a medley and all the Bs and Cs

We have had all the weather this week – cool and dry, hot and muggy, and now cooler and muggy WITH RAIN!!!  Hallelujah!

Sadly our rainiest day was the day my cousin B married his beloved C.  Outdoors. Rain held off for the actual ceremony, and the food was in an open sided barn.  It all went perfectly, of course. A few showers did not deter merrymaking.


Aren’t they cute???

We didn’t stay very long really, a couple of hours following the service maybe.  We drove with Mom and she wanted to get home to let her dog out before it got too late.  We did stop for supper along the way, so that was pleasant. It was really nice to see aunts and cousins and siblings and all the giants of the next generation – all the “kids” are getting so big!

Other than that, it has been a quiet week. I have been knitting away diligently on the four shawls.  My plan for them is to get through the stockinette portion before I start any lace. Which means that some will get put on hold while others catch up.  I think the cloud dweller biophilia will get there first, but it will be a close race with the Oaklet in Tern.  It got lots of love in the car yesterday.


You can see I got a few more of my favorite project bags – open canvas totes in the smallest size.  I love these bags.  Not fancy, no pockets, no zips. But durable, sturdy yet soft, they work well for me.

I have been spinning, I finished up the Summer Bouquet yarn, haven’t got finished pictures of it – it is hanging outside drying now.  I had to hold off soaking it because the weather was so damp.  But I could wait no longer, I want to see finished yarn! I’ll be sure to share it with you when it is dry and worthy of photographs.

Once that was finished, I started prepping the next spin – Color Tag, also from Three Waters Farm.  I am going slowly with this one, really working on my drafting, I want to get my thinnest yarn yet with this.


So far, so good.

And on the way to the wedding, I convinced A to stop for 2 minutes so I could pick up this treasure that Deb at Purple fleece was holding for me –


It’s a 4 ounce braid of Falkland, called Life’s a Beach.  Love the colors!

Later this week, nieces B and C-the-younger will be arriving from PA via CT!! They will only be here a couple of days, but I am very excited that this visit is happening. They arrive Thursday evening, and will leave Sunday.  On Saturday, their cousins, my niece C-the-elder and nephew B will come over to play games and visit and hang out for the day. Niece N sadly will be off vacationing in Mexico, but we will manage to have fun without her.  This is fun for me, to have all the B and C nieces and nephew together, it has been a long time since they all came over to just hang out.  Like in probably 6 years – because we live at the end of the trail, so we usually meet somewhere in the middle for family events.   These kids are all roughly the same age – 20-26, and have so much fun when they get together. I am glad that it will be happening here at our house.

And that means that this week we will be cleaning and prepping for visitors.

And of course, spinning, and knitting.  And swimming.  Because there ARE enough hours in a day.




13 thoughts on “a medley and all the Bs and Cs”

  1. You’ve been very busy. Love the way the shawls look. You are so brave. Four at once and not feeling the least need for psychiatric intervention. I, on the other hand, am ready to knock on the door of the local psych ward at the local hospital and have them 1) prevent any family from coming in contact with me for the next week or so, and 2) take away my knitting bag with the shawl in it.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous weekend you’ve had. And yes … they make a beautiful couple. Sounds like the sort of wedding that, if I were getting married now, I’d choose that outdoorsy sort of thing. So much more fun and less stuffy.
    Sending oodles of love for a great week ~ Cobs x

    1. It was very nice and pretty, had good home grown music, gorgeous flowers, pretty bride, handsome groom. But it also had bugs, humidity, threatening rain, so it wasn’t completely perfect – but what is? They were clearly having fun and in love and that is what matters. And you are right, not stuffy in the least – except the thick air!

    1. I know it is said to be, but it was sad after WEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKSSSSSS of drought to have it break for this particular weekend. Of course, they are farmers, so they very likely were thrilled to bits to have the rain.

  3. I love that the rain held off for their ceremony. I think that’s a good sign and blessing for their marriage.
    You have been a busy bee. Your shawls are looking great.
    Love your Summer Bouquet yarn I can only imagine the pretty things that you can make with it.
    That luscious purple fleece will be beautiful when you get it spun up (or is it spinned).
    Wishing you a great week and happy visiting! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I have been busy with some things and ignoring others. But as all that company is coming, the ignoring housework part will end with a vengeance this week. 🙂

      PS I say spun, but couldn’t tell you if that is actually right.

  4. I love the idea of an open sided barn and rain during a wedding, somehow that seems extremely beautiful!

    It’s funny, I always associate canvas totes with New England somehow. They pair together well in my brain, it probably has something to do with visiting my aunt and going sailing. All the boat gear is kept in canvas totes, so if it’s a day on the water, we grab all the totes and put them in the car. They have such pleasant memories associated with them that I picked up 2 this year which I use for project bags, as well as food bags for picnics and all manner of other things. They are madly useful!

    The spinning is gorgeous, it looks pretty thin and even! I think you are on the right track for your goal!

    1. Yes, canvas totes definitely go with beach and boat gear – and the little ones make fun project bags. 🙂 You probably need some. 🙂 Perfect for small projects. Bigger ones work for sweaters, lol.

      Thanks for the kind words on the spinning! I really slowed everything way down and it seems to be working.

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