What a week!

It’s hot.  I know, I know, compared to the rest of entire country, it isn’t. But it’s humid.  And hot. High 80’s and low 90s is hot. And however well prepared we are for winter with all our heat sources and blankets and coats and hats, when it comes to summer, we are woefully unprepared for heat.  SO MANY places don’t have AC, I am so lucky we have it at work!

Even the pool isn’t cool anymore, it was 85 degrees last night.  Cooler than the air, but not cool.

After our weekend of “partying” we were pretty tired.  I spent most of Sunday in Mom’s pool (which gets more shade than mine does, so was 73 degrees) with niece E the younger and various other family members who came and went.  I am the aunt who stays in the pool as long as the kids want, as I recall being little and having to stop swimming when the last grownup stopped.  But even I had to tell her it was time to get out after about 4 hours.

Monday night I had a little medical emergency, and woke dear old A up to take me to the ER.  They got me sorted out and I guess I am fine, although Benadryl was involved, so I was sleepy for a day or two.  I was really worried that I was imagining that I was sick, so it felt good to hear the doctor say “if it happens again, come right in, don’t wait.”  And there is no reason to think that it will.  Of course now I have follow up tests and appointments and instructions and blah blah blah. All I can say to you all is that if you think you might be having a heart attack, don’t worry about waking up your partner or spouse or friend – DO IT and get it taken care of.  I wasn’t, but it was something else, and life goes on, thankfully.

Since we were up all night, A and I both stayed home from work Tuesday and that has just thrown my week out of whack, let me tell you!  What day is it?  We did NOTHING on Tuesday.  I mean, I slept until 10, stayed in PJ’s until 5 when I put on my swim suit and went in the pool to cool off (it was HOT, remember?)  A didn’t even do that, she was not able to sleep much after we got home.  They gave me the benadryl, not her! She lay awake trying to hear me breathing, but the fan drowned me out, so she just worried all night.

Wednesday we returned to work, and all was as if it never happened.  A worked late, so I went for a swim as soon as I got home, and then quick as I could, messed about with dyes and fleece and yarn, and almost had the mess cleaned up by the time she arrived home. I can’t wait to spin this and see if it looks like I think it will.  I want to spin the blue green as one single, and the blue green red as the other, then ply them together.  I hope it will be mostly blue/green with occasional pops of red/purple for interest. It isn’t much, so I won’t really get enough to do anything with, but it is all about experimenting.  If I like it, I can do the same thing with a bigger hunk of fleece.


The yarn is some baby ull I wanted to make green for the stems and leaves of a blueberry hat, so that came out just fine. It is about ten to fifteen yards, and again, I can make more of that if I want it.


I like this – I don’t need a whole skein of a color if I only need a few yards of it.  Makes me want to dig out a color work baby hat pattern I have that uses 4-5 different colors. I have never made it because of that, but now I might be able to handle it.  🙂 It’s a good excuse to play with dyes!

Which is what I did with these scraps…


I am knitting away on my shawls, still in the easy shorter rows section of the bodies, but am quickly working my way to where the lace begins.  I can’t tell you how thin the gray yarn really is – it is thinner than lace weight, how can that be?  But look at the difference between it and the cloud dweller. These are two different shawls that start out the same – and I am in the same place on the pattern with them.  Let me tell you, counting stitches on the gray one is a challenge in low light, so this one might slow down when I get to the trickier parts.  It might be a daylight-only knit.


The Oaklet in Quince and Co. Tern is the one that travels to work with me, so it isn’t getting the same love the others are, but as it is the biggest yarn, it moves along quickly.


I didn’t cast on the 4th one yet – need to scare up another size 6 circular, first.  I think I have one somewhere…

I am loving all these knitting WIPs.  🙂

Then spinning – I finished one bobbin of Purple Fleece’s Salpiglossis in Coopworth.  I am going for a DK or worsted weight yarn to use for a hat.  I wasn’t sure if I would love this as it has lots of orangey gold (not my favorite color) in it, but of course, it is balanced well with purple and periwinkle, making the most lovely pinkish shades in the transition area, and I do love it!

