At last, a down day!

Friday night after work I went to Bangor to help B move into her dorm. What a nightmare of a week this kid has had! Denny the bunny remains a concern, not eating or drinking well, now scared of her because of force feeding, and we had to move him again!!!  She was in long RA training sessions each day, it was hot, her dorm wasn’t ready until Friday afternoon (renovations) and she had a very short window of time to get herself into her permanent room, unpacked and set up, out of her temporary room and then to an evening meeting. She still had to do her door decorations and bulletin board, and her girls were arriving the next morning!

Aunt Salpal to the rescue. In just two hours we got all her things moved in, unpacked, bed made, clothes put away, bunny settled. It was 85 degrees in that building since it had been closed up tight all summer. We were both drenched and exhausted. We got fans running, though, and it cooled off outside when the sun went down, so I hope it got cooler in her tiny little room.

Not impressed with how her school handled any of this. Lack of communication, lack of flexibility on the rules. Not nice. (Bulletin boards had to be decorated per contract. They were not installed following reno, they were on the floor, but they had to be decorated anyway, even though these RAs were not given access to the building the week before like all the others.)

So here’s a question- why did they take a third or more space from the RA’s room when they expanded the bathrooms, to put in handicapped accessible bathrooms? When there is no elevator? There are 9 floors of this building! I could see it on the 1st floor, but the 6th? Seems like a waste of space.

Anyway she is in and got it all done and I think collapsed today! No bunny report today, I hope all is well.

Saturday was the party to celebrate the twin niece’s and nephew’s college graduation this spring.  A stayed with stepdad so Mom could attend (he’s a couple of weeks post knee replacement) so Mom and I traveled together to brother N’s home.  All the family was there excepting the two nieces in college, but including Dad and step mom S from Connecticut, and my brother-in-law’s mum A from NZ. Always so nice to see everyone! A is always amazing, she seems to remember everything about us since last we met a few years ago. I love when she comes to visit.  Dad and S looked well, and we had a few minutes to chat between food and photos. 😀

But it it was a long day- got back to Mom’s in time for supper, got home well past 9. Cats felt they should get some attention, so we were up much later than normal.

Today I spent some serious time with knitting and spinning. (Read sitting.) The knitting all looks the same as the last time you saw it, although I am at least on row 5 of all my lace patterns on all my shawls, it barely shows. Oaklet is farther along but no photos. I’ll get you some this week.

However I did get photos of this finished object- more yarn!

This is Color Tag fromThree Waters Farm. Let me start by saying I love it! The colors are bright and fun. And I got my best yardage yet- the two skeins are two-plied and came to 350 yards before washing. The littlest skein is a chain-plied end and is about 13 yards.

Now on that you know that, I can tell you it did not come out at all as I had anticipated!  I broke the braid carefully, making sure all pieces began and ended the same as each other. I weighed each little nest and they were pretty close. I concentrated and went slowly so I could spin evenly. I hoped I would get solid colors flanked with a bit of barber poling. I got barber poling with a few solids. The beginning and the end of the bobbins behaved as I had planned but the middle was wild and crazy wonderful color.  I don’t think there are two areas the same- it is going to be interesting to knit with, for sure!

I moved on to my next spinning project, Purple Fleece’s Life’s a Beach, which was last month’s roving of the month.


I didn’t try anything too scientific here, just split it in half and divided it down into random thickness nests.  The colors are nice and soft, I am looking forward to the change from the brights. Didn’t actually spin any of it yet, but I am ready for tomorrow.

That’s really all I did today, spin and knit. Oh except that when I was hanging the newly washed color tag, I noticed a problem in the garden. Huge green caterpillars eating tomatoes!!!! I banished 4 of them to the woods but not before they completely defoliated a couple of plants and ruined a few tomatoes. This is the first year I have had this problem. Might have to skip tomatoes next year, they are gross and ugly things. No photos. You are welcome!

i didn’t even swim in the pool this weekend, but I will make up for that. We have a few more weeks of summer.

Last crazy weekend for a while, I hope!


20 thoughts on “At last, a down day!”

    1. sometimes I do pack a lot in but then other times I just sit. And A told my mom “I expect she will crash hard tomorrow” while we were eating supper. She was right – but I still got lots of spinning and knitting done!

