Cottage Craft

When I lived further east, Mom and I used to go to St Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick on an irregular basis. But whenever we went, we always went to Cottage Craft. It is located right on the harbor and always had colorful skeins tied to a huge old rope fence. It was bright and cheery and made me want to knit all the colors. The little shop sells hand knits by locals and also locally produced tweeds with matching yarn in a gorgeous array of colors. Two weights of yarn, a one ply and a two ply, so roughly a fingering and worsted. The yarn is a bit rough, with hay bits in it, but that alway seemed to lend authenticity. And with washing and wearing, the garments I have knit with it softened up beautifully.

I have not been in several years  but I have “some” of their yarn in my stash, and have made several sweaters with it.

Lately I have been contemplating a sweater, and so this week with time off I went stash diving. I found five of the Cottage Craft two ply skeins in a color way called “Live Lobster” and just sat and  loved it for a while, in all its blue-ness. It is a dark inky blue with purple undertones, and with bits of teal and red fibers.  But I would be playing yarn chicken if I made a sweater for me with just these 5 skeins, I know.

I kept digging in the stash bins and then I found it. Three quarters of a sweater. Knit with Live Lobster single ply held double. I briefly considered finishing it but then realized it would be way shorter than I want now. Which says something about when I started knitting it. Can you say 90’s cropped sweater? It’s so old it is way, way, way pre-Ravelry.  🙂   I decided to frog it and wash the yarn for reuse.


That is one of my major crafting projects this week- carefully pulling it out, winding the yarn into skeins and washing it to get the kink out.


It is a bit complicated by the fact that I held it double, so the winding means I do two separate skeins at once.  And it is “woolly” wool so it wants to stick to the other piece. But I love the results! In fact it looked so nice that I also washed the 4 unused skeins that were waiting for me to finish up the sweater.

imageWhile I waited for it all to dry, I looked for a pattern. I am determined to knit something from “New England Knits” this year – I think it’s the only 1+1+1 goal I haven’t hit. None of the ones I like call for fingering weight, of course, so I think I will be holding the yarn double again. I have narrowed it down to the Derry raglan pullover or the Augusta cabled cardigan. I do love cables but I think Derry has a slight edge, as I also was thinking I wanted a pullover… And that cute cowl would make the perfect gauge “swatch” a la Elizabeth Zimmerman and her swatch hats.

But I probably won’t completely decide until I swatch and actually cast on. Because you just never know where the yarn will lead you.

And now now I am wondering what I will make with the 5 skeins of two ply I found?  I suppose I could wash it and de-stash it… Or I could go back to St Andrews by the Sea and get a couple of skeins in either red or teal (or both!) and do a pretty color work sweater. That might be the plan. I wonder if Mom is up for a road trip?



(Sadly, I went to look for a link to Cottage Craft to share with you and learned that the building had been sold, was being renovated, and burned to the ground last month.  Not sure what will happen to this wonderful old business.)

15 thoughts on “Cottage Craft”

  1. Y’know … I don’t knit. But each post you write holds me spellbound from start to finish, and this one even more so. It’s like going into some sort of different place where my ears close to all the sounds around me, and my eyes can only see your pictures and read your words. I have no idea how you do this to me, but I’m so happy that you do, because I can feel everything within my body actually slowing down. My blood pressure reduces, my heart begins to slow (instead of racing, normally because I’m already thinking about what I have to do next and getting ready to jump up and do it.

    I love your knits and knitted goods, and will even admit to being a little envious of some of them. I also love your photographs. But mostly, I love you. You have a way with words and when you write you have the ability to transport me to that place – wherever that place might be. Right now I’m stood outside Cottage Craft, or (rather, where it used to be) and feeling the loss of something good.

    Don’t ever give up writing Salpal.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

    1. wow! Thank you so much, what a kind thing to write. I am so glad you enjoy my posts and photos, I have fun putting them together. As for my knitting, well, thanks! I have been doing it a long time, and I do love it, much as you love your paper and paint crafts. they bring me joy as well.

  2. Wow. How time moves on. Love that you reclaimed the yarn from the old 90s sweater. I second Stefanie’s choice of a hap. The yarn sounds like it wants to be something cozying and comforting.

  3. 90s cropped sweater – when you said that I remembered my girls when they were very young in crop tops and thought goodness that’s twenty years ago. Oh my goodness where did that go? So yep, probably a good idea to frog, although if you wait a little longer, they’ll be back around 😉 The yarn looks fab, hope the store returns. And thanks again for your support today. Much needed and much appreciated 🙂 x

    1. It took me a while to realize that was how old this was- I had to think back to where I lived at the time!! But when I saw how short I had made the body, I believed it! It would have hit me at the high hip, barely past my waist. 😖 Luckily I had lots of yarn, so it will be something else.

  4. That is some gorgeous yarn–I love that tweedy color! How sad about the shop–I was reading and thinking how I’ve always wanted to go to NB and the Maritimes in general and how I would need to go to this store . . .

  5. Great post, and such lovely yarns. Wow, what a find. Well done.
    Lol. Of course you should take Mom for another road trip and get more yarn. You never know.
    Sorry to hear about Cottage Craft, that is sad.
    Take care. And Happy Crafting. xx

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