6. Lol. Indeed. Knitting should always be the normal routine. I am so happy you went for the drive, as I got to see your stunning photos. I adore them, so gorgeous. Thank you for taking us all along. 🙂
    Have a great week, and I hope it is not to cold already just yet, although I think you are just about ready anyway.

  7. Oh I love your photos!!! The colors are so beautiful! I should convince hubby to take a drive this weekend and see what colors we can see here. I just love fall and we have never driven north to see the colors. Though I love just any tree, bush or foliage that changes to the beautiful reds, golds, oranges and yellows. Thank you for sharing your “vacation”, LOL.

  8. Beautiful colours. Hurrah! for vacations where you can sleep in your own bed 🙂

  9. Excellent photographs! Indeed, even in the rain Maine is stunning in the fall. Sounds like an astounding weekend:)

  10. Delightful photographs! Sounds like a spectacular weekend:)

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