Sunday morning

Perfect Sunday morning.  🙂

It started with some porch spinning.  This is the fiber I dyed last week – it’s coming out more aqua than blue, which is a surprise, but not a bad one.  I am still learning how colors change as they are drafted, spun, plied, and knit. It’s all fun.


Here’s Reyna, all finished and blocked.  I took her over to the shop yesterday, with mixed feelings.  If it doesn’t sell, I might keep it. 🙂




This is the yarn I finished yesterday (it was a day of finishing things, I guess!)

It is 4 ounces of coopworth in the salpiglossis colorway from Purple Fleece.  It is a thick yarn, between an aran weight and bulky weight, I would guess.  Someday it will be a bright, warm hat.


Yesterday afternoon I also went to the Whorls and Purls gathering at the Purple Fleece, which was fun.  Lots of amazing things happening on needles and wheels over there.  I did 9of course) make a small purchase – because there simply isn’t enough blue, green and purple in my world.  And I got a bobbin, so now I can either work on more than one spin at a time OR do a traditional three play… Or even finish up a two ply without having to stop and skein the yarn to empty the bobbin.  Such a simple tool that will open up many possibilities for me.


Which reminds me, I don’t think I shared with you what happened Friday.

Don’t worry, it isn’t bad.  It’s about the mail.

The fiber I ordered from Three Waters Farm arrived, not even a week after I ordered it!



So instead of being almost out of fiber (which really was true!) I now have 4 beautiful braids tucked away, and still have three months of the Roving of the Month club at Purple Fleece coming my way.  And I still have about 6 ounces of undyed fiber to play with.

And some knitting to do.  Shawls are coming along, I cast on the 4th one, so there is plenty of variety for my fingers. 🙂

I’ll leave you with this phone picture I got in Bucksport yesterday – a gorgeous day!



26 thoughts on “Sunday morning”

  1. Wow–all those finishes! I would really like to finish something . . . anything. My projects seem to drag on and on (although, secretly, I kind of like that!)

    1. well, right now I have 4 shawls ont eh needles, so it will be a long time before I have another finish! Unless I cast on a baby hat or something. Just what I need, though – 5 WIPs! 🙂 I think I will stick with the shawls for the time being.

  2. Ooooooh that shawl is pretty. I love the rovings and can’t wait to see them spun up. Four shawls in progress. You are brave.

    1. Not brave, just foolish. My goal is to get them all to the same place this week – done with stockinette, ready to start the lace. I might make it, at least on the three I started at the same time. The fourth one I started late last week, and I am loving that one, too – a silvery gray kid silk noir – it shimmers! And will have silvery beads! What on earth I will do with it when it is done I do not know… but I will love it. 🙂

  3. LOVE the shawl. It has a look about it which makes me think of those really elegant ladies from Victorian times – who, when they were at home, would wear a beautifully made shawl around their shoulders to keep the cold drafts off their necks and upper spine!

    It’s such an elegant and beautifully made shawl and SO lacy looking too! I think it will sell very quickly – but I can clearly see why it’s tugging at your heart to part with it.

    I really like the colours of the wool fibres you bought from the Whorls and Purls gathering. There’s something about that colour combination of Purples, Blues and Greens which draw me to them. Fabulous choice!
    Sending love from my corner to yours ~ Cobs. x

  4. Your porch area is lovely. Can I come over to knit there and read? How could one resist your Reyna shawl?! It’s pretty and large to get cozy in, maybe even wearing it like a hap shawl? I love the looks of that first roving, the one in the biggest square of the collage. It’ll be fun to see you spinning that up. And BTW, it makes me smile to think how much joy spinning is giving you.

  5. Your shawl is gorgeous! I can see why you have mixed feelings about letting it go. I’m sure it will sell quickly, so if you want it you had better go get it fast. Your spinning spot looks like a very happy place! Looks like a nice place to sit and knit and let your mind wander. So cozy. The sky picture you captured is amazing! Such beautiful, puffy clouds. What a gorgeous day it must have been.

    1. thanks, Ginny – I hope (fear) that shawl does sell, so I can buy more wool, lol. Yes, spinning on the porch is wonderful – as will spinning by the fire be in a few months.

      It was a beautiful day, a front was on it’s way, so it was breezy, sunny, great clouds. Perfect day!

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