Weekend wrap up on a cool Monday

A and I had a full three day weekend (I know, I know, you didn’t get  Friday list!) It ran the gamut in the way of activities – from hospital visits for tests to celebrations of life to lunch with family to a picnic with coworkers.

I don’t normally like weekends like this, I like some down time.  But we staggered things a bit and made room for low-key time in between all the socializing.

Friday morning was the ECHO test – A went with me and found it very interesting.  She just watched the pictures. 🙂  I found it mostly boring and a little stressful, because of the uncertainty. As tests go it was relatively easy, just lie there and ignore the machine where machines have no business being. Have to wait until this Friday to find out all the results.

From there we went home and I hopped right back in the car and drove to Belfast to have lunch with my sister C and niece E the younger. We had a good lunch at Chases Daily, and then spent several hours at Belfast City Park, which I love.  C and  I parked ourselves at a picnic table in the shade and knit and chatted away, while E raced around the playground in the hot sun, making many friends, stopping only long enough to get a drink of water now and then. She bemoaned the lack of forethought that meant she did not have a bathing suit, but her mom and I were glad to not have to hang out in the sun at the public pool to keep an eye on her. She never noticed the ice cream stand (we carefully parked and walked behind it) so there was no fussing about treats.  All in all, a good day!  I suspect she slept well on the way home.

Saturday, A and I attended the celebration of life for a woman who served on the board of directors at work for over 20 years.  So long that she knew A back in the long ago day when A also worked here!  She passed away this winter, but her family waited for all her summer friends to arrive before having her service.  It was a hot day, but the church was reasonably cool, and the service was very nice – lots of people spoke and told stories, no one was too long winded – and the music was very nice.  This woman was a strong advocate for those who do not have the resources to survive in this world, and she will be very much missed on our board.  She also was a very strong minded, well educated woman with a great sense of humor and we will miss her personality as much as her service around here.

Once we left there, we headed home, but made a stop for an early supper at our favorite Bagaduce Lunch, where the weather is always fine and the food delicious.  My knitting really enjoyed the view.  🙂


Sunday we had a work picnic for A, which was fun – met lots of her coworkers and their families, saw some I already knew -and it wasn’t so hot!  Yahoo! Also, since we were in Bangor, did a little bit of shopping for a few necessities. Nieces B and C (the younger) are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks, so I got a few goodies for them, as well as a birthday present for our neighbor.

But in amongst all of this socialness, there was porch time.


I love my geraniums – this one is one that is a cutting from my grandmother’s – I have a few different colors that came from her.  Every year she planted tubs of them on her porch and seawall – and I always saved a sprig to winter over.  One year her color scheme was red, and I swear they were the prettiest red geraniums I ever saw – not as much orange in the color as some have.  I am glad that they are easy to grow, and seem to stand my neglect just fine.  This one looks great in the pot my sister gave me a long time ago as well, don’t you think? (And in the background you can see the sandy scraggly mess where you might expect to find a lawn.  But won’t.)


And on the porch, of course, I spun.  This is Summer Bouquet from Three Waters Farm, and this spin gave me grief at first, but I think I have the hang of it now.  I kept going after I took this picture,  so the next bobbin is nearly full; I might be plying this week. It isn’t as thin as others I have done, but I am fine with making a bulkier yarn, this is supposed to be for hats, and who wants thin hats?

Well, that was our weekend, and now the week begins again.  At least it is starting cooler – if we can’t have rain, it is nice to have a little less humidity.  I know it won’t last, but I will enjoy it while it does.  They are saying 40’s and 50’s tonight!!!  Wonderful sleeping weather. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up on a cool Monday”

  1. There’s something about red geraniums that make me just get a feeling of home and the traditional. I love them! They are such cheery colors.

    The spinning looks great! I am glad you were able to carefully find your downtime in the midst of a busy 3 day weekend!

    1. thank you – it means a lot coming from you , because this spin was NOT easy, and yet I just kept going and it is working out OK. I’ll get a colorful warm hat made with this one. 🙂

  2. It’s good you got the test done and over with. Crossing my fingers that they’ll find nothing wrong and that your experience was just a one time thing. Love the spinning. Was the roving made up of a different wool and that’s why it gave you trouble? Or does the different dyes affect the way the fiber handles when spun? Love the red of the geraniums. It’s so cool that they came from your grandmother’s plants.

    1. Thanks – yes, it is better to have the test and KNOW than constantly worry and wonder if it is about to happen again, which is what I have been doing the past couple of weeks.

      This spin was a different kind of wool, and it took me quite a while to get the hang of it – it is a very uneven spin as a result, but in a hat, that will work out OK. 🙂 I am trying to buy different breeds so that I can get a feel for what I like and don’t like, what the differences are, etc. This was polwarth. The last one was corriedale, which is much easier to spin. But I can’t just spin a couple of kinds, I have to extend my skills so I can spin most anything I want, right? Next up is either a merino silk blend OR rambouillet, both of which are also new. I have spun merino cashmere, and it was much easier than I expected. Not sure what merino silk will be like. But I like knitting with it so I do need to master spinning it. 🙂

  3. I love that you’ve had the most wonderful 3 day weekend, despite the tests. You and I are both now on the waiting game, thankfully you’ll hear next week, but I won’t hear results for a little while yet. However .. despite the anguish that comes with tests and hospital visits, you managed to have a fabulous time and I felt your relaxtion the more I read this post. I’m so thankful that you have such remarkable family and friends, for we need that warm embrace that one can only get from them when we’re pestering over something.

    Know that I am praying for you Salpal.
    Sending you squidges from my corner to yours. love ~ Cobs. ❤ x

    1. How long do you have to wait????? A week seems a long time! Yes, friends and family and spinning and knitting make it easier to relax and not think about it. Hang in there, time passes, always. 🙂

      1. I have to wait (for the one thing) only till tomorrow, but for the other thing … a couple of months. (But there’s something else going on in the background and goodness knows how long that one will take).

        You’re right … time does pass. He designed it really well and it never fails. 😉 lol.
        Love to you, from me ~ C ❤ bs. x

  4. It sounds like a great weekend but, to me, the best part would be the porch time! I do love quiet time, doing something productive but not too taxing. And I love geraniums–I over-winter mine in the crawlspace under our house and am amazed that they come back every year!

    1. I agree – quiet, slightly productive time is the best. 🙂

      All I do with these geraniums is bring them in the house, and stash them around. I have 5-6 of them, the others are pink and white. I don’t water them very often, and they don’t seem to care! My dad used to put his hanging baskets down cellar, then just hang them up again in the spring! Every few years he would repot them, and they did remarkably well. Gotta love something so determined to survive. And so pretty, too.

  5. A great week, and of course, I love the porch time. Your flowers and plants are stunning. I will soon be looking at those on my patio, for now, they are resting and waiting for Spring.
    Great spinning, love the combination of colours there.
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend. 🙂

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