But the best news is that I got a nice fat check from the pop-up shop this week – I sold a couple of baby hats and a baby sweater as well as some jewelry from the week before that she combined with this week’s sales.  So naturally I hopped right online and ordered three beautiful braids from Three Waters Farm (on a tip from theKnittingSarah I have been following that group on Ravelry, and love the colors) and I ordered  a three month “roving of the month” club from Purple Fleece. It starts in August.  So that is SIX beautiful colored braids coming my way to spin, I just have to be patient until they arrive.  And it isn’t like I will run out, I have plenty to spin this week. and I have more plain fiber that I can dye if there is a spinning emergency.

This week we are both working on Friday, and have NO plans for the weekend – unlike last week.  Not sure exactly what I will do, but I hope to be able to go to the knitting/spinning group that meets over at the Purple Fleece on Saturdays, and I am pretty sure there will be some pool time, especially if it doesn’t cool off, which I guess it never will again. And laundry.  There is always laundry, grocery shopping, etc that has to happen. Until we win the Powerball, we will have to do it ourselves.



23 thoughts on “What a week!”

  1. Glad you are OK – who else will introduce me to the bead shop in Bangor? LOL – Kudos to A for staying awake to make sure you are breathing – tell her, I know about that trip, bought the t-shirt to document the numerous trips – but oh, how so many just simply, cannot, do it, when 4 a.m. rolls around – – LOL What a nice family member you are – one who remembers the heartache of having to stop fun, cuz safety concerns/worries and lack of energy by big people infringe upon the fun of kiddos – – 🙂 AND glad you went in – for I had to move my Grand Tour Trip out to next year or 2018 (have a boy in college, doncha know and still, too many unknowns….LOL) – BUT, I think of the joy of getting to meet you and A – visit your fave supply stores and sit in the back yard, while A does her thing -while I ask a thousand and one questions, “How did you do this? What is this? What do you like about this (pattern, form, approach?) – – LOL – So happy to read the post that your recent bump in the road was met and handled – LUB

    1. thank you so much for really caring. 🙂 I completely understand about kids in college and unknowns. And it is good to have long range plans to work toward, gives one a sense of purpose in life. 🙂 Sadly the Bangor Bead store is closed, but I know of one a bit farther away – in Augusta. Hope it is still here when you arrive, but either way, we will find fun things to do.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I am loving all my shawls, can’t wait to get to the really interesting bits. 🙂 And holding out faith that strong genes will beat out scary tests. 🙂

  2. Sorry to read about your trip to the ER. How scary. I don’t blame A for laying awake listening to you breathe. I had a slight scare this Tuesday. Scared the husband that is because didn’t know if my heart was wonky as I had woken up stiff grim my left side of my neck to the chest. But afterwards I figured I could breathe okay and move that side. Just had a bad stiff neck. Husband came home after picking up frozen food and fruit to work from home. Roving is so fun to look at. And cute how you had fun playing with your dyes. Congratulations on the sold items.

    1. Oh, I am glad you just had a stiff neck – but don’t ignore it if you ever think it is more than that. Truly, I laid there for half an hour wondering if this was a serious thing I was feeling or not. Finally all the warnings and articles about women ignoring heart attacks made me wake A up. I didn’t; want to be a statistic of the bad kind.

  3. There’s nothing worse than those scary visits to the ER! It’s such a relief to know you’re okay but you did the right thing in going. All the yarn goodness and stories of the pool let me know you’re back to yourself again!

  4. Oh my goodness! That’s scary. I am glad you went in. There are so many other things a heart attack can disguise itself as, it’s better to get checked out. And any doctor worth their salt will absolutely say “Hey, no, really, coming in was for the best.” Hopefully you are feeling considerably better now, and I am glad to hear you have a weekend “off” from obligations to get yourself sorted, whether that be with fun activities or just plain no activities.

