I hope the crazy ends soon!

It’s been a wild week at work – made more so because I HAVE to get everything done by the time I leave tomorrow.  We are on VACATION next week.  Not going anywhere.  Doing odds and ends around the house and yard.  There will be spinning and knitting.  There will be swimming and perhaps some yard work. There will be sleeping late.

But first I have to finish up everything at work tomorrow.  Then I can think about vacation.



17 thoughts on “I hope the crazy ends soon!”

    1. lol me too on both counts!

      I also have to do some research on getting rid of ugly giant green tomato caterpillars…ewwww I hope I can do that without seeing pictures.

  1. You can do it. Then before you know it you’ll be on vacation. The giant green tomato caterpillars sound like horn worms. The only effective way of removing them is by hand. I usually scream as I pick each one off. Wear good thick gardening gloves so you can’t really feel them.

    1. Lol I break off the branch they are on and throw them hard into the woods. I don’t think I could touch them even with gloves. This is the first year I have had them and the first year I did not have tons of marigolds. I hope there is a connection.

  2. You are to do:
    1) Nothing stressful.
    2) You are to rest,
    3) relax and
    4) chill out.

    If that monitor machine beeps then you aren’t following the instructions. Go back to the beginning and start again.

    1) Nothing Stressful.
    2) Rest.
    3) Relax.
    4) Chill out.

    Got it? good . 🙂

    Sending squidges … ~ Cobs. x

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