  1. I’m surprised that you aren’t laying on you bed and needing to be fed and watered due to exhaustion! Crumbs you pack a ton into your days! I need a lie down just reading about it. lol

    I’m glad to hear that Bunny D is still with us, but will continue to pray for him.
    ~ Cobs. x

    1. lol – if I could have figured out how to have today off from work, I think I would have. But I have next week off, and there are a few things to do before then.

      As near as I can tell, Bunny Denny is ever so much better now that he is settled in his permanent room and has the things he is used to around him. He even hopped up on B’s bed for a cuddle yesterday. And I think he is eating and all that goes with it again!

      1. Ohh this is the best news! Thank Heavens for that. From the littleyou’d told me, I feared that that young girls world would have fallen around her if anything had happened to that bunny.
        I’m so relieved to hear that he seems to be on the mend.
        Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

        1. I think that is a valid fear. Especially now during the transition – change is hard for her. But she handled it as well as she could, and got him to the vet (had saved money for pet emergencies and everything!) and did what she was told. Now, they should be settled and neither of them should be stressed by moving for a few months.

  2. You sure are a busy one! Sometimes I get exhausted just reading all that you do in a day or weekend! I am glad you made it through helping your niece move into her dorm. I know she must be so grateful for you. Can’t wait to see what you create with the “happy yarn”. All of those bright colors just make me smile. But I do have to say that I love the colors in the beachy fleece so much more! So pretty. It will be gorgeous yarn when you spin it. Can’t wait to see! Bur for now, rest, relax, take a swim! You deserve it!

    1. I agree – if I had to choose one or the other, I would choose the Life’s a Beach. But I wanted to try the dyer on the bright one, and her colors are just so mazing! I likely will give away or sell the final product on that one, but you never know, it might grow on me! But the beach one is definitely mine. 🙂

      Wish I didn’t; have to work this week – but we have next week off, so I can stand a few more days.

  3. That is, from what I can tell, two extremely busy weekends in a row. I am tired from just reading. But, you are a wonderful aunt, and as someone who treasures her own wonderful aunts, I am positive that they appreciate you so much!

    The yarn is great fun! I have watched teaching videos that tell me to just break the offending single if the colors aren’t lining up as I like, but I tell you what, It’s not something I’ve ever been able to do! I mean, that’s hard won yarn, I made it, and to just toss part of it in the trash pains me!

    1. Actually, it was the third or fourth! There was a wedding in there, and a different graduation party… Next weekend the only plan is to go to the local Whorls and Purls group at Purple Fleece – that counts as down time!

      It never occurred to me to break it off! I think all that would do is postpone the next place it was off kilter, my spinning is getting good but not great yet. Anyway, I like how it came out in the end, the blending makes so many colors that weren’t in the original. 🙂

      I do hope the girls appreciate me as much as I do them. It is hard with them living so far away, there are so many demands on their limited resources. So when B decided to go to college a stone’s throw away, I was thrilled! Of course, her mom (ex-sister-in-law) was not, but they had a good program for her, and she has done well there. This is her last year, then it is back to PA. 😦

  4. Another jam packed weekend. You have earned a nice long rest. That’s crazy the university made those demands. And you’re right about the 6th floor bathroom if they are not planning on putting in elevators. Hope the little bunny makes it, but maybe with everything settling down he will get better. They are such sensitive animals. Enjoy a nice long swim in your pool!

    1. I thought it was crazy and unnecessary as well, but they didn’t ask me and she wouldn’t let me tell them. 🙂

      The little bunny seems to be well on the mend as of this morning, so we are hopeful. Yes, settling down will be good for both of them! And I plan to swim tonight, for sure. And then spin and knit. 🙂

  5. Busy busy busy, I’m tired just reading all your adventures. A nice long relaxing swim is in order for you. You earned it.
    I hope the bunny rabbit is okay. Bless it’s heart.
    Your yarn is so lovely. I can hardly wait to see what you make with all of it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, E.C. – I am looking forward to some relaxing – have to get through this week at work, though, which is as busy as my weekends have been. Then we are on a week of vacation at home. There will definitely be spinning and swimming and knitting then!

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