Common Ground Fair ~or~ No More Drought in Unity Maine

We went to the fair as planned.

It rained.

Not the tenth- to a quarter-inch that was predicted.  At least an inch.  Maybe more.

We waited for the train in the rain (I highly recommend the train – it saves so much traffic and parking aggravation, and loads of walking.) Mom was generally happier than she looks in this photo – she hates having photos taken, especially with phones and for no reason.  🙂


We watched the sheep dog demo in the misty drizzle.  (Love to watch border collies move animals with their eyes.)


We visited the fiber tents and Wednesday Spinner Tent in a steady rain.


We ate lunch in torrential rains.

We took refuge in the folk art tent and watched some fun contra dancing.  While I knit (duh) and Mom and niece B shivered from the cold and wet, we all watched niece E dance with abandon.  Sister C and her husband R were visiting the fair for the first time, and they spent most of the day tracking after E as she went on horse-drawn wagon rides, made a beaded bracelet, hand ground buckwheat into flour, explored all the animal barns, and generally had a blast, heedless of the rain.

I didn’t do as much shopping as I normally would, I am not sure I found all the fiber vendors, as we got so cold and wet that we decided to head out before the contra dancing was quite finished (2:30 or so).

But I did get a bit of fiber!  I wanted to learn more about different kinds of spinning, and so I chatted with a few farmers before making my selections.  If it hadn’t been raining, I would have gotten more from some of them, but I didn’t want to carry huge amount of wet fiber around.

I got this – an ounce of Finn from a woman who raises what look like the happiest of sheep. I plan to do a little dying with this and see how dying on a dark base impacts the color.


And this – Angora/wool mix.  I chatted with the woman in this booth about my spinning skills, and asked her how hard Angora is to spin – it’s hard, apparently, and she recommended a blend with wool, so this is angora and merino.  SO SOFT!


This I found in the Bartlett tent.  Bartlett has a million colors of yarn, all of which I want.


But then in a bin, I discovered these little batts of unidentified wool (Debbie at the Purple Fleece said it feels like Romney, which is why I need to keep learning.  Her fingers can tell her this?  I need a label written in English.)


And that is it.  Everything I bought at the fair. I spent perhaps 50 dollars, including ticket and lunch.  Very unlike me. I blame the rain. The absolutely only good thing about the rain is that it keeps the crowds way down, it was wonderfully uncrowded.  Oh, and I guess it is good that we got the rain, since we are still exceedingly dry around here.

I made up for the lack of yarn spending  on Saturday, when I went to Whorls and Purls at the Purple Fleece.  My roving of the month was waiting for me – inspired by a mushroom!  It just feels like autumn to me.  Here are the front and back, looking a bit different from each other.  I love the little touches of purple.

She also had a whole new batch of gradients that I had not seen before,  I got a two skeins of one of them.  I am not completely sure what I will do with these, but I am thinking maybe a shawl, because I need another one, ROTFL!  But with over 800 yards, I have a lot of options.


So while it wasn’t what I expected to be showing you, I did manage to get a wide array of fiber-y goodness this weekend.

Not sure if I will go to the fair in the rain again…if it rains on Friday next year, I might give it a miss.   I love the fair, but not the cold September rain.


24 thoughts on “Common Ground Fair ~or~ No More Drought in Unity Maine”

    1. Thanks! It was a very soggy day. We can easily tolerate a drizzle or even a sprinkle, but when it is pouring rain, it just ceases to be really fun, even with rain gear. But we were with people we really enjoy, so it was fun in spite of the cold. We cranked the heat in the car on the way home, and A had a fire going when we got home. It all ended well.

  1. That’s a shame about the weather–I feel bad for the vendors! I bet they plan on this fair all year. You did get some yummy-looking fibers this weekend, though!

    1. I am sure that Friday was not their best day at the Fair, but the weekend was really nice, so I hope they did better then. You are right, they count on this weekend to bring in cash to get through the winter.

  2. Sounds like you made the best of it, considering the weather! Isn’t it just like a young kid to ignore rain and continue on learning about the world? I wonder exactly at what age that changes. In any case, I think your take home items look like great fun! As do the additional stash items!

    1. This kid in particular is very inquisitive, and really loved her day at this fair. There is no midway to distract her, wagon rides are the extent of the rides. 🙂 It is a great fair for kids. Also for non-kids who want to learn more about alternative ways to be in the world. 🙂 Not sure when the attitude changes, I will let you know when I notice it with her. Your Miss Bug is a couple of years older, you might be able to tell me when it changes! My nephew always was a loving outgoing guy, and when he was about 8, he still ran out to greet us with hugs and kisses. Mom and I kept waiting for the day the teen years would hit and he would stop that. He really never did! He might not run out to us, but he always greets us at the door with big smiles and hugs. So some kids just are that way, and don’t really change. 🙂

  3. Aw, shame about the rain, but for the time you spent there it ‘feels’ like you had a lovely time. I have to admit that from the photographs, the colours of nature suggested Scotland … and I had to remind myself that these photos really weren’t anywhere in the land of my heart and home!

    Like both the Finn and the Bunny Blend – and I actually like the colours they come in! There’s something kind of ‘smudge’ about them, and I could see a scarf, knitted in a big chunky stitch, looking very ‘catwalk model’ and swish.

    But .. my absolute favourite is… your roving of the month! The photograph on the right, as you look at it, made me instantly think of Fairy Land at the start of Autumn. When the colours of nature are at their most magical.

    A GREAT post salpal. Loved it from start to finish. It captured me right at the start and kept me reading till the last full stop. Fabulous.
    Sending oodles of love your way ~ Cobs. x

    1. oh, thank you as always, Cobs, for reading to the end, and for liking what I write! I can’t wait to experiment with the fiber, I might rearrange my planned spinning line! The roving of the month is not in colors I would normally choose, but I think I will like spinning it. We did OK at the fair, just got too cold and wet, I think.

      1. The cold and wet are temporary. The memories are forever .
        I forgot to mention your mum… I know exactly how she feels about photographs taken with phones. I absolutely hate it too. My youngest daughter is forever getting her phone out secretly and snapping photographs of me, and she knows that I really don’t like it. grrrr!
        love ~ Cobs. x

        1. Lol my niece got a better one, I’ll see if I can figure out how to post it… She told Mom “Gram this is going on Facebook. You want it to look good. ” mom laughed and snap – a good photo!

    1. Yeah, rain, while desperately needed, was unwelcome that day. Especially so because when Mom got home she found it hasn’t rained at all at her house!!!

      I hope to spin some of the new fiber next week. I’ll post about it, never fear.

  4. Hello Salpal
    As you know … I enjoy your blog so SO much that I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! There are a couple of things you have to do if you would like to accept the award, and you can find out about those here:

    You are under no obligation to accept the award if you don’t have time to do so, or even if perhaps you’ve got a bundle of awards and don’t have room on the shelf for another!
    But I just wanted let you know.
    Have a totally fabulous rest of your day. Love ~ Cobs.

  5. These colors are just magnificent. It looks as though Autumn has descended upon Maine. When we came one time it was just to see the fall trees but, the weather had not been such that the leaves had begun to change yet. One of these days I will see it. I have a friend that is Finnish and lives there. He sent me pictures yesterday and the trees are gorgeous. Sorry you had to be in the rain but glad you found goods to buy. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

    1. Fall is creeping in here for sure – the trees are just starting to turn, but the grasses and shrubs turned long ago because it is so dry.

      I hope you get here some October, it is a pretty time of year!

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