    1. I do feel better and hope to remain this way for a long time to come. 🙂 And I look forward to a low key weekend. I still have un-dyed fiber and mixed up dye, too. 🙂

  5. Take care of yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask A to take you to the hospital if you are not feeling well. Hopefully it is nothing serious. I know medical tests are a pain in the neck, but they are necessary. Get to the bottom of whatever it is.

    I am loving that MadelineTosh colorway you’re using. I don’t know what I’d knit with it yet, but it is calling my name. Oh good, more yarn. Just what I need.

    Honestly, take care.

    1. I am going with the “not too serious” until they tell me otherwise. My heart was racing and wouldn’t stop, until they gave me the drug it turns out I am allergic to. They call it ” A Fib” and so I will have an echo cardiogram next week to determine if it is something serious or one more warning to lose weight. I hope that’s all it was, and it was a good warning, I have been a very careful eater this week. I guess I will find out sometime in the days following the test.

      The yarn. Yes, you need it. The gray is almost beige, it reminds me more of sand and water than clouds, but I love it. And it feels so good to get yarn in the mail. 🙂 I got a package of fiber today, very lovely feeling and fluff. good thing this addiction isn’t harmful to our health!

      1. Heart racing=not fun. I have a mitralvalve prolapse which causes tachacardia in me. They regulate it with a small pill that is a beta blocker. I’ve been on it since I was 21. When the heart starts racing it’s best to get to a hospital right away. It doesn’t often clear up on its own. Did they tell you not to lift anything heavy or do anything strenuous? Anything like where we would hold our breath and push, shove, of lift is a no-no. Of course I was just wielding a sledge hammer before I sat down at the computer. So much for no holding the breath and lifting. I know I need that yarn…I am trying to come up with a pattern for it. Stay well, and take it easy until they get a handle on what went wrong.

        1. they did NOT tell me that, they told me to see my regular doc, who will squeeze me in after the echo. but the 8 pages of paperwork they gave me (which I did not read for 2 days) said to not work or drive until my doctor says so. That hasn’t happened. but I have been taking it easy.

          you will find something lovely, I ow. but don’t wait too long, or webs will be out of it!

  6. So sorry to here you’ve been unwell and scarily so, by the sound of it. I have an irregular heartbeat that went very irregular in the middle of the night a few years ago and know it’s a horrible thing, but I also paused to question if I was being melodramatic waking hubby. Hope your further tests and results go well.

  7. Your knitting projects are so lovely. Quite the differences in the 2 shawls, but they are both beautiful. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun spinning an coming up with some beautiful yarns. When we used to open our pool, and the water got really warm from lots of hot days, we would buy bags of ice from the gas station or local market and toss them in the pool. I remember a friend of ours dumped 1/2 of the bag of ice into the pool and then used the remaining ice, in the bag, as a floaty, LOL. Just a thought if you want to cool the water temperature off a bit. I finally finished stitching my mermaid yesterday and pulled out the pink shawl I had started a while back and had so much trouble with. I put in a couple of rows, it wasn’t working out…again… 😦 So this morning I tried to knit back a few rows and just couldn’t get it right, so ripped it all out and am totally done with it. I will go on-line today and try to find another pattern to make with the yarn. So disappointed. I have a feeling the other shawl will give me the same problems. I will pull it out today and try working on it. So sorry to hear that you had a scare in the middle of the night. I do hope all turns out well. Hugs!

    1. you know, I have thought about dumping ice in the pool! Does it work? So sorry about that shawl of yours – wish I could help you with it. Let me know if you have a question about it, I can try to help long distance. 🙂 Thanks for the hug – I appreciate it.

      1. The ice did help 😉 and was fun finding the cool spots, too. Not sure what was happening with the shawl, but I had started that thing about 10 times. This was the last straw for it, so I am over it now. I do have another shawl that I have started and wasn’t have much luck with. I will see what I can do with that one today and if it gives me grief, I will be ripping out that one too. No sense in having WIP’s that will never work out. I will find a different pattern to use with the yarn.

        1. you are right – no point hanging onto what should be frogged. 🙂 there are plenty of pretty shawl patterns out there, though, I am sure you will find the right one for you and your yarn.

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